First Laos Travel Vlog, Luangsay Resort Room Tour, and Buffalo Skewers!

finally in Laos we survived the hassle of Laoimmigration I think thai was probably much worse laoreally the big issue is your bills as long as you've got crisp dollar billsyou'll be ok they also accept baht at and a an exchange rate that is favorableto them well almost fall

into the bush so ourfirst stop was a was a temple that temple was are the thai Lao templeon this side of the border very similar to the other temples we've been visitingset for the lao version and it was very distinct that you were in Laos as soonas as

soon as you got there they have the Naga's which are the Dragons that yousee kind of on that on the front steps that had extra extended noses and theactual temple itself was was made of wood that was very striking they evenhad a had a boat in the back

of in the back of the temple they said it's about 200 years old andin and one of the structures there had never been restored this temple itselfthe murals and everything on the outside is kind of recent since they've restoredit and put kind of concrete concrete around it to

fortify it but the actualoverall temple is on the on the inside what you saw an inside the murals inside and the Buddha inside is actually whatis is what has been there the entire time so that was interesting to see andnow we're on the road headed to the hotel

will be tonight but first we'regoing to take a couple of stops to see the view so we're trekking trekkingthrough some tall grass over here to check out we're trekking through some tall grassover here to check out the view kind of see the view over the valley try not

to fall into the valley as Italk to you but yet give you an idea of the mountains and everything inthe background quite a beautiful place just a quick look at the hotel room it'spretty basic simple a lot of wood in here but also very nice at the same

timeyou see this bed is very comfortable looking it looks kind of romantic evenbut that's mostly a mosquito net and then you've got the bathroom in here just a small bathroom toilet sink andshower and yeah that's that's pretty much the entire room here see ialready thrown my junk

down here i want to go explore maybe see what they havefor dinner i should also mention that this is a fanroom and not AC Room so but incredible view and excited to see what's on themenu tonight you guys want a picture really bkk fatty yeah yeah nice to

meet you – oh i never thought i would run into anyone especially here so we made it to on thishotel is a beautiful hotel very simple just some made of wood you just walkeddown like off of a dirt road and random places a little town called pak beng

andit's not a whole lot here especially this time of year but it is one ofthe stops along the way for people who are taking the boat all the way down to Luang Prabang so we're going to catch the boat here but tonight we walkedaround a little bit check

out the rooms also had a little bit of a sunset thereand made some friends as you can see they've had they've had more to drinkthan I have so I got some catching up to do but now it's a dinner time and we've got some Laotian food on

themenu the thing that's the best looking isthis stick of meat and i think it's called ping sin ngua ping sin nguawhich is basically a beef beef on a stick so it looks tasty there's some otherinteresting food coming by I might even grab some stuff off ofother people's plates

on yes so we're gonna have a fun nightdinner together is such only a couple people here so getting to knowsome other the rest of the people at the hotel and just having it having a good time and drinking somebeer lao on yeah what else would I forget ohh

to try the beef that's what i forgot so when I was standing over I couldsmell the marinade that's on it it's got a sweet kind of gingery umami kind offlavor to it it's it's not super tender in other words it's a little tough butit's quite tasty more on

this hotel later

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