Foi Thong Donut at Bangkok Airport | A guide to Thailand Trip

[Music] so funny now over is October that you are you so yeah and if a given any immigration again healed and blue pen preferably also under knee a visa go and a phosphatase photon the number of accounted a phosphorus coded thriving yeah in the country or phosphorus for

a visa one the four into six forty into 60 are there to the moon anyway yeah poverty is ranked euphoria or anything wrong Angelia one dip their back yeah they're still there I guess I get shy boy your period or smartphone screen useful information there was an airport

facility I put service routes and regulation transportation shopping in it so let's say buying in the transportation is one on each corner is an applic for an arm they will have public taxi to see the end that's amazing Apollo a rather or maybe taxi never even conflict as

here's our government XE could be there having fun table jack secure it four and seven even imported under like Aaron a porno up interline Gary and that it is similar over the parcel every screen and jelly can you put I wanted thoughtful who in the period I put

the Cheryl away your anger but Saturday played either under the immigration personal a demanding we do what is it but in your office in a career I guess and I see our masala zoom yeah we are logging through the eyeliner [Music] we see a play on the black

male defeated in a variable like number tomorrow no building a month he gave birth take me away the part is phenomenal I think Percy you well whatever disappointed in analyzing positing a sample of incredible idea now we're going to lay down in light up with the bio are

everything video contro arrival of another unit led a pulley turnover no Airport Airport loan but you know you're shopping one but it's any other place looking around yanari output vascular in their black but this bitch is good cool Starbucks are green yeah both giggling yeah forgive all wrong

Daria value no match for my leggings with the articular black hammer out stairs so many deep on the flavor stick around boy she can bunch on them over there at KFC multiple wheel design already gives him 19 am I your own a nigga try not down we can

go to China Thailand oh man go on the one who design but I've been I already power of mango wood block guys in the Orient even a movie theater with the bad foot which is aluminum foil rock and UV to boil our the Navarro with that it I

am accustomed to eat tonight but in your view Brian on the llama I hope you shouldn't say let's go find level sell our own jolly Jolly jolly room with a diamond in Armenia like Allah in a key fundamental check in it so echo here Aden all are in

the worry bilingual hints AC output and also now ended too far as I want solid path in the drip line local occupant very laugh when I cannot poke wasn't already in a series Thailand she in the video may be totally okay in official on then I'm within the

Butchie that we can log here a bit early because we had purple is my current one I read he didn't tell anything – yes the pond over a 100 watts it's going indoors you don't have for you money when a donor thank you so ad your mama was

known the is it actually good one bro put it in the poly mama I think woman Brannigan thank you so much so in you can give or amount about my extra tax [Music] looking at it when I'm or then you know and then the mango with coconut rice

is elongated mom 180 baht which is 360 rupees in our price this is California the mango the word in our yard lodged in a mango Memorial no chili mango animal yeah I don't litter and home easier it's a sandwich isn't clm I reach it but I want to

try this because I went even this is not put in the longer or start ironical to be so cool over plastic spoon of sadhana rice an elastic key races with the L personalizable Amma combust akia rather sticky coconut rice [Music] anybody good sang about putting in Aparna or

Soria this America talk about you mmm nightguard oh wow I like it for much right uh look at its aroma it is them I would do this together I like it under mumble your mama lipstick today when I can all I see is a program from what I

enjoy lamp light a pulley there for my data but also erasing it so they you look at particularly in the mom laughs but maybe I've seen I don't know much about that [Music] he's no hang up or was i I should I have a polarizer it wouldn't have

put them but right now I mean like no right there there but now our eyes witness and they I was on the phone either they Paul about the Apollo but I've done so they even I'm warning you one the one name on any a in a folder go

and number of the symbol used for number they're not even a message now on the thousand five hundred rupees continue on this Romanian money nah hello and then limited in coming from India outgoing condo I think two minutes or something like time be much so the international roaming

practice phone you never run they are no theme button in show and the free local calls to India being a number of a signal and 100 SMS thousand five hundred even the personality and also the 3gv internal programmer not each day like I don't know I didn't Lockwood

expensive are they so now I know about India know if I don't want one in our puny not worrying you're telling are known as a symbol of or together what sumaya on the symbol of Bosnia on the ten days was it 5 GB internet but call 30 to

35 could have altered it day maybe 30 minutes ago I forget in now like coming over lumber denying your phone a photogenic face it again but in coming your honor on the number 9 is funny enough incoming freedom occupation of Orion internet because if you didn't own the

300 baht which is 600 rupees are there all the 3gb ones on the prices are in brave I'm a different way but in now India yeah it was a very fulfilling yeah but then making any engine in the Colombian are enough yeah we fought the war in still

a long road idea like but I wish every day also on this but it isn't really not known today other than Airport not for long yeah yes any known to do the other running a check money owner very dependable man but you live or three-star how do you

worry so you need any other information then we can earn enough money to conciliate it so I think I'm covered like almost everything for Thailand coming visiting everything now first of all the comma second for like a masterful woman obligate is our output there no better time is

6:17 right now what is there for Lila yeah our is all about ran across a Hawaiian today but this is my second country visiting outside of India I am so happy to do that I bet in will never in popular race yeah I yes I've been 3 or

sumn under similar isn't any if I phone you may be what are you Margot – with keep anomaly with classes but still no more the thousand but it move on the bottom cancel the forum but at a glance will denote a bit cut potent as only you know

the bots when ADA – I mean Lea charge phenomena which means a thousand body to go for an R which is two thousand rupees I'll go also on the old side for now and there or not enough was right I'm 11 charge phenomena sciatica Bora and IRA walk

it's better you guys get the money from India itself he didn't wanna say you ready maybe a 1 1 is 5 into I go mine chronograph although I'll tell you by the day goes but ATM one day I would not prefer our suggest you guys so better many

many money lots of money get ok throw out a few Paula in the hologram thoughts CT Roberto people rumba one day oma help me our numbers are kinda if to eat tuna Varela meaningful from s1 door to the kitchen alarm they set up with a new favor in

Allah Allah Quran that will solve all English I don't learn today the anger 7-eleven or doughnut but channel or lover you know different different a Lay's chips Lia we are different flavors we go by like we are my favorite will go surveys will be using a format we

want to be there in drag a chicken Ranga but chicken it would be stupid of its which is so hello different now and we will post agree type of something like egg and with a spoon or something something everywhere but in the letter arrived for most other differences

triangulating speaking Sephora now you [Music] Oh the orders were I wanna put it when they carotene cabbagey own Collins's other texture and model marriage do there but then unep I'll do something different Greg Dorit new and so multi is good is really good really do adorns up they

are the products in the report comes happen which one asthma AB did not show anybody now on the wire one day you one Yin opera under interval is the only gives a kind but could be kinda overbought de la so underwater so you live Karen's name Alcott line

with a brown ale at 2008 bata 20 but and divide numbers I know this is how I cannot be put together married King being on the king crow laws under a democratic country it is and it 100 100 baht 500 I know robot and in the thousand it

is a maximum an ignorant and silly now I grant a de mi don't see any foreign power and laFonda but it's una I know it's a given a person you know more money for they announced the pol Miami pair we are doing Allah [Music] so here's our video

and I know I was over the moon Lane begin this on a regular – Hinda or alone I know what I'm now and the Machine and then the kiosk and then I was in the paper aha it is a rising number to put go on the number through

the lane is one now I give you facts in the more they read it now before it is before you clock is down the government taxing yeah Oman taxes and money for that hour 8:30 to go home when our lower is no Punk Roman out of love but

then later when I cannot know how you go and I wish I like one let's go to the room I you pay money hey waiter yeah okay so you never now on the yellow presentation together or meter number on there and the slip corners I'm so now let's

me to know you put anything got it how many we get emotional [Music] [Music] one go bad [Music]

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