Get Leads Online (Marketing Made Easy Episode 1)

what is up I'm want to know are you outthere as a real estate agent or an entrepreneur struggling to get seenonline are you out there and you're trying to be able to get leads get seendo you want to know how to attract and cultivate and create online leads if soyou're in the right place and with that welcome to episode 1 of marketing madeeasy presented by M.

Roberts Digitalalright so let's kick it off so this is an opportunity for us to really talk toyou as marketers and people who've been entrepreneurs what is the reality checkof what's going on online because so many people are feeling like this ifyou're out there and you're feeling like you're overwhelmed by another algorithmchange and your whole business is being hijacked because Google changed howthey're recommending people or Facebook changed how they're recommending whogets in the newsfeed you're not alone but do businesses even know what analgorithm is most of them don't and especially if you're a small business oran entrepreneur just starting off you might not understand that the algorithmsinfluence how you're seeing on the internet yeah I mean China tell me thatit's like when you talk to businesses are they looking to get seen online arethey saying I want to get more leads online just algorithms ever come up Ijust want more business would you hear right time and time again I just wantmore business so what happens is there's a lot of people who are going to be ableto get leads online but they don't understand that some of those leads theysend people to their website and some of those are because you're gettingrecommended online by an algorithm a formula right so that's why we're doingthis broadcast is because we want you to understand that you have some controlover getting recommended for business onlineI'm Crystal Lindsay former entrepreneur social media strategist digitalmarketing consultant public speaker extraordinaire and we're here because wewant to help you I'm with M.

Roberts Digital and I work with local and smallbusinesses to be able to get in front of the people who want to do business withI'm Amory Gritta, local introvert and coffee drinker, and I am one of thepeople who helps make the bus on behind the scenes stuff happened for instanceimproving SEO results or doing search engine marketing or putting yourbusiness online as far as just your website or even your Facebook profileand I am Shawna Yockey and I help with strategizing how to make all of thesethings happen that so Amory can have a job and he has things to do exactly lookyou know so many people when I first talked to them about digital marketingthey think you got to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get startedand the reality was a couple years ago this was true right only you knowfortune 500 companies had this at their fingertips and had access to digital adsdigital marketing you know SEO I mean you had to spend a lot of money but nowit's affordable and attainable and as an entrepreneur you've got to educateyourself on what makes a business get leads online so that's what today'sabout.

Shawna tell me a little bit about what you think of when someone says I justwant more business how does that tie back to getting more business andgetting leads online.

That's a loaded question as far as I think first we haveto first define what an online lead is like what do you think about when it'san online lead is it somebody that's coming to your website and they'rechecking you out there are you capturing their information somewhere so first andforemost with the client that's what you need to make sure that you understand isare they wanting somebody to give them information or they can are theyconsidering nataline or is it just somebody that's coming and consumingyour content is that considerably and and specifically do you have leadcapture set up so you can get a lead how many times you talk to a client who saysI just want more business I want to get you know bridal leads or whatever it isand you say okay great I want your website there's not a bridal page andthere's nowhere to collect information how are youbridle leads right exactly and I think it's important to understand as wellwhen we talked about getting leads online that you also have to develop thelocal advertising as well as it's important not just in the role of givingthose leads but in how you're generating those leads because a lot of peoplethink of this end of the Internet as being this huge big thing that they haveno chance of competing against the big boys like Crystal said about spendingthousands of dollars when honestly you're just trying to get your localmarket to walk through your door so how are you generating those leads incomparison to the form online or how are you getting people to get your word ofmouth online social media and so on they're so good I mean that really takesus right here you know when you talk about I want to get just given morebusiness I need more business right Shauna that's what you're saying you'rehere so when you say that it's like well what what's a big win sometimes I askclients that I say okay you want more business what's it what would be a bigwin for your company and they kind of look at me awestruck like you expect meto be able to answer that so there's no clear goals or specific strategies to beable to get there and they don't know how many people therefore they need toback into that number oh let's ask this kind of unpacking that how many peopledo you need to come to your website in order to get more business right andthat's a great question too because when you actually ask somebody that they'relike I don't know the answer to that or how many people are converting off oftheir website some don't even know what a conversion is so definitely clarifyingwhat all of these things are and how you can get them to get to that direct youknow to those percentages between direct leads and then Google searches what canwhat constitutes are directly yeah well this is where I really want to startright and Amory do you want to kind of take this well I was gonna jump in rightquick with the fact that with the people who come to the website some people lookat page visits as being this success this measure of success when they're notactually looking at how much does return traffic I know from owning my ownwebsite that I was really excited to see one month thathad a bunch of return traffic when really all it turned out to be is oneperson on a page like hitting refresh because they were looking to see who wascommenting on something that they had posted so it's great to see this bump intraffic but you also have to consider how many of these individuals areindividuals and not return traffic so I'm sorry what was the question againyeah no this is really key though right because some people they think they wantviews or impressions but they don't understand that numbers can bemisleading you don't be specific about what you want and so what I find when Iwork with businesses is helping them understand the difference between directleads where you send them to your website and indirect leads wheresomebody's just online on their smartphone and they put you knowhairstylist near me and your company that the hair salon pops up right thatyou didn't have to send anybody to your website I call that an indirect lead ora Google search how do you how many do you think a business needs to be able tobe successful in that in these instances a lot of times it depends on what thebusiness category is I mean for instance somebody who is a local auto dealer isgoing to be able to generate one person coming to their website that actuallyconverts so if it's only 10% of the people who visit their site that's agreat number yeah whereas if you're a business that deals in say custom-madejewelry for instance not not high-end jewelry but you know like bubbles andstuff I'm not making fun of anybody that does that but the the purpose being youhave to generate more business online in order for it to be profitable so whatare you going to do to generate that so in that instance let's say the cardealer only needs one person on their side of the day but the baubles andbeads or whatever they need 20 people to come to their side of it yeah exactlyand answer you came from Amory there's no right answer here folks you know there'sthis is kind of one of those questions that you could like talk yourself in acircle all day because like every said it depends on so many specifics there'snot a clear answer but like Amory said if you have a higher ticket item ifyou're doing you know really high-end jewelry that's gonna be a longer salescycle if you're doing little bobbles and Kitt's and you're selling keychains youknow for 50 cents that's gonna be a much shorter sale cycle and you should havemany more people to your site but the key is just growth right you just wantto see more and more people coming to your site consistently who are bothcoming from direct leads whether it's a Facebook ad a targeted display adpostcard a billboard I don't care print ads there's so many successful ways toget people to your site but just increasing those numbers of where yousend them and then increasing the online presence of where Google recommends youum so what do we tell a business who wants more business and they don'treally have any online goals what do we tell them what's what's a starting pointfor somebody who's just getting started I'll jump in if you're looking like ifyou're a smaller business entrepreneur and you're looking for brand recognitionthere's so many ways to go about that but what is it that you're looking to berecognized as a brand so is it like you get the wild and crazy guy who has thecrazy sales like you know the extrovert and so for somebody like thatyou want to be associated with your product for those videos so you mighthave that direct correlation link but for someone who is a smaller businessthey might just want to be known for having a quality product so again theonline goals are dependent upon the type of business and it's important to definethat going into the relationship with a marketing group or an advertising agencybecause it's easy to get off mission very quickly really and say well I wantto just throw some Facebook post up I want to throw these out I want to throwvideos out and you're like okay but let's follow all of these trails thatyou want back to one solid measurable goal so that we can help you figure outif it's working or not right making sure that you're clarifying within that sameconversation knowing what part of which piece of the business that they'reactually looking for it's like are they already branded do they have a greatbrand are you just pushing a product or do they need that great branding andthey need a face you know those are all questions thatcome up within within these conversations that you make you need tomake sure that you clearly clearly define in order to best serve the clientexactly and I'm sorry I was just gonna say and some people might already havethat name recognition and brand recognition so they're online goalwouldn't would no longer be I don't need this I need people walking to the dooror I need picture calling me out to do my business I mean yeah I need thesethings coming off the shelves or I need more appointments depending on if it's aservice you know service category or retail space so yeah exactly and wediscovered this you know as marketing professionals we discovered this througha growth opportunity analysis you know really sitting down with the businessowner and saying you know okay you want to grow your business what are you doingalready to grow your business right and they say well I you know I get all myI'm a real estate agent I get all my business from this networking group I'mpart of well that's great what are you doing to promote yourself within thatthat networking group you know or oh well you know I'm a tire shop but I getall this insurance business and that's where I'm really looking to grow mybusiness okay awesome do you have anything else you want to focus on or doyou want to really grow the number of insurance people who your brand appliesto so it's I think that's how the biggest misnomer is when people thinkabout marketing online they think they have to come up with something new andfresh and exciting and I'm sure will make you sound new fresh and excitingbut it should be based on an existing initiatives or it's going to fizzle outand you're not gonna get the results you're looking forthat's the example of the person who wants a bridal lead but doesn't have abridal page on their website or a lead capture right because it wasn't alreadyimportant to them they're just pulling it out of thin air correct and you alsohave to you have to understand the sales funnel so if you have no branding uphere pushing people to a product isn't gonna get you very far because nobodyrecognizes who you are so you haven't built trust within your consumer so onceyou a you know establish that piece of it then you can start moving your yourcustomers down the funnel and to be making that purchase and where do youwant to hit them at within that funnel and if you don't know what a salesfunnel is google it and if you don't know what itis and you want a specific video comment below and we'll put one together for yalet's go specifically to this okay I want to know tell me real quick and inthat shell for business a typical business let's say a local business whodoesn't have a big online sphere maybe has a Facebook page just kind of postson holidays what do you mean right here well thank you so if if somebody who isin the local area and doesn't have a strong online presence should they goand focus on engaging the people they already know like and trust them whichis the sphere I'm talking about it or should they engage with the people whoare new clients in their area well the great thing about being in this line ofwork on my side is is that I can typically give you an idea of what willwork for the type of business you're in so if you say I want these really greatFacebook videos that are funny and engaging and then you're for instance amortician it it isn't necessarily it might be something that people rememberyou for but it might not necessarily lend itself to the state the gravitas ofthe situation someone finds themself in when they're looking for your servicesso the difference in driving traffic through the door are driving traffic toyour site might be the way that you engage with the client of the potentialcustomer so we have the tools to tell you what might work for you what mightnot work for you so and again it all rolls back around to what the type ofbusiness is and what you're looking to do now we can help you set those goalswe can give you advice on how to set those goals but ultimately what we needto know is what the underlying goal is actually saying I need more businessthat's great I can give you more business exactly and I can do a millionthings that will help you get more business but if you're trying to dosomething on getting away from the thousands of dollarthat you think that you need to spend to be on from online we can help you focusthat and I have no idea if I've answered your question yeah so it sounds like theanswer is it depends on what your goal is right and so Shana what would you sayto someone who says their local business again they don't have a big online youknow presence they don't have a lot of followers on Facebook they're not doingany real marketing they have a website when would you recommend that their theystart engaging the people who kind of know like and trust them or would yourecommend that they go after new clients in their neighborhood a little bit ofboth actually so I would definitely re-engage those that are alreadyfollowing them that like them and you know making sure that they're keepingthose people happy but at the same time you're never gonna grow unless you tryto extend you know what you're currently doing so for example I there's a amedical practice I'm working with currently they've been in the market fora really long time they've got a great following they but they want to growthey are you know they're they're not stagnant they're still you know theyhave a little bit of growth year over year but they really want to start likekicking that you know kicking that in the butt and really pulling that up sowhat we recommended to them is obviously to engage their current audience thatthey that they have right now but also finding which segments within thataudience they want to grow the most so we're concentrating on a specific agegroup that meets certain criteria to grow that piece of it so once we startwith that then we'll go to the next and then we'll go to the next and then we'llgo to the next so growing it within each piece yeahexactly yeah a little bit of both right I mean the people who know like in trustyou are gonna be the people who are most likely to engage with your content rightbut like you said if you're poised for growth you can't necessarily just leanon those people I'm it is worth noting though without getting into like all thenuances look he's smiling cuz he knows where I'm going with this we are so excited that we have aspecific marketing opportunity where we can actually deliver ads to the exactpeople in your database not just like to kind of the people or like about thepeople who might be interesting your product or service but if you have alist of people who with with USPS addresses yeah it's like so you want tostraw that is black and white and that fits a certain type of cut you cansearch that on Amazon right and you can find whatever that straw is and you canorder however many it is that you want it's easy to find well like what whatyou and Amory are talking about it's the same kind of thing a client wants acertain type of person or when my case that segment that I was speaking of andso we can pinpoint that person and serve ads directly to them so we're notwasting advertising dollars so instead of what you've touched on it earliertoday Crystal is people think that they have to have these huge astronomicalbudgets to be able to meet and find their person but we're you knowtechnology has changed and it's now so much more it works way better right thatwe can find that specific person and only serve to that person because whatam I gonna do with a big fat straw that's pink and orange when I want theskinny one was that's black and white you know I don't want to buy the otherone don't show me that cuz that's not what I search for I want the black andwhite one skinny one that fits in my cup right and on top of that I mean thereality is the Internet has allowed us to become more and more educatedconsumers which means we know more specifics of what we want and we do ouronline research now what we can do is we use the fact that people are onlinesearching specific key terms and we could target those people searchingthose specific key terms and we can also target exact address list of yourclients so you can actually have the Amazon effect in for your business whatdo I mean by the Amazon Amazon effect is you start looking onAmazon for a product and suddenly it starts showing up everywhere it's inyour on your TV even have AIDS so the Amazon effect is a powerful toolfor smaller retailers because they can target out that segment down tosomething as specific as a black and white skinny straw that is exactly eightinches long etc etc and suddenly those people who are looking for that productcan be targeted with ads and we have the capacity to do that for a business nomatter how large they are and or how small they are so the great thing aboutthat is is that you can tell people you're contributing to Big Brother Imean no that's not the greatness is that you get access without having to be bigcorporations right exactly oh my goodness so I want to know as we'rewrapping up here what is something that somebody can do from this video to ournext video because we're gonna do this once a month folks so mark your calendarand we're gonna let you know when episode 2 is but what is something theycan do to take action based on the information of today Shawna I reallythink that if you can look at what your course you want to grow your businessright but in what specific way do you want to grow that so really think aboutthat and ponder how much piece of it specifically that's gonna you know bethe biggest growth opportunity for you and how you want to see those thoseleads and growth how you want to see it actually measured whether it be you knowa list of people who have signed up for your great product that you know cutsyour own hair I don't know um but just thinking thinking and making sure thatyou're trying to hone down on whatever it is that you're trying to grow so ifyou jot down something today then look at it in a couple of days and say okayhow do I get to this point or is this really it is this really what makessense for me or should it be a different piece of this or is there a differentpiece to this there's a lot of different things that you can think about I thinkonce you write it down sit on it for a couple ofdays and then come back and look at it after you or after you've looked at yourP&L or any of your other accounting statements yesthat makes sense and you say oh well I thought that this was really this wasreally my top seller I did really well on this but actually the market issaying something completely different and sometimes you have to cater to themarket unfortunately it's not what you want but it's what your consumers areasking of you yeah what was Sean is saying is if we had a magic wand rightnow and we're gonna wave it on your business what would you ask your fairygodmother for we're gonna say I was gonna say there's also I'm going topoint we're gonna do some self-promotion here on our MRobertsDigital.

comwebsite we have a great snapshot tool that if your hat if you don't think thatyou're doing what you need to be doing online you can go in there's a simpleform to fill out it's not going to take you very long it's relatively painlessthe only people that see the information are honestly on our side as far asreaching out to contact you you're not going to be asked for any like criticaltop secret information but it will give you an idea of how you're performingonline what you have that's working for you and what you have that needs to beimproved on so where do they go again? MRobertsDigital com Dot Com! so I want to seeif this is something that would be a good idea for you let's see it says itis certain okay so it's certain you need to go there right now and fill it outand other than that if you want to get your growth opportunity analysis reachout to us comment below send us an inform, or help@mrobertsdigital.

comand we'll meet with you complimentary to help you figure out your greatest areaof opportunities so we can wave that magic wand from your very marketingfairy godmother I don't know look I'm rolling with it I feel like we couldmake some wings and like make this a hole skit in a fun video you know whatI'm saying so stay tuned our next video I'm Crystal Lindsay, I'm Amory Gritta, I'mthe fairy Marketing godmother, Shawna Yockey, and we'll see you inthe next video ChaCha.

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