Free CPA Marketing Traffic Tutorial 2020 – AUTOMATIC Method To Make Money Online With CPA Networks

Hi guys, welcome back to another video in today's video I'm gonna show you exactly how to promote cpa offers with free traffic on complete auto-pilot guys Yes, as you can see from my dashboard I have made about one point four euros, of course So this is the brand new method that of actually not seen anybody talking about it on YouTube guys.

So guys before we proceed I wanna invite you to my channel you can you see this channel in this era I talked about how to make money online affiliate marketing cpa marketing Freelancing tips and trick if you think these are topics that you are interested In you may consider clicking the subscribe button tick the bell icon so that you get notified by youtube each time I drop a new video like these guys I publish videos on my channel Each and every day gasps and I have a full bunch of places on CPM marketing Using the free traffic and paid traffic method that you can use Promote your CPA office castle and cities the players However, nine nine videos this one and on the shooting now is gonna be the ten video, of course So that is that so guys do we are the network the traffic network that? CPA network that we are going to be using is called the movie theater comp.

Yes movie theater.

Come as I pull you back I'm gonna be Introducing you to V Rho CP in network some when alone I know I've been talking about Cpl grip and uh drop media, of course So in today's video is gonna be a movie idea So the offer I promote is called a you take an artist you've cut Of course, it can do it if you can use it also you can also go and apply for it and get approved and start promoting using the The metal app that I'm about to show you So just make sure you stick with me to the end of this really will make sure you watch the video step by step So that you don't miss anything.

Yes as can see from my dashboard.

Of course.

I've made about one point four euros.

Yes So, let me just refresh that So that you see so as can see let's just wait for it So as you can see the prices did there and it's not it test me as you can see.

This is my name So that is that so what you have to do is close come to this via CPA Network sign of power for the for the of Oaxaca it is literally free they accept everybody gasps Yes, the absurd everybody all that month's Bundy mugs bounty so all you have to do once you've gone click outside a Platform of us can see I'm a proof for this particular offer and I also promote this offer because but I'm not yet to get Confession because I'm using the free traffic better that I'm about to show you.

Yes guys So that is that once you get approved.

The next thing that you wanna do is to go and create the automated message yes, the automated Guide that will literally do the work for us.

Yes so that's what you have to do is just go to email address your email your gmail account and if you don't have a gmail account go sign up for gmail account and I actually Advise people not to use their personal gmail account because because some Sun some songs some circumstances, of course Yes, so make sure you have a brand new gmail account itself It is literally free to open this you can open as much as you can free email account So all you have to do is just click on here that says this altitude settings icon here Click on that so I'm gonna be using my own gmail account.

For example But I'm not going to set the message because that is my personal gmail account.

So click on settings So click on settings So once you click on that let's just wait for it to load so good So once it's load, you're gonna go down down down down go down go down to here where it says Petition responder.

So this is where it says It says sense and automated reply to incoming messages if a contact send you several messages this automated prep player will be sent at most once every 4 days boom, so guys how cool is that when you can have Google to do email marketing for you for literally for good this without spending a dime on add or any Autoresponder.

So how cool is that? So guys if you are getting value from the video Make sure you give me a thumbs up you subscribe to my channel take the pen icon so that you get on fire YouTube each Time a drop of Awesome videos like this because I publish video each and every day and enjoy give me a lag That would actually help me out So what you wanna do is that make sure you take this one as a vacation responder on because that is what we gonna What would be releasing our? Messages each and every day.

So come here as a subject When should I put this something like this and no uncle Tim with this? You can literally send everything literally multiple offers at once so free gift cards Free gift cards Clamp so just tap that so come here and say something like Thank you For Requesting For legit Legit Ways to acquire Gift Cards so come down here and sis Click Here Now So you can highlight this so that you know how to keep your office, we'll come back to my video So let me just click on the Alpha so that I'll grab my offer link So let me just wait for it so good.

So this is your offer link.

So click on that So click on this So click on this Boom go back to your automated message.

This one that says link so click on that.

So putting the link So good as you can see web address email address Link to email address know so click on that just Work address because once they click on that they are going to prompt to another page so it is web address so once you have that don't Take this one only send two response to people in my contact know you don't want to do that So what you have to do just click on save so once you save you are done guys once you say I don't want to save this because this is my personal gmail occurred and I didn't use my personal gmail account.

To be honest with you.

I use brand new gmail account for some circumstances Yes, so just make sure you have this one on you type something like that.

Just be creative You can write something more than this guys.

Just be creative, right? Also something now encourage them to click the link.

Yes, so you can also for more because they actually believe in you That's why they actually message you.

I require you to show them three ways.

You can get free gift card Yes, so that by rad you can also prompt them to order a particular The Vieira's gift card form.

Oh That's it for more For more gift Cards for my gift card To take away Click anyway, so click on that one.

You can see B PayPal Gift cards just come down and say to Amazon Gift cards So so here you can just see Because just put in the link you can shut the link using bitly so you can put as much number of gift card as you can because you want to make sure that once the received a particular Email they click no matter how they click either of these particular links But because but this is the main link this demand link that you are here for for example let's say this one is Argos and as the traffic sauce the attractant in order to acquire Argo skipped cat board because they believe in you That's why they actually message you so they may also when I acquire this particular gift card Yes, and you can rotate it if wanna promote people gift card You can put paypal gift card here down put or a gift card here So once you have that you are good to go.

You have set up your automated automatic message So come to the traffic source that I said I'm gonna show you the free trial and the CCP traffic so that I say I'm gonna show you so which is corner that conqueror is actually a a massive website It's a lot of people are not taking up an advantage of this website Let me just show you something a bit before actually show you what you can do let me just show you the start of my quarter traffic, of course because of So as can see My answers got about one point one nine Views.

Yes 1.

19 views and I've got about ten of wood and I've got a water that it she has my ass Has got cheese as can see this.

This is first April my answers got just yesterday My answers got about that of that phone and yes data for views.

So that is how beauty that is How lucrative Cora is, you know, you're not gonna know who is viewing Oh, I'll just – it just answer some questions and leave with your answers idea for life.

Yes I'm gonna be generating the traffic you want once you do once you did the right thing guys So in this case wanna see our boss Let me just say three So, let me just say free Our goes gift cards so Click on that So once we click on as can see what gift card to our go says, how can I get free Amazon gift cards How can I decide that so literally you can for example? Let's say we are using this one and about eighty eighty three people are following it And once you answered this question about it, three people that are following this answer I can I receive your message that sososo person has answered discussions can see the latest and the highest ranking as can See, this is just the taxi ass and he has received award.

So 7.

40 views does about seven thousand four hundred people view in his answer and he's not even taking Advantage of sending them to one place or the other and I believe is not taking them anywhere Because I cannot find any link or any Try yeah, so it's not taking them.

So by putting your email if actually here you are here So this 2017 you can just come here and read nature's answer of 2020 and make sure the answer is much more Is the text and much more than that this one because where dad Cory is gonna push your answer upward Yes, so as can see all those that four people that answer these questions can sit at for answers I literally have smaller answers compared to these guys can see this one.

See this one See this one.

So that's why that bad guy is out ranking them as can See this one too in 2018, even though that one is more Outdated than this one this wanting to import data is still outrank him because what he answers his texts are much more than that But black guy that as well, so you want to make sure that your texts are much more.

So I'll click on that So you can just go to google.

Your answers don't have to be actually 100% unique on Quora just go to google and fans want is just edit em – make sure that they are not completely from Goku because usually If you answer question very well.

Usually Cora Gaga.

We're gonna promote your answers even on the search engine So that's an added advantage for you if you do the right thing So all you have to do just make sure you craft any of the answers go to Google, and sub how to get free gift card, you're gonna see a bunch of website that are answering this kind of question So once you do that, you are good – good so put in your email address also put in your email address People are gonna be out posting you're trying to send you a message to follow you up and see whether you are actually giving them How it's showing them how to how they can get the free gift card And once was it once they message you this message is gonna trigger.

Once it triggers gonna be sending them this particular message So that's how it work as pick up You're an opera create an automated message go to Cora answer some questions and leave your email address inside that inside those answers people are gonna be Messaging you to actually make an enquiry about how they can get those free gift card.

Yes So that's pretty much a hot we have to do So guys if you liked the video, make sure you give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel Technically I can so that you get notified by YouTube each time.

I drop some awesome awesome videos like these guys So see you in my next video.

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