Free Tools For Affiliate Marketing (That I Use Everyday in 2020)

six free affiliate marketing tools that you need to be using in your business today hey guys welcome back to the channel it's great to have you watching this video I really appreciate it if you enjoy this video if you get any value from it please give me the thumbs up button it really helps me out with YouTube letting everyone know this video is live and if you want to see more videos why not hit the subscribe button so it can be dropped into your feed when the new videos drop so as I say today is all about free affiliate marketing tools that you can start using your business today if you're not already using them these are tools that I use on a regular basis most of them I use every single day and I use them all the time so they are essential now we know that there are plethora of paid tools and paid tools you know are important I came but we are concern ourselves adjust with the free tools that everyone can get involved in okay so let's talk about these tools the first one is a website called canva see a in va.

com I used this site all the time okay and I use it for creating graphics and images as I say it's a free salt you just go to the website you sign in they do have premium features which you can pay for but the nuts and bolts of the service that they provide is 107 free and there is no real limits you can use it all the time to create as many images you want and these images can be you know logos they can be images for social media posts different types of graphics ads anything that where you need some graphics required and the beauty of it is not only is it just so super simple to use there are hundreds of hundreds probably thousands of different templates and not only their or these templates they are filtered or sorted into different sections so you just type in YouTube thumbnail for example or Facebook post or Pinterest post or banner ad and it comes up with all the templates you just click on one and you can start changing the text you can replace the image change the color change the font change the size you can do everything is that easy intuitive it's one of the best free tools you're likely to find and this leads us perfectly into the second tool now the second tool or the second a second tool and site compliments the first ones the first one was all about creating these graphics but sometimes we want to find really cool images and imagery to use within these and it's not always easy to find images that we are allowed to use okay so the second tool is pixels com PE x al okay and this is a site that has royalty-free images that we can search for and they are beautiful images they are images taken by you know budding photographers all around the world anything that you can think of people are they are shooting it with photos and they are uploading them and they are providing them for free for us to use any way we see fit and they are you know the some of the photos on there are incredible I mean in terms of some of the nature and scenery they are phenomenal based not just that there's people and places and objects they've got everything covered okay and you can download them in phenomenal quality in different sizes it's okay so it's a real real great website one of my favorites and again something I use you know pretty much on a daily basis okay so let's move on to the third which is really really important for affiliate marketing and this is this is actually too but I'm going to talk about them in one and that is to buddy and a feared IQ now what these two services provide are Chrome extensions that we can use whilst using and viewing YouTube and also in the backend of YouTube okay so what you can utilize is that when you go and look at a different look at a video you get a load of statistics in the right-hand side that talks about you know how it's been shared the tags that were used in the video you know some of the actual data which is really really important so when you're actually doing your own research as to you know creating your own videos for example which could be really really good for affiliate marketing you can see which videos have been successful and why right you can then utilize some of the backend for research for changing some of your descriptions in bulk you can change the thumbnails you can also do split testing of the thumbnails to see which thumbnail got more views so moving forward sorry something you seem like for your vision it's probably F my vid so you can you can do two thumbnails and set up to do a split test and you can get the results back to see which one got more views okay so they're moving forward you could possibly you know push your design of your thumbnails further in that direction okay and as we spoke about canva that at the top of the show got you covered and actually designing it and as I just to reinforce that you need know skills to be able to use that right so that's got you covered the next thing which is super super important for affiliate marketing is link shortening and what I use on a daily basis is bitly okay this site is super simple yeah merely there are paid versions of these types of services link shortening services that have you know loads of different abilities such as split testing and a lot more tracking and statistics but bitly is just simple you know we get a massive affiliate link that's like you know this long with chuck it in Billy we get a link this this long and then we put it where we want and it's not it doesn't you know when people are looking at they're not put off by lik looking at it and we do get some basic statistics so we seen see how many people actually clicked on it we can see the time of day the dates at which they click to knit we can also see you know the general locations okay so we do get some really good statistics and I use that for all of my campaigns you know just so I can see what's being clicked on and where and whether they are continuing to be clicks on in the future okay so that's a really cool tool and again free okay so next thing we're going to move on to is if this then that now this is just a super cool tool that allows you to set up automations of certain things that would usually you know spend a lot more time and yet you're not yeah realistically to purple blank when you can't be bothered okay so just say you want just that you've created a youtube video or you know you've created a blog post where you're promoting your you know you shoe for your affiliate campaigns for example what you can do is you can go in so if this then that and set up campaigns that will automatically share it on different platforms so just say it was a youtube video that you put up you could or you could set it up so it automatically shares it to Twitter post it on to your Facebook profile you know sets up a Pinterest pin for example you could set it to automatically create a blog post and embed the video you know so you can do all of these sorts of really cool things but the thing with if this then a is that there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of different integration so it's not just those sorts of things you can set it up so that when videos are created for example you've got a spreadsheet that writes down all of the names or you can set out when someone at someone else is creating videos you can set it so you automatically you've got a spreadsheet being created with ideas for example so there's hundreds of different things and and one of the beauties beauties of if this the night you can go in and there's what they call me what they used to call them recipes now they call them applets I think where things that you know the automations have already been created and you can just search through just say it's for YouTube you can type in YouTube and you can see all the hundreds of different automation that people have created and see oh that's a good one that's gonna be really useful for my business so I'm going to click on that one and when they get going okay so that's definitely something that I think you should use because it's just a time-saving exercise and there's so many different uses for it so the last thing I'm gonna get the last tool is something that I don't use every day but I use it when I want to explain something or really get in my mind what I'm planning I came and that's something called funnel lytx again it's a free tool and essentially what it is it's a visual tool for displaying the processes in a campaign you're creating now they would people call them funnels you can call them campaigns whatever so it might be the case that you are creating a brand new campaign and you're trying to work out all of the different elements okay so you might have traffic traffic coming in you might have a landing page but then you're not quite well not sure how to plan what to do whether you you know it's obviously gonna go out your email list then you're gonna set different campaigns to go different parts but then it might be the case that you've also setup you also you know you hadn't considered that you could put a face of pistil so you could put a Facebook pixel and then you know visually show how these are going to go at how these are all going to be linked into different pages okay and it's something that you know when you're just thinking but I'm going to do a you know affiliate campaign you so this is it you don't quite visually see the path okay so we're fun oolitic swear you can do is you can drag and drop elements onto your screen so you can drag you know Instagram you can drag Facebook and you can drag YouTube and then point arrows the next thing which might be your landing page and then on your landing page you can say the O on my landing page there's an opt-in and they're going to go through to email a series one two and three and those emails they're all going to link down to my affiliate links my affiliate links okay but then as I say you've also got like through Facebook pixel and then what I'm going to do is after the email series I'm then going to run a Facebook ad for two days okay but it also might be the case that on some of the the emails you might have a facebook messenger button which then starts up some think on Facebook to try and engage re-engage people to start watching a video on Facebook you know something like that or send them back through to your YouTube channel so as I say because it is incredibly visual you can see exactly what it's going because not everyone can you know listen to a video just like this and and understand exactly you know what the campaign comprises of so there we go we got through the six free tool so these were all free tools okay so let's just recap what they were the first one was canva this is where you're gonna be able to create all your graphics whether it's for you know it has social media posts all that sort of stuff the second thing was pixel so this is were you gonna find beautiful images to enable you to crepe phenomenal graphics okay the third one was to buddy or fit IQ to get the stats the tanks the ability to do some you know next-level bulk work with your videos and a back-end then we move forward and spoke about Billy which is about masking your link in shorten in it so it's a nice clean link people more like so cooking it and you get some basic statistics the fifth thing was if this than that which enables you to sell automations for doing additional things to reduce your time the last thing was fun lytic so you can actually visually plan your funnels and also just a side note you can use them to share and collaborate with other people so they know what you're doing as well okay so thanks for watching this video I really do appreciate you watching it if you've got to this end of this video if you have please consider hitting the thumbs up button I really appreciate it because as I said that the video it helps this video get shared and shown to other people on YouTube and hit the subscribe button we'll see you soon take care stay safe.

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