Getting Worldly: An Old Soviet Adventure (Travel docuseries)

on this episode come join me on an oldsoviet avenger we're gonna check out Ukraine, take a walk through the streetsof Kiev we're in here a story that made me fall in love with Ukraine I think youwill too buckle up we're going for a ridevisit a little town called Chernobyl no Mom's spaghetti where were going maybe some chicken Kiev or borscht I've always been interested in curious in Ukrainethey've had some notable people and ones I've admired like Yulia Tymoshenko thaticonic hair-braid she was the first lady in Ukraine to be appointed to primeminister Vasyl Lomachenko best boxer in the world the Klitschko brothers andmila kunis the major city in western Ukraine is Lviv it actually used to be a partof Poland everyone I met from Ukraine always suggest that go here WesternUkraine is more like a European adventure not the old Soviet adventureI'm looking for but I'm old boring and married and I have children I'll take them there now's not the time I'll save it for then on this trip it's not happening I'm skipping Western Ukraine entirely I'm looking for an old Soviet adventure andall the weird stuff that comes with it Western Ukraine does look very nice ThoughI'd love to see Odessa I've heard great things about it it's kind of likea Venice Beach you see people working out right there on the water it's coolbut only for the summer so won't be heading there either I'm very interestedin seeing a lot of eastern Ukraine theres currently a war going on there right nowI'm not sure how much is available to see but I'll give it a shot I'm not gonna lieI'm a little nervous we don't get much reported on Ukraineit's kind of mysterious and when we do like ever since I was bornit's just been weird shit haha I'm wondering what the hell's going on over there likeChernobyl I heard there's animals that are mutatedwith like three eyes five legs running around the place looking all crazyI remember when putin first came to power It was like his first day in the job and he poisoned Victor Yoshchenko's face he was the president Ukraine heard of a group called fementhey take the tops off go to the city centre and protest sex tourism they evenpeed on pictures of Victor Yanakovics face I remember when the had Euro 2012all the soccer players got a bodyguard some smoking-hot model wearing pearls high heels carrying an automatic weapon I actually looked intogetting one I researched it for like three hours it wasn't easy they're not just all overthe place their media will cover stuff like that and mail-order brides butthat's about it so I'm gonna say what's up I'm sure I'llmeet some cool people have some drinks learn some stuff I'm going to start off inKiev and see where I end up one of the first things that I noticedwhile driving into Kiev is all the construction I mean you only see thatfor one of two reasons either the economy's on fire and people areinvesting or corruption let me tell you business aint booming here Ukraine isconstantly ranked as the most poor and corrupt country in Europe another thing you immediately notice is theclassic Soviet architecture it's enormousin America we call that the projects government housing you can actually seeit from the sky when you're flying in I was thinking oh shit we're headed to thehood Ukraine that pothole is four feet deep there's an app I like to use it's calledshow around it allows you to hire a local to give you a tour around the city it's cool after checking in the hotel I schedule a tour with Mia that's not until later thisafternoon so I got some time to go check out what Ukraine is like if you'rewalking around with a camera and videotaping everything you're either aweirdo or you're like a weirdo food blogger I always get so embarrassed whensomeone asks me if I'm a food blogger it happens like once a day see theunderground to my left up here thats how you get across the street in old SovietUnion places I learned that the hard way in Russia I almost died trying to crossthe street you don't cross the street you go under It Kiev's underground is insane it's like a whole other world down there like over100 stores I ended up getting lost down there for like two hours I was just trying to cross the street Kiev's Metro it's one of the nicest ones I've ever seen it's beautiful it reminded me a lot of Moscow's it's veryeasy to use it's three lines 52 stations someone told me it's actually the deepestMetro in the world I believe it too because that escalator is it at least a five minuteride if you take the stairs you're a psycho This is the holodomor monument Stallin responsible for the famine genocide that happened from 1932 to 1933it's estimated that four million people starved to death I didn't even know that before I went to Ukraine no one mistake Stalin for being a good guy butthat is just pure evil making someone starve to death I found one of these funicular things the guy working the booth gave me a thumbs upand turned the lights on for me thanks bud I actually spent a lot of time justadmiring the architecture and the colors they useit's cool it's a unique contrast you have the enormous Soviet styled architectureit gives it kind of a gothic tone and then you also have newer buildings thatare bright vibrant colors I mean right here yeah it looks a little rundown theresan abandon building but right across the street it's beautiful the nice parts farout weigh any blight they have I assume that Kiev was gonna be dangerous city it'sthe most poor country in Europe the unemployment rate isn't the worst theyget paid the least so people are working but they're still struggling I don'thave any children but I imagine if I couldn't provide for themand I was looking at them hungry I'd find a way feed them I would never rob somebody and I would never sell drugs but sometimes I understand why people do I think youcan easily tell when you're in a dangerous city just by walking down the street all you have to do is take a look at the locals people are not gonna be calm and relaxed they're going to be stressed out it will be an intense environment it's not gonna look likethis I wouldn't call Kiev a dangerous cityI think a lot of cities that face the same challenges that Kiev does are dangerous I think that tells you a lot about their culture and what kind of people they are My uber driver was happy to talkonce I put the camera down one of my favorite things about traveling ispeople I meet the conversations I have It's something I'd love to show right now Idon't have any credibility and I don't have anything to reference so people don't know if I have a narrative or anything else but if I do it again I'm sure it'll be a lot easier right now no one wants to talk to some bald dude from Detroit about somethingpersonal he's from Denisk Ukraine it's basically the front line of the wargoing on in eastern Ukraine right now he moved to Kiev to get away from theconflict and he can make a lot more money over here told me people in Kievmake anywhere between 200 and 250 USD a month he told me he has an apartment across the river for about 75 US dollars a month he told me his wife is still there she refusesto leave he goes back every three to four months to go see her Putin claimsthat Russia has nothing to do with this it's separates it's people that are fromUkraine that's what has been reported to us that it's a civil war what he told mewas that Putin made a deal with everyone that's in prison for murder and is adrug addict that hey you get a get out of jail free card if you go to Ukraineand you create the separates groups he said it was terrifyingone day they all just started coming and raising hell fucking the city up he toldme not only are the separatest Russian but they also have Russian soldiers therefighting along with them yo dog I saw you dancing you did good I was headed to the city center to meet the tour guide I almost got scammed I made eye contactto this beautiful lady and I just froze then I realized she's got a monkey in her hand I froze again I realized she's about to throw this monkey on me and themonkeys looking at me like hey I'm coming I'd do a spin move and run theother way she wants you to take a picture with the monkey and then ask youfor a bunch of money you can see four guys dressed in black coats on the rightof the screen well after the gorgeous lady takes a picture of you with themonkey they come and shake you down for like a hundred euro the only reason Iknow that those guys were in on it while I was walking back after the tourI saw them have some Chinese guy pinned up against the wall some guy I met at ahostel told me he had to give him about a hundred euro he gave him hisphone to take a picture of him with the monkey and he had to pay to get it backalmost every city has a free walking tour the reason I got a guide wasbecause I want to hear about euro maidan you know to us it was reported that a bunch of white nationalists Mia's going to try to explain to me what exactlyhappened during Euro maidan i'll fill you inbear with me she started going before i set up my camera visual protest hundred hundred people that was toopowerful this is viktor yanukovych he was thepresent 2014 during the protest Ukraine was gonna start joining the EuropeanUnion but instead he sent a deal with Putin the protest was called euro Maidanmy Damji cranium word for square so European Square the protests took placestraight ahead was it always a little sparrow it wasalways Independence Square but before it was Independence Square because of theSoviet Union yeah so Ukraine is only since 1991independence it's very young country to be honest andvery proud first he had made some mistakes justrecently I mean sure like this just people they're staying and the policewere staying so just to keep people sorry just to keep people on the phoneyeah shows how everything was in the Facebook people actually told about what is going it's all in the world yeah everyone noticed that somethingyirou my dancer November 21st 2013 it was a peaceful protest about 1, 500students right here in the city center they're protesting cuz Viktor Yanukovychwill sign an agreement on Ukraine's associate membership in the EuropeanUnion instead he signed a groom with Russia in the early stages of theprotest those mostly college students no one in Ukraine was happy about this itwas mostly a younger generation that were advocates have joined the EuropeanUnion a lot of people also felt that the European Union was just lesser of twoevils this is on November 30th about 10 days into the protest a few hundred ofthe protesters left the city centre went down the road to protest of theParliament when they got there they're met by police and full riot gear andarmed with batons the police ruthlessly beat the protesters I mean it lookedlike they were trying to kill him it's absolute chaos a lot of studentsflooding went to this church for refuge a lot of the protesters getting attackedit was caught on camera when this happened there was about 10, 000protesters after the attack till from all over Ukraine United and within daysthere's over 800, 000 people protesting he started off as a protester go to theEuropean Union now it's a protest for the president to resign people wereshocked and for the most part disgusted or beatings and assaults continued sowe're not putting up with a shit anymore all the corruption and now the attacksthe protesters started to occupy some of the administrative buildings that arenext to square kind of use it as a base a place where they can go and sleep eatthe protesters immediately thought that the police weren't Ukrainian didn'tthink there was any way that they would do this to their own people they wouldsympathize with them their right to the police are from Russia that's where theorders are coming from the Kremlin the protests carried on throughout theDecember people were literally living in the city center entire country comingtogether saying hey this ends now people tried to be a leader for theprotestors to negotiate for him like Klitschko they wouldn't recognize him oranyone else my favorite part about this said they wouldn't let any politicalparty represent them this wasn't about politics there was a tremendous amountof pride unity throughout the country come late December they had already beenprotesting for one month each passing day just raise the stakes higher andhigher the citizens held down the city center and they weren't going to give itup neither side was going to voluntarily give in to the other tensions rose andit was only a matter of time the people had enough of the government shit thecorruption the mob like behavior beating of students in the beginning thatstarted out as just protesting but this is an uprising I'm talking about amotherfucking revolution this had nothing to do with politics or neo-nazis andeverything to do with decency dignity of the people of Ukraine this was gonna endeither one way or the other the people from Ukraine prepared for whichever waythat might be the protesters had a bunch of likehomemade armor the weapons shields made catapults paintball guns and fireworksMazolf cocktails took bricks from the road and more and more people joinedeveryday people drove in from all over Ukraine they would abandon their car on the side of the road somewhere and walk right into the city centre theprotesters made huge barricades from burning tires and cars whatever toseparate themselves from police and so that they could take cover behind theprotesters stayed in the city center for the entire month of December in Januarythings just started getting more intense in January there were snipers two of theoriginal protesters that were there from day one were shot in the head there were a few cases where the policewould arrest someone and before they would take them in they'd make them stand naked in front of the rest of protesters try embarrass them they even burnt down some of the buildings that the protesters were occupying and keeping their food in and supplies theywere trying to take the will away from the protesters the most deadliest day was February 20thnearly 100 people were shot dead when I first heard this I remember thinking like ohit's gonna be over the protesters are no match for the policemen with guns this would bringanyone to their knees I assume they're gonna quit and I didn't blame them those who were killed during the revolution became instant heroes they held funerals for themright there in Maidan there's nearly a million people there showing theirrespects it's really powerful seeing the minerthose were killed now they owe it to the fallen comradeskeep going I thought they might quit but their wills far from broken they'rechanting glory to the heroes there's a 1 million people packed inMaidan President Obama Chancellor Merkel from Germany and Klitschko negotiate adeal with Ukrainian government it was a transfer of power over the course of anentire year and that's what was presented to the protesters it's reallyconfusing I don't know what the hell kind of deal that was but that woulddefeated the purpose of the whole revolution they wanted this motherfuckerout of office 90 days ago not next year one of the original protesters took thestage after cliff scopes ended the deal see the ANA Kovac has until tomorrowmorning resign and get out of here or else that night Yanukovych fled inhelicopter defeated by the revolution was no longer president after that dayand that's what put an end a year on Maidan for 92 days people were living inthe city centre fighting the government the freezing cold weather witnessingpeople they loved getting shot in the head by a sniper getting beaten nearlyto death deliver the city it's unrecognizable I imagine our one wasreally heavy part of these circumstances and the price I was paid very difficultto celebrate the guts and the passion people ofUkraine have that's a beautiful thing after people are killed during Maidan tocheck their pockets a lot of people wrote down contact information of fellowmembers and who to contact in case something happened that's intensecan you imagine writing that down in case you die they did this no one risk selfless act I kept thinking what I've done if thishappened while I was there I sure hope I were done something to help therevolution I fell in love with people of Ukraine after this this restored alittle bit of faith in humanity for me the Revolution had people that wanted tojoin the EU and feel that did not want to join the EU they left politics out ofit I don't care what country you're from your system is not perfect it's probablyfull corruption but still I thought the whole world keeps losing their shit andpoliticizing everything you don't need a political ideology from some bullshitsystem say hey this is wrong someone tells you otherwise who's trying to sellyou something have passion for things like your family for love your friendsor community for one another like everyone that did here in Ukraine Slavahere are you baby about two years after this former president of Georgia was theUkrainians protesting crushing the people Ukraine get out of their houseflood the streets and stop them freedom i watch this – my phone in the hotel Iwas screaming yeah look how happy he is I love the people of Ukraine go into a hostel so I can meet someother travelers and find a good place for drinks I heard they were drinkerslet's see what they got we went to this restaurant it great food everything'slike under $1 and you get a lot of food too after dinner I'm looking at the menuand I noticed one section is in English this is extreme cocktailsI see snake tears liquid opium whoa Helmut it's like two dollars way more mydinner was it's got to be good i order two one for me one for jeff lament thehostel he's on the left I'm on the right they make you sit at the bar they turnall lights off in the restaurant put a helmet on yeah some kind of best tikkunarises new ID a feeling things are gonna get weird wants a stomp with that bigwrench in the table I have no idea what's going on do all the instructionshe gave this was when I put a drink in front of you drink it I wrote a hotshot this is like three orfour you just beat us over the head with a giant wrench okay the guy's got a keg Jeff swearsthat that gave my concussion I believed him because he was complaining about itall night I offered to buy the entire restaurant around not one person wantedone gave a great in my life went to a mass party at school we were driving onthe way home spoke great English asked where he learned it this is professionalbasketball player but an Olympic team after the bar walking in the hotel Ihear he's loud noises oh my god it's happening we're getting bombed byRussian I ran out in a panic if there's a war going on in your country or withintwo hours of it you're an asshole if you light not fireworks come onthis has happened to me in like three different countries I probably laid inmy bed mode like at least an hour this morning this is vodka as strong as fuckstill hammered here's some video from the rest of the tour with me yesterdayyou can watch this as I explain what we're about to do after we took thatshot last night I mean if you guys were just laughing about all the funny shityou can do in Ukraine so one of the guys at the hostel that works there said theyhave like a buddy that's a general or something in the army and he said we'vegot a tank would you like a tank I was thinking myself like what the hellam I gonna do with the tank no I really don't want to tank yeah but I don't knowhey I don't know much but you know if someone asks you you want team answersyes just say yes so I said yes so this morning they asked me they're like heywe still offer the tank it's like an old man who I can get outof this I can't back out and I thought oh you know what I'll make them back outthat's a good idea right so I start making all these ridiculous requests I'mlike well can I run shit over meat on guys like hold on let me ask goes backcalls the guy comes back yes you wanna bring a TVoh my god God you know next question was alright can i film it never won and youknow runs back calls gives me a thumbs up and then finally I was like ah manhow much is it I was looking online and I think that originally said like 500bucks or something almost like all no way call he comes back in he's likehundred dollars was thinking no gosh I don't have to do this now finally I waslike I on my last time I couldn't do any more questions I just said alright wellI stuff to do today can we do it now guy goes I'm driving let's rollso what I'm saying is I think I got a tank I don't the hell I'm gonna do withit but got one let's go see what this is all about the tank is at an undisclosed locationwe get to meet this guy in the military and he's gonna take us there it's like45 miles outside the city I noticed were zooming past people on the way so Iasked the speed limit they both laughed and said there are nospeed limits mccrane their equipment is so shitty that it won't hold up in courtso I have to do is just take it to court when you get ticket and then I'll makkacthrow it out so who meet the guy from the military atsome random gas station and he says get in it'll take the Soviet car he's gotlike his kids shit all over the place Xing likes adilyn's toys are big biggerhere I forgot I'd made all these ridiculousrequests then the guy looks at me and says you have to drive this I forgot tomeet that request about running shit over I didn't run anything over until Iwas just trying to get out of it later Kim okay cool first Omar Sophie yes don't yeah especially because they'll beyou know told me I can run over stuff just don't run over trees I was justsobering up from getting set on fire last night driving a tank is not easyuse your entire body you're like a transformer if I fuck this tank up alright I'm theman I got this no hands selfie while driving bet thatmade it more nervous and expect to be doing dawn side tankwhen I came here we ended up breaking the tankI'm not joking we had to walk back we just left it there in the middle ofwoods that is crazy on the way back we got some Ukrainian fast food it was likeshitty talk about I ended up checking out a few differenthouses to what I want to had a bar attached to it having a few drinks go touse the restrooms on the main floor if matter penis well it's it'sautomatically competition who can be louder hear the door open up and soundslike an opponent to me bring it on I easily win washing my hands and my feetopponent steps out it's this very attractive femaleI was dyed yes embarrassing they wish I knew theyhad unisex toilets is the hostile I stated I think Kiev has the best street art inthe world in 2014 after year on Maidan he waslooking pretty Roth murals start popping up all over the city so over 150 of thema lot of artists from all over the world pitched inyou know something beautiful that rawness and joy and look at makes methink about pure I just spray-paint and tag a building it's like hey little jerklook what you done instead I'm doing something beautifulyou just sound stupid and now we got to stare at this stupid word you put on abuilding the murals and key would give me like an unexpected and happyinspirational feeling it's a beautiful gift so when we give to society notsaying I'll be a clerk of the art scene time soon street artists definitely mademe appreciate a lot more I loved Ukraine you also loved a bar one- come on back there a few times yo so kindly pointed out the advance85% I think this guy just wanted lights on fire again IP let the shots on fireyou're the one that's drinking pretty sure that's a good way to justburn yourself no one should ever trade tarnish shot so far what I've had a lot of absent people inRussia or you do is you light up fires and strongest air it's like 97% you canactually go blind throw up plus you put on a fire just lower the alcoholpercentage down a little bit and then you Huff it and then take the shot onceyou put the fire out of course you absolute is like a really strange greencome out feels like it's on fire right now right now yeah every Craney and I met was very coolvery welcoming very friendly like demo who I met at this bar now he's just freestyling songs beenover lady and the white shirt over there bought me a shot when I first came inthe guy she's dancing with was not everybody I thought was gonna have someproblems why he says fuck you and fuck off the camera again fuck use a greatUniversal phrase doesn't matter what language you speak easy to say later onthat night I figured go introduce myself the guy that was rapping I liked it hehad an entire table full of girls and a bottle of vodka he was like hey man comejoin us have a seat and poured me drink he askedme if I liked Russian rap I had no ideas speaking Russian ice assumed wasUkrainian and to be honest I was a little taken backI'll surprised Ukraine is being invaded by Russia I kind of just thought likeit'd be taboo to speak Russian he would be against it as Dima to help meunderstand to kind of explain the dynamics behind it in their relationshipwith Russia he told me they like Russian people and they like Russian culture butthey hate Russian government and Russian imperialism Ukraine voted and chose tobreak away from Russia we saw it during Maidandemon told me that people Ukraine you know of course they want a democracydon't destroy the corruption in Ukraine they also want to join NATO but Russiangovernment won't let him what I took from that and how I interpreted it saidno they don't blame the Russian people for the government they have no choiceI've seen it firsthand – I mean it's crazy people are they're afraid to speakout Russia against the government like amongst one another and Friends Ithink a lot of people in Russia and Ukraine look at it the same way it's avery sad and unfortunate circumstance fear to speak and they're like brothersor cousins you know they're extremely close to closest allies I mean they havea lot of family members that live in each other's countries I mean from Kievon to the East is sure language Koreans huge in I don't want to generalize youknow I know people from Western Ukraine feel totally different than bill fromeastern Ukraine so just keep that in mind I'd you don't wants get scanned one moretime Isles mccrane it was right here I was walking to the mall and monumentit was right when I pulled up an uber I saw two guys they were kind of walkingby each other talking or something and then about 50 yards ahead of me once Igot close something kind of one walked past me when he did he dropped thiswallet and kept walking I held like hey and the other guy thatwas with them was behind me he ran up grab the wallet ran up to him to givehis wallet back and then I saw him point at me and I said the one guy looking hiswallet what's been like you know hey he took her money guy that just got hiswallet back starts walking towards me I'm sure he was gonna start accusing meof stealing his money he was a pretty big dude I'm guessing he probably comesat me aggressively and you know intimidates me into giving him moneyas soon as he started be lying at me I immediately put my hands I said fuck youno way let him know it's gonna hit him he just mean bugged me as I walked awayyou know I never stopped I didn't break stride but I was thinking man I'm gladhe want to fight me pretty big guy he'd probably kicked my ass I've heard ofthat scam like 10 years ago I've never seen it though there's a mother lionmonument can actually go inside and climb up to the top of it you need apermit you schedule in advance there's also a museum in their local I met wastelling me how there are tanks all over the cityand they're placed in strategic positions so people can hop in in casean invasion I don't know how true that is I don't know why he'd lied me butthis would definitely be a strategic place to put themthis is the high ground there are a ton of tanks and other weapons here tooa few days after I left they declared martial law in Ukraine they wereconcerned with full-on invasion from Russia it was the first time theydeclared that in history what up fellas Slavic rainy Chernobyl isabout an hour and a half north Kiev it's right on the border of Belarus it's mylast day in Ukraine buckle up baby that's what we're gone can't just rollup to Chernobyl if you want to go you have to schedule a tour and go with aguide I scheduled my tour right at the buzzer on my last day I started havingsecond thoughts and didn't really want to go anymoremultiple reasons at first I wanted to go just cuz it sounds nuts you know likethere are mutants there then I come here I made all these Ukrainian people whofall in love with them I mean they're great people and one didn't go toChernobyl and stare at something that fucked up a lot of their lives I wasn'tgonna go then I snapped out of it and I was like man I'm being way too sensitiveit's very interesting it's an important part of history it's a part of theirhistory there are mutants and it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing book itlet's fucking go this is one of the checkpoints or nownot supposed to be filming it's basically just watching military behindus the head like a gift store but a hat Idon't have any here figured unit is radioactive I mean no harm there'smultiple checkpoints they'd want me recording at any of them I think they'remostly checking just to make sure you don't bring anything in or out that youshouldn't be on this tour or group of five to other Americans one from Englandand another from Sweden that's the welcome to Chernobyl townsign that's a my tour guide kept callin chernobyl dome Chernobyl is the biggestin worst man-made disaster of all time and it's not gonna be safe for peopleliving for another twenty thousand years we're in Chernobyl right now the tourguide just told us that there's over 5, 000 people living these dormitoriesright there they need a lot of people to work in Chernobyl so they've managed toconvince everyone that's okay to live in there 19 days out of the month so it'snot gonna be safe to live in for another 20, 000 years but 19 days out of themonth is just fine bullshit you just need a bunch of people who work thereChernobyl is just one more thing on a list of all the horrible things thegovernment has done to the people it's impossible to come here and not haveempathy for the people of Ukraine you know who sent out the first alert of thedisaster not the Soviet Union was Sweden all Soviet Union did was trying to coverit up and at the expense of the Korean people and of the expense of all ofEurope there's nuclear rain that fell as far away as Irelandshit hit the fan April 26 1986 the more the tour guide kept talking the more Ikept thinking like what the hell am I doing here this is the most stupid thingI've ever done you know the tour guide was coming onsome cold hard facts and at first I was like I'm not getting out of the fuckingvan you know I'm scared none of us should be here right now don't worry mypanic attack only lasted like 2 stops it's long missed after that I was readyto roll around in the shit but yeah those first two stops weren't my bestmoments there's actually a hotel in Chernobylit's a yellow building it's called Hotel 10 it's three star hotel not bad huh andit also has a few hostels for the workers most of them right there therule in Chernobyl is don't get off the road all the roads are replaced afteruntil they're new not supposed to be radioactive so I say just stay on theroads this is the town hall and some administration buildings I think it'sstill in use today someone's blowing that lon I'm not sureif it's the radiation that's messing with my microphone but it sure soundslike it I turned the volume way down because there's a lot of popping fromthe microphone she's over Wow I walk there now yeah I don't know whata went out to once I heard that beeping sound I was out of there I'm finally notafraid to get out of the van in somebody puts a creepy scary baby right therecome on Oh God these told me we're not allowedto go in a man we didn't get old crystal from nothing going inthat's my Scottish accent I won't do that again once I get in there I hate tosay it but I started questioning it like this happened over 30 years ago how isall of this shit still in here and in this conditionlike y'all hard the winners are I'm not sure what that is but not goingin there all the windows are broken everything in here would be destroyedfrom the winners but I can still like see the names on papers perfectly I'm alittle skeptical at some of this was added for dramatic effect torrents bigmoney all right it's guys room before I startcrying it's a pretty big kindergarten mine was one room I didn't have thismany toys in a bed either it's crazy and sad to think that 30years ago when I was some child's pillow in little tricyclethree things caused a disaster in Chernobyl first the Soviet designedreactor was faulty and unstable was actually banned from use anywhere elsebesides the Soviet Union second was a plant was operated by untrainedemployees third and the biggest factor was neglect by scientific management andthe designers they completely ignored the conditions this monument was fundedand put together by firefighters in the community firefighters were the firstresponders no one spoke about the radiation risk or the terrifying fatethey all knew it and willing to sacrifice themselves persons pretty sure us of you you see in thebeginning at Simpsons that's where everyone works you knowwhat about one kilometer away from the disaster they told me not to film it oranywhere near it you know I don't know if they just don't want people to knowthat's what fieldwork or what but nobody knows the actual death toll I mean it'sbeen such a cover-up but the Chernobyl Union of Ukraineit's a non-government body estimates the present death toll from the disaster tobe almost seven hundred thirty four thousand the plan was never shut downI mean engineers shut down the last functioning reactor in the year 2000 Imean right now fuel is still being removed from the plan the river was usedas a coolant for the reactors you know on the simpsons they show like acrazy-looking three-eyed fish that fish is real and it lives right there some ofthe catfish are actually eight feet those catfish are mutantsthat's what radiation does radiation will actually change your DNAthe catfish feed from the bottom and to get the radiation stuck in the mudswhere a lot of it is there's actually a lot of mutants in Chernobyl I mean mostof them only live like a year too but yeah there's deer with like six legs andstuff how far away are we from for that forone quality you're not allowed within 19 miles ofthe disaster we're just hanging out she said one kilometer away less than a mileand that's where we had lunch I ate the entire thing I didn't want to I thinkthe itineraries everybody eaten the city neutral that internal I was starving Idrank so much absent last night that's the only thing I was in my belly Iactually asked for seconds they said no I think it actually went to like 30 Iknew I shouldn't god the pan here is the name of the famous abandoned city ofChernobyl for Bette it's a big abandoned area about 350, 000people were evacuated Gide points out like where the furniturestore was the mall the grocery store when they evacuated everyone they did itquickly and suddenly they told one to leave their pets and they be able tocome back in a few days and get them and they weren't allowed to there's around300 dogs roaming around Chernobyl and they're believed to be descendants ofleftover pets we're eating lunch right here you can see him it's illegal to tryand rescue into the dogs they're radioactive people are crazy and peoplelove dogs I bet people don't care that the radioactive and asked to adopt themall the time the dogs have some radioactive roommates in Chernobylwolves Fox and bear are all common they actually introduced wild horses inChernobyl town you can see them running around to prison wool ski horse it'sendangered being a tour guide a bunch of dudes in Chernobyl I mean that cannot bean easy job but I'll think we could have had it better tour guide than we had shewas awesome she was very smart and you could tellthat just by the way she articulated her thoughts I mean she's doing thatprobably her fourth language well everyone go run around the abandonedbuildings I usually stay back with her and just talk I told her I was filmingthis docking the for some long-winded answer about how much I love the peoplewhat to do and I think I ended with you know and they're happy and she told meno they're not they're poor I was actually disappointed myself youknow that I was naive and didn't see that and went over my head when shementioned it I thought of course I wanna met yeah they were happy but they'rehaving to meet me happy I came to Ukraine happy with our interaction alongwith Moldova the poorest country in Europenow it's frustrating there's no opportunities you're poor there's a wargoing on you know of course they're not happythe government's been so corrupt and at the mercy of Russia life has been hardin Ukraine when you're travelling and it's like a euphoric holiday it'svacation you know times you have to bring yourself back down to reality it's not gross in there everyone justyelled at me cuz we're now just making noises we're now supposed to be in there 15 minutes up and 15 minutes down wellthe rest of the building just looks like this it's Bandhan no I don't need toshow it actually skipped it and walk right back downstairs I don't want towalk 15 minutes upstairs when the building is nice and cleanthis one has radiation in this smells like shit I'm not sure why someone wantssomething that's radioactive but the guide was telling us that they've had apretty big issue with people coming in and looting from the buildings takingstuff as memorabilia or even just household items like a couch or bed we're pretty much in the center of thecity right now this building how's the community pool and local gymnasium itwas open in operating years after the disaster there was a big hole in the stairs I'll say hisses I have a flight out of Ukraine tonight Ihope I don't fall through these stairs and miss my flight these are pictures of what he used tolook like 30 years ago looks a little different now we have plenty of band inhigh schools back in Detroit I'm gonna pass on going inside this one I stillcan't believe I ate that Chernobyl chicken I don't know what that otherstuff was that came with it we ended up running some crazy old guy that's outhere intra noble reason bunch of chickens I mean that's for sure we hadfor launch I'm joking there is no one out here I doubt theyraised those chickens here and if they did I don't want to know the oldamusement park he'd never actually got to open up if you add up all theradiation those released from the two nuclear bombs or dropped on Hiroshimaand Nagasaki times that by a hundred in thatsomeone's radiation was released in Chernobyl I'm pretty sure that's a sweetsound or radiation messing with my microphone again it's a wild feeling youknow we're at like the city center right now this huge city and it's just silencea lot of people asked me if it's scary going to Chernobyl I'm the wrong guy toask I mean I'm scared of spiders or fruit of the dark I think the only scarypart is how dangerous is it to be here and I have no idea just like everyonethat was here during the disaster they were told that nothing was wrong andthey weren't aware of the risks government took books on radiation outof libraries they thought less information in knowledge equals lesspanic I put those portraits up on eBay it'salmost like a blast from the past there's all these different little gravesites where there's just a bunch of shit a bunch of random shit and there'snothing they could do it because it's radioactive it just stays there we have one last stop then we can makelike a tree and get out of here I never knew this existed or ever heard of it orin a secret military base just right outside of Chernobyl we're still in theexclusion zone it has people guarding a tube from the military still it's anotary satellite disguises telecommunication sight the tour guidesaid he would give the Soviet Union a 10-minute heads-up in case the UnitedStates shot a nuclear weapon Adams so they'd be able to counter I felt like abad guy when she said that Cold War is over come on everyone's talking abouthere 51 or now it's like this is basically like the area 51 for theentire Soviet but you shouldn't I love the table justlook like a cold like to telecommunications Center can we climb it this entire hallway in this littlebuilding was just filled with computers thanks huge I wonder if it actuallyworked this is what it looks like when youleave Chernobyl you have to go through your knees weird-looking machines and Iguess to test to see if you have any radiation with you and if you do youhave to stay they told me like three times do not record this you don't orderquarter because I'm sure doesn't work look how old it is I'm not sure if thesatellite worked but I know this thing didn't work there's no way that machinetells you anything useful Oh big fan of Ukraine soared the people from Ukrainethere's a lot of pride there that might sound like an obvious thing to say butit's not something I see everywhere I go I think they have a great sensecommunity Korean recently elected a new presidentI hope he's able to stay away from the corruption fill those promises on endingthe war and I think you'll start to see some of that ambitious youngergeneration that left Ukraine start to come back alright after every trip I'mgoing to rape my experience and you can see how it compares to the places we gosome are good some are on a rating scale of one to ten given 9.

3 9.

3 not that bad I put it my top fivehere were countries you coming up on this season of gettingworldly you crushin here is just wild cop tostop-loss going to pal sign there's over actually drove into a war zone.

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