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If you want to live more adventuroushave more adventurous stories to tell and more adventurous memories toremember and keep watching to the end as in this video I'm sharing easy steps tofind an epic adventure activities hannah book I may be welcome to advance youwhat my channels all about guiding you to a more adventurous life that youfully in truly in love it if this is the kind of life that you want to be livingand consider subscribing the first point and starting to find adventureactivities it's knowing what you're interested in or what you potentiallyinterested it if you're scared of water and there's no point in looking intoscuba diving or whitewater rafting and if you're scared of heights thenprobably bungee jumping or skydiving wouldn't be the best idea if you're newto place or you consider traveling to a place where you wanna have moreadventurous activities then start by asking Google remember Google is yourfriend so just Google adventure activities andin a place where you're going that's the easiest way if you're already there walkaround and most likely you see all these to your agencies of like pictures andpostcards and flyers and all the things start by looking what they are doingwhat they are offering they most likely already have all the big most importantand most popular activities I'm sorry did I hit you I'm sorrynext step is checking for communities so either on Facebook or by asking friendsif they've been there or friends or friends who've been there and who havelike any kind of recommendations or suggestions so now that we covered thebasic how do you find out more information about the place easy we goonline and we check meet up meet up calm has in most places and abundance ofpossibilities of hiking groups of camping groups of adventure groups thatcould potentially take you to the most incredible and less traveled placesbecause most of the time these are locals they know the area and they takeyou to places that are not on Google Maps that none of theother church really knows about and sometimes these can create the mostamazing experiences and memories next check out Facebook events wheneveryou're in a certain town or in a city check out the events that are happeningin and around the area go to couchsurfing and check out the eventsthey have a lot of meetups but they also go travel do road trips to all kinds ofthings like when I was living in Vegas so many people were like organizingtrips to Grand Canyon to Death Valley to all over the places so definitely it'sworth checking it out and or create your own event and find people to come withyou my favorite thing to do is checking Instagram seriously isn't that kind oflike what a lot of people do nowadays like some places got very very popularjust because of Instagram so that is what I do I research places I researchhashtags I'm just trying to find places activities and all kinds of like outdoorstuff but also like restaurants or like gyms are all kinds of like activitiesthat are there in the area to do another really cool resource to use is theoutbound collective pretty much a lot of adventure activities on from hiking allkinds of things that like locals put on so it's not just the mainstream touristystuff that you could find on Google Maps or just by simply googling it but reallylike more specific places like well written well described chores all kindsof things that you can organize by yourself so make sure you check it outobviously in some places this is more developing in other places but make sureyou give it a try and see what comes up for your area and then obviously don'tforget checking Google Maps there's so many trails that are on Google Mapssometimes you have to zoom in a little bit or just start googling it on GoogleMaps and it will actually show you like trails and activities and all kind ofthings and then just like look around and like tap on a few things and seewhat it says and this is normally how and how I find a lot of cool places aswell if you want to check another website go to Groupon I know in NewZealand a lot of my friends use this website to get really really cheaptickets to adventure activities also in Vegas a lot of people use thisso check out Groupon and you get a like a big selection of activities to do fora much cheaper price as well so win-win if you still haven't really found whatyou want to do or not really an idea go to an outdoor store I know they're noteverywhere in this world but like Canada or the u.


go to an outdoor store andtalk to the people there a lot of them are really knowledgeable about the areaand what there is to do and where people go and I've had really really good tipsfrom these kind of places the last tip ask the locals there's probably nobetter chance of finding out hidden gems of an area than asking the locals andthis is pretty much it these are the main things that you cando to find out really epic adventure activities and if you still haven'treally found anything that you really wanted to do well just follow yourintuition get yourself into a car onto a scooteronto a taxi and just go and follow your intuition wherever it takes you I'vedone that several times and always ended up in a really really epic and reallycool place I hope you liked this video about finding more adventurousactivities if you want to live a more adventurous life set and become a moreadventurous person who really loves their life more than anything then havea really really cool video video training link in the description below Inamed it how to live a life you will remember go check it out I've reallyenjoyed it I give really really good information in that training and makesure you check out all the other videos that are there on my channel aboutadventures adventure travel so birdies picking my hair and if you like bootypicking my hair leave a like consider subscribing to my channel if you want tolive a more adventurous life and consider sharing this video with anyonewho could benefit from it thank you so much for watchingI see you in the next one bye.

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