Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair Jakarta 2018 – (Part 2) – @JCC 5 – 7 Oct 2018

Okay, guys we're back and we are now in booth Bali and right now what is your name sir? my name is Ben.

Nice to meet you.

Oh nice to meet you, Mr.

Ben so what do you have right now? so now we have hillstone resort valley Bali.

So you're a villa.


It is.

So all our villas having there own private pool private pool, yes so you can enjoy your floating breakfast you can swim in your own Villa Okay, so you guys and what's the name of the villa Hillstone resort valley Bali Yeah, Hillston Hillstone resort valley Bali, So they have the like private pool for every Villa and Every morning you get a breakfast like floating in the swimming pool Yes with a great experience of course, oh Thank you for your time.

Mr Thank you.

So we look forward to welcoming you.

Okay late, thank you.

Yeah, you're welcome Right now we are in passpod So what is passpod? Hey, what's your name? , what's your name? hello my name is Jane oke jane, my name is adice Adice Okay, so what is passpod? so passpod is one-stop Travel Solutions yeah, so in one app you can get Wi-Fi you can get attractions and you can get trip planning so you can Yeah, itinerary, you can make your itinerary by yourself.

You can arrange your travel Travel needs and travel equipment by yourself.

So I don't quite understand what you guys do with.

I'm still confused So what does passpod really do? at first we provide Wi-Fi for Travelers to go abroad from Indonesia We have already covered more than 60 countries and then have special prize for this event we have discount up to 73 percent And yeah, you can buy it now so you can get the best price for your for your travel Wi-Fi so it's quite like if I'm going to USA maybe.

Yeah, and then I need like a Wi-Fi because I don't have like a Cell phone number there, is that correct yeah, so I can get like connection right away.

Yeah, so that is passpod Yeah, okay then so you guys If you're Indonesian and you need like a internet connection around the world 60 countries you can get more than 68 country more than 68 country you can get free Wi-Fi And what else? attraction What kind of attraction? we have covered a lot of attraction the most popular one is Disneyland Universal Studio, Madame Tussaud and many more Oh, I understand now, I understand so if I use this I can get like Going to Disneyland something like that, yeah even you also can get like transportation if you what to go to the city center from the airport you can get the transportation as well hop on bus to bus as well, yeah So everything you need is in passpod so come to passpod and check out yourself you guys Okay, welcome back you guys Right now we are in Stan.

What is this? Your luxurious condo hotel.

What is your name Mrs? Betty.

oke Mrs.

Betty What do you sell here? I want to sell condo hotel, condominium hotel in Bali ohh, this is a condo hotel in Bali, yeah this PT.

Merpati Abadi Sejahtera and PT.

Ayana Realty have join partner in indusif thailand Well, what is the best what's the best thing in this condo hotel? Okay Benefit are ROI (return on investment) 2 month so this is like a investment.

Yes also Yeah, so the position is over the sea.


Okay and then What is, what the main Reason you want to buy a condo hotel right here two project in Kuta Beach Kuta, ohh is in Kuta, oke oke is in Kuta beach, near Hard Rock Mercure Hotel, near samping ohh, oke oke, this is Sunset Rute Jalan Raya Kuta Bandung Bali number 1, 2 and 3 oke so it's near Kuta, yes, and lets see the Imam bonjol near Universal, near, Behind ohh near the Universal What is your name miss? Shelly hi Shelly – I Michael.

What is your booth We promoting South Africa I'm South african-born and we want Indonesians to visit our beautiful country and we're selling safari tours Cape Town tours And we do a stunning combination we've got five days Safari 5 days, Cape Town ohhw that nice As you can see we want to introduce the big five animals It's a very diverse country and very exciting People of all ages will love South Africa will love the Madagascar.

Yeah You can see who's just been on one of our tours Okay, two weeks ago.

Yes, we hosted Jessica and Kyle and They sponsoring or we sponsoring a competition as well where you can enter to win a free safari Oh, can you sponsor me? you need to fill in the form Okay I'll fill in the form After this, okay alright.

So basically in Mrs Shelley, Mrs Shelley in booth he's Travelling for going to Africa and gives any promise you yes, we do We've got an inter to one you can enter to win a South African tour and then you spin the wheel and you can get a little scarf Oh or you can get Something to take home.



Are you going to be here next year also? for sure.

Okay She's gonna be in here also next year So if you miss the Garuda travel fair right now, next year She's gonna be here also, so come and you join and go to Africa that's it Thank you guys Hey you guys right now It's time to end and go back home But it was amazing atmosphere energy and Garuda travel fair 2018 and I wish next year.

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