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One one side there are tones of Crocodile meat for sale, cooked and served in different forms and varieties Crocodile meat cooked with pepper, high spices, raw boiled, fried etc And this is large completely fried squid.

You have seen pearls and these are the clams for sale These are small and it takes them years to form the pearls inside But here they are selling the clam meat grilled It cost 100 Baht for 2 pieces Some places do provide 4 pieces instead of 2 for the same rate but here it's 100 baht for now This could be something that's favorite for pork lovers As this is something I don't consume But this is similar to the feet of the animal And they will serve the cooked feet section As you walk by you will come across different juice centers And this is one of my favorite passion fruit juice They do serve this in good standard So lets give this a try It's actually the real fruit mixed with water and some sugar However it's really sour this is similar to how we prepare this back home The sour taste kills off the tiredness that I had up until now Actually enough sour to cook a decent fish curry Thailand always brings out “crocodile” to all of us as they serve both crocodile show as well as crocodile meat This is one of the shop inside the floating market that sells the best crocodile meat They have three types of crocodile meat, 1.

black pepper, 2.

BBQ and spicy As it'll be extremely spicy And they will definitely cook it as per your choice right infront of you My all time favorite is black pepper And we have showed crocodile meat before and since my friend doesn't want this We are heading to explore new things so we won't be trying out crocodile meat Since we have already showcased that before on our channel Be sure to check out the video where we cooked an entire crocodile So lets walk and explore what they have to offer Most shops has something new and unique As they focus on selling things that is rare and different And we are next to the place that sells items made with stones and parls And these are row boats that sells different items as per thai culture This market focus on tourists Varieties doesn't end here, it doesn't matter what they have to offer (Food, Antiques, shops etc) They have almost everything for you to make use of on your visit here at Pattaya Floating market We really do need floating market like these in our country as well I have only seen something that's relatable back in Kashmir Beyond Srinagar we couldn't find any floating market As we could bring out many things to attract tourist back home alot You have heard of Jelly fish as it's one of the poisonous creature Here they are selling edible jelly fish It cost 50 Baht We came across Jelly fish on our Mali trip This isn't available back home so this is indeed a new item for us to try This cost 50 Bhat and they are cooking the jelly fish before chopping it Most jelly fish are similar to mushroom as some are good and some are not So lets give this a try It's similar to chewing on pure rubber This isn't a flavor that you will enjoy on your first try Crocodile BBQ are of different types and there are people selling crocodile bbq in traditional style using row boats They will never cook or consume large crocodiles As they will only cook crocodile below the age of 4 So this boat is here to sell crocodile meat for 30 baht And it's charged as over it's quality and quantity.

Since I am focusing on showing different variety of food I am not going to try out the crocodile meat today So lets move on This is banana fry, cooked with their style With their banana There are different BBQ stands selling sea foods, meats, veggitables Cooked differently as per order Sea food is quite common here along with pork This will take more then 3-4 episodes So our episode will only cover the important topics and if you are interested do contact the number provided As my team from Royalsky Holidays will definitely help you out.


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