Today on Loganlea adventures why? Need I say more but first you have to rewind because I'm taking a five and a half boat ride from Bali all the way to Lompoc the much more secluded island of nature's treasures I reunite with my friends stuff who flew in just so we can hang out morning guys So I'm here finally made it to Lombok with daph.

Oh, it's crashed That's fine.

Just to start the day off in Lombok.

Anyways, reunite It's been a year.

How do we get down in Cape Town? Yeah, so we were living and working in Cape Town together and but that was the last summer so I haven't seen her since then and then we kept Meaning to meet up good.


I was just living Foster in Toronto Yeah, really close each one off and then I just haven't made it down And of course we met up again on this side of the world.

So why not? We're gonna explore Lombok with our bike We're gonna be driving around seeing what this island has to offer us and so I don't crash Yeah Approximately ten hours later Yeah, yeah, it's just the surface crash what about this on my arm Really really slow and take it really easy and And what keep you guys updated along the way and so stay tuned do you think? In Lombard Time I don't run anything You have to press these two you have to hold this and this Yeah, and then and these are brakes and then this is justice, all right So They grow up so fast So this is how you get petrol Because find these papers off the far the road throughout autos, okay Very far it The motorbike took us through looping roads going up at high speed and sweeping down near the coastline Nothing, but endless simmering waters We made pit stops Discovering little chance of Lombok without any knowledge of the mysterious and beauty the island.

Hope But like in a cat's cradle and Lombok unravel itself to us as we ventured further deeper into its fun We both have no clue what to expect coming out of a trip to Lompoc stuff has been to Bali and other parts of Indonesia Before while this whole trip for me is my first time in Indonesia in general.

I say first because with a country this Culturally enriching and vast with nature.

I know that I'll be back again These like these make me feel like you're living up to what summer is truly about with no other plans But just driving around to explore what we see laughing and soaking up the Sun and just feeling like little kids again so that waterfall is this cool, but This small yeah this one stop the next one is bigger And apparently we can swim in the next one because this point you would just kind of float around Actually now I'm gonna float around it.

Looks like Yeah Like up to your ankles basically So we're gonna hop back on our motorbike after checking back And then we're gonna check out the next what fault stuff is driving toughest driving you guys Oh my gosh stuff is on the motorbike driving This is the first time actually driving you it's a gang Kyle and to clip waterfall are two Incredible waterfalls in the north of all the waterfalls are located Stand up which we managed to drive all the weight on our little mortified The first waterfall test women but so much The second waterfall is about a 45-minute hike that we've just embarked on there are fines everywhere giant Li slapping against our faces and I wonder What was it like to be one of the first ever people to just stumble on this beauty? It has cold fresh water Cold We'll be discriminant Look at this two-tier waterfall and like massive horses coming out from the top no water is crystal clear with a deep blue tinge that Misses another force to be reckoned with as you can see from my camera lens is how watery it's getting It's so slippery here So figured out I seriously can't stop marveling at all this Wonder I felt truly just taken away by the sublime and sheer size of it all Also, this is not a GoPro which means it's not waterproof after risking my SLR for this footage right now so it's so worth it You are seeing me at my happiest right now just don't care and is debuting free So that was our adventure to this waterfall epic waterfall in Lompoc.

Yeah everything between the Rainbow to the name of that little pool inside the waterfall that you can swim in And then it's just so grand and huge Like that two three-hour drive make it down here like make it to Lompoc in general They look out look out we're basically the only ones here with like a few other people and that's it Hey, this is you cannot get this.

I don't think like this level of peacefulness But I think okay Anyways guys if you enjoy this video it's getting a little foggy.

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Have you ever been here before? If not, you should check it out.

Ok tune into next time You.

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