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let's get right to the overnight developments though on the coronaviruses we start this morning there are now more than two hundred and sixteen thousand confirmed cases in the United States and nearly five thousand people have died from the virus Florida Nevada and Pennsylvania have now joined 35 other states issuing stay at home orders more than 272 million people nationwide that's 82 percent of the people in this country now being told to shelter in place meantime LA's mayor is now urging its cities 4 million residents to wear masks when they go outside even donned one at his news conference for effect but he did stress that people should use the homemade kinds and leave those much needed medical grade masks for health care workers on that note the u.


stockpile of emergency medical gear including masks and gloves is nearly gone because of this outbreak one official saying the system was just not designed to fight a pandemic in all 50 states all at one time our team of reporters spread out across the country to bring you the very latest we're gonna start with nbc's sam brock he's in Miami this morning hey Sam Otis Savannah good morning over my shoulder this is the Miami Beach skyline that city called on its residents to stay inside more than a week ago now within the last 24 hours Florida's governor followed suit but there are still nearly a dozen other states that are holding out with coronavirus cases exploding in places like Pennsylvania Georgia and Florida governor's in those states are now being forced to reckon with the one order they'd restricted for days if not weeks a full shelter in place mandate every day we wait the corona virus spreads further and becomes more difficult to suppress I know you want to return to business as usual but we must first overcome the obstacles that we have in our path I'm going to be doing an executive order today directing all Floridians to limit movements and personal interactions outside the home to only those necessary to obtain or provide essential services the orders all go into effect by the end of the week and in some cases represent a full about-face Florida's governor Ron de santis just last week to order someone not to be able to earn a paycheck when them going to work is not going to have any effect on what we're doing with the virus you know that is something that I think is inappropriate Savannah asked the Surgeon General about Florida's delay Wednesday just hours before the announcement so he's saying he's waiting for somebody at the White House to tell him to shut it down in Florida what would your advice to him be my advice to America would be that these guidelines are a national stay at home order they're guidelines that say that look the more we social distance the more we stay at home the less spread of disease there will be backlash for the delayed actions lighting up social media one Twitter user accusing governor de santis of being a day late and a dollar short another writing took long enough how many Spring Breakers took the virus home and spread it images of Spring Breakers like these leaving residents here in South Florida feeling frustrated a complete lockdown is what we need at this point we've tried it every other way and it's on it's not under control it's out of control across the country now 38 states and the District of Columbia have some form of stay at home or shelter in place Texas's governor isn't calling it that but he did shut her schools in all non-essential activity Oklahoma's head of state closed businesses but said a shelter in place isn't practical and Arkansas decided to limit overnight stays at state parks residents right now urged to exercise social responsibility as the invisible enemy marches on work and the question that many people might be having this morning why did it take so many governors until early April to take this action Florida's governor Ron de santé said he saw the CDC extend its guidelines another 30 days and decided at that point quote things were not returning to normalcy put it back to you all right Sam Brock for us in Miami Sam thank you as mentioned most of the country is now under a stay at home order the White House is resisting calls however for a nationwide lockdown NBC's Tom Costello and Chevy Chase Maryland for us this morning with that part of the story Tom good mornin yes Savannah good morning the administration really facing increased questions over it's piecemeal approach to this containment effort nationwide while people on the front lines of this emergency are pleading for more equipment and more personnel and tragically this morning we've learned of the death of an emergency room doctor on the front lines President Trump dismissing the idea of a national lockdown saying that decision should be left up to state governors there are some states that don't have much of a problem they don't have thousands of people that are positive the president also downplayed the need for restrictions on domestic air travel we're certainly looking at it but once you do that you really are you really are clamping down an industry that was desperately needed in hard-hit New York City nearly 1, 400 lives have been lost temporary morgues now set up outside of some hospitals we're still looking for a curve we're still looking to see where we hit the plateau the number of hospital beds in the city is also growing with medical facilities being set up aboard the u.


Navy ship comfort inside the Javits Convention Center in tents in Central Park and the Tennis Center that host the US Open but even with equipment and personnel pouring in doctors on the front lines are exhausted this would be my 19th the last 22 days a team of nurses at Mass General Boston releasing this video on Instagram I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared hospitals across the country are low on protective equipment we are allotted one mass per day to conserve and prepare for the worst in New Jersey ER doctor Frank Gavron died after contracting Koba 19 mazing Mazin clinician amazing human being amazing amazing human spirit meanwhile in the Pacific the American aircraft carrier USS Roosevelt has nearly 100 positive cases on board a thousand crew members have now been removed from the ship another 2, 700 expected to disembark in the coming days they'll remain in isolation in the u.


territory of Guam our goal is to get a clean ship the Navy says it will eventually test all of the sailors but some will have to remain on board to keep an eye on the care nuclear reactor and the weapon systems we need thus they are is to be safe we need them to be healthy and we need that ship to be operational al and Lisa Robertson's 28 year old son Jason Castro Cohn is a combat medic on board he's taking care of all these sick servicemembers all his brothers and sisters and is he gonna be ok are they gonna be ok so far none of the sailors has required hospitalization it's believed that their youth and their general good condition should play in their favor lastly we want to tell you that the NIH director dr.

Nathan E ouchy ouchy rather the chief infectious disease expert that now has to have an increased security detail because of alleged threats against him guys back to you alright Tom and dr.

Fox you'll be with us a little bit later in this hour we'll ask him about that among other things we're joined now by Utah's Democratic congressman Ben McAdams he was with us talked to haut a couple of weeks ago just one day after he was diagnosed with kovat 19 he later had to be hospitalized for more than a week after shortness of breath congressman McAdams good morning we are happy to see you happy to hear you're doing better but I mean how are you feeling what an ordeal it was quite an ordeal thank you and good morning I am I'm doing so much better right now I'm not probably not quite 100 percent but after we spoke it really took a turn for the worse I found myself in the hospital for four eight days and I just had trouble breathing couldn't keep my oxygen levels up and and just it hit me really really hard and so it's good to be back on my feet right now I'm virus free I just left quarantine a couple of days ago so I've I know I that hug from the family I was able to get the similar hug it was so great as I left quarantine and I'm doing so much better right now I'm still pretty weak it hit me really hard and in that time that I was in the hospital but but every day I'm better and you know I was in work and back on my feet well this is such a strange disease let's talk about the progression of this congressman McAdams cuz when we spoke you said it was like the worst cold you'd ever felt your chest was tight you're young you're healthy I mean we bike anything we both thought this is one of those things that was gonna end quickly yeah what was it that made you say to yourself I've got to get in the hospital and and how bad did it get you know so it's Friday night a couple days after we spoke and it just my breathing just got worse I got to the point where I couldn't get up out of bed and walk across the room without being out of breath without panting and just needing to sit down and catch my breath and so I called my doctor on Friday night two weeks ago now and and he said it was time to go to the hospital to check in they they monitor my oxygen levels my oxygen was very low and and so they put me on supplemental oxygen and wanted to watch me overnight overnight became eight nights that I was there and I just never could breathe on my own without that supplemental oxygen and keep my levels up and so it was it was quite an ordeal it wasn't until a week later that I finally my fever broke and I was able to able to breathe on my own without that well I didn't have I was breathing on my own I didn't have a ventilator but without the assistance of that supplemental oxygen and starting to feel better but it was it was pretty rough I tried to talk to my family every day by by FaceTime or by telephone and and there were a couple of days there that I really didn't even have the interview to hold up a telephone I just was laying there waiting for the minutes to pass and hoping to my body would have a chance to catch up I'm sure you were thinking you know I am young I am healthy I have every reason to think that I will recover but on the other hand we've all heard the stories of folks young like you who didn't I mean were you afraid as you sat there oh yeah you know yeah last last we spoke I felt like it was you know I knew I was gonna be a rough one but I I was a young I'm healthy I have no underlying health conditions I exercise every day and so I thought it wouldn't be a problem and that would be my message to people today is to take this seriously you don't know how it's gonna hit you how it's going to affect you and what the consequences might be and even if you are healthy and it is just a bad flu you don't know if you don't take the precautions who might you infect and how am i what impact might have on them so please take this seriously yeah I was gonna say I don't think some there are some people who still aren't taking it seriously we were even talking about how state-by-state governors are doing different things in their states and there's been some discussion of like a nationwide kind of shutdown congressman McAdams do you think that there should be one look I do think we need to take this seriously Utah's in the category of not having a mandatory shutdown I would say we're 80 percent of the way there our governor has told people to stay home it's it's you doesn't have quite the force of law but but they have have asked people to stay home and for non-essential businesses to close and so and most people seem to be adhering to that directive our major counties have a shutdown with the force of law but look I think that every state should look at it and and every individual should whether or not it's required or not take these these guidelines these requirements from the state take them seriously and probably take it a step or two further if you have if you can stay at home even you know even in our in Utah shutdown you're still able to go to a grocery store but I would encourage people to limit that to necessary trips or bundle your trips together so your your exposure on the public is limited yeah there's a lot of folks are sick and don't know they're sick don't know in symptoms they could be spreading it congressman McAdams it is good to see you feeling better thank you so much I'm glad you're reunited with your family too thank you thanks again all right now to a story we've been following closely the uncertain fate of to Holland America cruise ships with sick passengers on board well this morning there are now just a few miles off the coast of Fort Lauderdale but until a final deal is in place they can't come any closer NBC's Kerry Sanders has been tracking this one for us hey Kerry good morning well good morning we have some breaking news here this morning the deal is done sources tell NBC News the only thing missing are some lawyers signatures just off the coast 2500 passengers and crew here on board those two ships the Zaandam and the Rotterdam now waiting to come ashore they have been told to pack their bags and most will be coming shore in the next 24 hours maybe even sooner this morning the fate of the passengers and crew aboard these two cruise ships still unclear after 27 days at sea 12 of them confined in tiny staterooms hi welcome to our cabin passengers like the Andersons from Ohio it's about 200 square feet hope today is the day their ill-fated cruise from South America to Fort Lauderdale finally comes to an end you are very close to Florida I spoke with the Andersons as they neared what they hope will be their final port O'Call we feel like there's a very good chance on this and quite honestly the tide also seemed to start turning after initially government the Santa said we weren't welcomed with nine passengers testing positive for kovat 19 and 200 more with corona type symptoms Florida's governor Ron de santis had put up a do not enter sign but Wednesday we just want everyone to be safe he dropped his fierce opposition on board the two ships 45 passengers who have had significantly high fevers for more than 10 days like 70 year-old Gloria weeds and her 75 year old husband bill anxious family members on shore now believe a hospital ICU is only hours away a long time you know time is ticking your father has pneumonia what is your greatest fear my greatest fear is that he's gonna get worse very very quickly the cruise line says as many as nine passengers need immediate medical care the biggest Hospital here Broward Health tells NBC News critically ill patients will be transferred to our system a final exit plan is not yet in place but Holland America this morning says it already has chartered planes for the nearly 1, 000 passengers from Australia United Kingdom Germany and beyond who would transfer straight from the ship to flights for onward travel home all that's needed now is final approval from Broward County Holland America says the very sickest on board will not come ashore rather they will be treated on board meantime this morning there is word now of another ship the coral princess that also has suspected cases of coronavirus it's hoping to dock here in Port Everglades on Saturday Hoda Savannah all right Kerry Sanders keep us updated on all of it thank you thanks Kerry let's get our first check of the weather we say good morning to mr.

Roker hey oh yeah hey good morning guys well we've got a storage system that's out to sea and we're gonna be dealing with it for a few days because it's just gonna keep hanging out take a look on the radar and you'll see we are looking at this system and is it pushes through it's going to spin and it's bringing right now look at this snow two interior sections of New England rain along the coast and then we'll have wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour Cape Cod New England Islands coastal flooding is possible tomorrow it's pinwheeling do a little loop-de-loop heavy rain moves away by late Friday but as we're looking we can see very heavy rain upwards of one to one and a half inches of rain right along the New England coast with heavier rain making its way to the north big spring storm making its way through the western plains a fire it now continuing through the Southwest and we're looking at sunshine from the Great Lakes all the way down into the Gulf Coast you.

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