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all righty guys in this video I'm gonnasort of a single out a certain group of people but this could also include youbecause you may already have these experiences and stories that you canshare this video I'm going to show you how you can share your experiences andstories of your

travels around the world and living in other people's countriesand experiencing their culture and some really awesome places and you may havegreat pictures that you've taken from those places and I'm going to show youtoday how you can make up to a hundred and fifty dollars per story orexperience that

you share with the world so you're going to want to stick aroundand see this video and I'm gonna get you started on it here right now all righty guys welcome back to thisvideo like I said before earlier I'm going to show you how you can make up to150

dollars per submission of your stories and experiences of you livingand abroad in other countries in experiencing other people's culture andsome awesome beautiful places that you've been to okay alrighty so what wedo here at this channel here if this is your first time to my video what we dohere

is how-to videos anything to do with making money online videos to helpbring time freedom and financial freedom in your life and affiliate marketingvideos and once in a while we'll throw in a motivational video as well now asif if you've been to my channel before or you've been to

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I upload new videos which I dofairly regularly here on this channel okay guys alrighty well put that out ofthe way let's go ahead and get started on this kind of access to show this toyou here it's a really neat thing and what we're going to do is come

over herein our browser and we're going to load up this website right here as you cansee here at the upper left it's called transitions abroad transitions abroadyou see it here in the address bar transitions abroad dot-comall one word transitions abroad comm and what you can do on this

site if this isalso for people that are looking to go and live in another country and theymaybe want to find out a little bit more about it and so on and so forth and whatall is involved you can come to this site and find out how to do

that as wellas we look down here for example like it says here in the categories in thecolumn here work abroad you can be an intern abroad in another countryvolunteer teach English in another country to people that want to learnEnglish they have travel jobs summer jobs student jobs all

pair jobs notquite sure what that means farm jobs and then you can teach fromgrade school to high school and higher education and you can even find outabout an international career here as well and so in different categories heretoo you can study abroad college study high school so on

and so forth down hereand then you can do adventure travel budget travel so you can find out evenhow to save money on traveling and so on and so forth and clear down through herethere's lots of different things that you can check on alright so what we'reinterested in is

how you can make money selling your experiences and yourstories that you've experienced in your life because you've lived in othercountries or maybe you're living in another country now watching this videoand you're thinking about coming to the United States where I'm at right nowand you can learn about our

country and our culture's and and see some of theawesome places here in the United States and you can go back and tell about thatand I'm going to show you how to get paid to do that right on this websiteright here but anyways what you do is you can

come here and read some of thesefeatured articles about other people who have traveled abroad and lived abroad inother countries if it'll help you learn a little bit about different things thatyou're interested in so uh so forth okay but what we want to do is we want tocome down

here to the bottom of this website now I don't know if you can seethis or not because of my thing down here my name and my website name downhere it's at the bottom left corner of this website you see where it saysbecome a contributor right here and it

says right for us right here yousee that link so if we click on write for us here it brings it over to thispage right here and as you can see they have these are somepretty popular travel magazines travel abroad and magazines right here and youcan actually get your

experiences and stories that you write about this isgoing to be writing about your experiences and stories right online onyour computer from wherever you're at in the world okay this can be done fromanywhere in the world in fact they they want articles and stories andexperiences from people that are

from all over the world okay now they haveguidelines here for writers and you're gonna that you can follow here and howto get your articles submitted on to this website and into their magazinetheir travel abroad magazine so as we come down here tell us a little bitabout it says

here it says says who we are and what we look for transitionsabroad has long been known as a trailblazingpublic travel publication and online information source and we aim to create inspirational yet practical planningguides for cultural immersion travel work study living volunteering abroadand much more says we were founded

by a lifelong traveler as part of a family ofmultilingual travelers with wide-ranging experience a trained and experiencedjournalist professor at modern literature an award-winning study abroadadvisor and visionary doctor play hubs in 1977 telling a little bit about howthis travel abroad and magazine came about and this website so on

so forth soit says here what we look for in editorial style it says use practicaland for use 'full practical information gained from first-hand experience andgeared to readers who travel to immerse themselves abroad while respecting theculture in land of the people whose countries or homes are being visitedand then

articles that inspire others to enjoy and explore off-the-beaten-tracktravel respecting natives their culture and the land being visited and contentmust be information based so when you write about your stories and yourexperiences in other countries of course they're going to want pictures includedin this too so the the if you

have good high-quality pictures that you've takenwhile you've been abroad in another country they're going to definitely wantthis too this will help you also and as you'll see here later down themore pictures you have the better it is because they want to put that also intotheir magazine as well

alright so the editors are unable to check all sourcesof current accurate information is essential try to approach travel writingas an engaged journalist as you see right here so you want to write yourabout your stories and experiences as if you were like a journalist in thecountry and that type

of writing so that it makes it engaging and interestingwishing you know it says here wishing to share important and exciting informationwith others be as concise as possible do not hesitate to offer your owndocumented critical evaluations as well and then they want in-depth articlesthat explore a subject with authority

and box out should ideally includeresources not in the body of the article such as websites social media or booksin any format referring to the subject covered well research supportingmaterial and annotated links in box that increases the likelihood of publicationand says we cannot emphasize enough the importance of providing

practicalinformation that others may use photos videos and graphics multimedia is nowexpected by all those who read about anything related to travel and is a veryeffective way of engagement the more visually powerful and sensitive thephotos or videos even if you have videos of your travelsor living abroad this is

going to be very useful for you as wellyou can include those and the more the reader will gain a sense of place peopleand culture from the country or the land where you were at and that it sayseither journalistic or foreign experienceconversational writing style so sorry I want to

if you want to just write likeyou're engaging people so that as they read it almost makes them feel as ifthey're actually there with you in that area or where you bit right so and thensays seeking are they're seeking more articles on working living volunteeringand studying abroad of that

and then comes down here and it says what they donot seek is guest posts with links back to unrelated websites course sightseeingour destination travel writing submissions to focus on what to seerather than on direct contact with the land culture and people that are hostingyou and then submissions that

represent travel as a form of material consumptionand objectify the people and culture of other countries and in highly selfreferential travel writing including personal travel logs personalisednarrative travel writing or personal blog posts these are very valid forms oftravel writing that are not a central element of our current core

editorialwhich aims to focus more on a journalistic manner on on the practicalneeds of our readers while providing inspiring examples so it comes on downthrough here and it tells you a little bit more about it and they'reinteresting some of this the sections that they sits right here please note

asof six nineteen prominently on work volunteering living studying languagelearning and cultural immersive travel abroad which if you've lived in anothercountry then you've certainly had this experience rightand that so they want to tell you a little bit about the different thingshere that they want you to include in your

writing about your stories andexperiences in those places and then the Travel Writers section guidelines theylike adventure travel budget travel cultural travel an alternative tourscooking art dance music writing massage yoga meditation in merchants etceducational travel lifelong learning family travel independent travellong-term vacation home travel responsible travel sustainable traveland creative

alternatives to over tourism and over tourism senior travelsolo and group women travel student travel and travel to eat and drinkculinary travel right so it covers a wide range of people who have hadexperiences in other countries for the amount of time that they were there youknow maybe for a

few months up to a year at a time and then you like to come onback home after doing that just to get the experience yourself well I'm goingto show you now how you can make money with that so tell us a little bit moreabout it working travelers guidelines

living abroad guideline studentguidelines language study teen high school programs abroad writersguidelines and then here how to submit an article to transitions abroad this iswhere we're going to find out how much money that you can make doing this rightnow so then they have some other important submission considerations thatyou

can read about I'm not going to go through these in detail or anything butyou can read about them when you come to transitions abroad calm yourself butwhat I wanted to do is to come down here to this section right here you see itsays payment to Travel Writers okay

so you're you're you're willing to writeabout your experiences and share your life experiences and stories of being inthese other country's for a certain period of timeto this magazine here and it says right here we if we look down here we'llalways look looking for experienced published writers become regularcolumnist

or contributing editors as well you could almost probably even makethis a full-time thing as well if they like your style of writing and you havethe stories experiences that they're looking for and experience flealickfreelancers are welcome to send submissions and so on and so forth butdown here what I

wanted to show you is payment right here it's going to tellyou how much you can make payment for freelance articles is upon acceptanceranging from $75 to one hundred and fifty dollars per submission for anarticle or post in the twelve hundred and fifty to 3,000 plus word range basedupon

how much traffic we project the submission will generate over time whilemaintaining our editorial standards which we talked about back up thereearlier says here that the average payment is $100 $100 per submission ofone of your stories one of your great stories and experiences to this magazineis you could write

about and share with with people of the world that may beinterested in this stuff which apparently there's quite a few on thisparticular magazine here so the average is $100 but in depth authoritative andwell written pieces responding to our editorial needs pay as much as 150dollars per submission so

there you go see and they tell you right here thatthe payment for the submissions is made quickly preferably via PayPal so if youhave a PayPal account that would be a good thing to get if you don't have oneit's easy enough to sign up at PayPal Tom right so

then you just attach yourpaypal email to want your request for payment if they you know whenexcept your your article they will want to pay you through PayPal Warren sayshere or by a check if necessary they'll also mail you a check as well and itsays here they'll never publish

a piece prior to your compensation so in otherwords you'll be paid first before they publish it into their magazine or ontheir website okay well so there you have it guys that's how you can make upto a hundred and fifty dollars online per submission of your experiences andstories with

the cultures of other people anywhere in the world alrightyguys well that's what I had for you and this video guys want to show a certaingroup of people and maybe even you that's watching this how you can makemoney by sharing your stories and experiences online today alright guysdon't forget

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check that out and I'm going to let you go with thatand I'll see you guys in the next exciting video you guys take care nowbye bye

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