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[Music] welcome back to living local if you're ready to embark on your next adventure in an RV it's important to do your research beforehand there are a lot of factors to consider when searching for the right RV for your travel style asking yourself several key questions can help

you find the best option for hitting that open road joining us in studio are the dresselhaus brothers from US adventure RV we have John and Paul guys thank you so much for being here thank you great to be here so tell us a little bit about your experience

working with RVs well we got started about 15 years ago we started a new store in Davenport us adventure RV over on Brady Street and we have built our business one customer at a time by providing our customers just superior customer service and you know really individualizing each

experience for each person that comes to our store we're now ranked as one of the top 50 stores in North America in terms of customer care and the products that we provide and you know just by taking care of each individual at a time I am sure you

guys have no doubt helped many people in the last 15 years find the right RV for their travel style so let's walk through some of those factors today that RV owners should consider before they buy so first off why is it important to ask about safety features when

it comes to an RV well not not all of all not all our views are built the same and so we kind of built our business around carrying the best products in the industry from Winnebago Tiffin and Airstream and you know you want to start with a good

quality product and you also want to make sure you're working with a dealer that will take care of your needs not only in the short term but in the long term and a really consultive in their approach to helping you find the right RV for your adventure definitely

now what factors impact the comfort of an RV you said no all the RVs you know there's a lot of different options out there some more comfortable than other sure I think you know you've got travel trailers all the way up to 40-foot motorhomes so one of things

you have to ask yourself right up front is what is it going to be used for is it's for weekend trips is it for two or three four weeks at a time if it's the longer than you need more storage obviously you want to make sure you have

a comfortable bed if you're going to be sleeping in it for three or four weeks at a time I think in terms of the fit and the finish of the RV you want to make sure you have high quality you know dinette areas chairs beds as I said

before cabinets all those kinds of things need to be in a way that it can function pretty much as a home because it is on some of the larger ones a 40 foot home on wheels traveling down the road so you have to have that kind of a

comfort and then on the travel trailers you look for the right number of bunks in terms of how many is your family large is it small number of kids how many how many sleeping areas do you need privacy those kinds of things so there's a lot of considerations

that go into picking one so we try to sit down with the customer right up front try to not only agree on what it's going to be used for how it will be used but also a little bit about their budget and what they're where they are at

in life and how they're going to be using it and then we can narrow it down to three or four choices and rather than overwhelming looking at two or three hundred units we have on our lot right and you mentioned you know budget is a huge consideration for

most buyers out there so how do you work with customers to make sure that they can find the perfect RV for their travel style that also fits within their budget we're it's very consultative in in our approach so when a customer comes in the first thing we do

is we sit down with them and we go over you know we go over all of their parameters how it's going to be used we have RVs that start out we have used RVs and started out at four or five thousand dollars you can be in a new

RV a new new RV for as little as ten or twelve thousand dollars and so depending on what the person's budget is or what their payment range might be we work with them we have a finance department that also will help them define what's what's comfortable for them

and we really create a no pressure consultative environment that really puts their needs first Wow well it sounds like there are a variety of options to fit every different travel style and budget one thing to adverting is that even in the larger mobile homes are RVs that are

maybe six figures and above a lot of banks will amortize those over 15 to 20 years so your payment becomes much more affordable and if it's some people you've been used as their primary home and again you can get a mortgage interest deduction on that as well that's

something that many people people don't realize or don't understand but it's not a five or six year car loan it can be amortized for fifteen or twenty years which brings the payment way down all those are some great factors to consider how do you guys think that RV

shoppers can benefit from utilizing us adventure RV in the consulting style that you guys offer well all of us at us adventure RV we we use our views ourselves and so we've all had experiences with our families going whether it's to Alaska or a short short trip locally

here at the many of the nice campgrounds that are in our area we're very blessed and that we have a we have a team of people that have been working with us for 10 to 15 years and you know you really won't find another RV store that has

a level of experience knowledge and takes the personal approach that we do to make sure that you find the right RV the right product and you end up with a quality product because there is a huge difference in how our v's are built again you know Winnebago Tiffin

Starcraft Airstream some Keystone products that we carry are some of the better names in the industry and we can support those with just great customer service and great knowledge to make sure you have a fun you have a fun experience you have a fun experience in learning and

in embarking on your next adventure one additional factor real quick is we also service all types of RVs many of our customers have told us that where they buy an RV that's somewhere other than us adventure RV the only service that if you bought it there we will

service any RV bought anywhere and not just the brands we sell so that makes the experience understandable and very a very good one for a lot of the customers and we also have a rental fleet so if you're not quite sure about whether or not you want to

buy an RV upfront we have packages where we can rent a towable trait travel trailer as well as a motorised RV for a few days on up to 3 or 4 weeks we do extensive work during the RAGBRAI and the rest of it that you have a lot

of outdoor people who want to have that experience and combine it with one of their other hobbies Wow awesome I didn't know you offered the rental and then also servicing all RVs you don't have to buy it at us Adventure RV what a convenience for our community there

oh yeah I was going to add that we also we have a body shop as well so if you have a little tree limb lands on your RV or you have a small repair that needs to be made or a big repair that needs to be made all

of our technicians in our shop or rvi a certified there's just a level of experience all the way through our organization that is helping us become one of the best in the country fantastic well John Paul thank you guys so much for being here we're delighted to be

a thank you baby all right you guys for more information you can visit us adventure RV com we'll also have those details posted on our Quad Cities com

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