Gingee fort(Senji kottai)-adventure travel-(Malayalam travel video)செஞ்சி கோட்டை-MY DIFFERENT TRAVEL

Senji kottai(Gingee fort) is a fort suitated in the Villupuram district of Tamilnadu 160km from Chennai , the capital of Tamil Nadu the closest railway station is tindivanam Maratha king, ranked it as the 'most impregnable fortress in India' it was called the 'Troy of the East' by the British the fort built by the Chola dynasty during the 9th century AD, fort was modified by Kurumbar during the 13th century.

in the 15th and 16th centuries , the Nayakas were rebuilt the fort and tranformed in to independent kings the fort passed to the Marathas under the leadership of Shivaji in 1677 AD then Bijapur sultans, the moghuls, Carnatic Nawabs, French and the British in 1761 the fort now maintained under the Archaeological Survey of India one Elephant tank, with seven floor kalyan mahal, prison cells, magazine, granaries, gymnasium, etc are in fort the Senji fort did not get deserved approval from the society I think perhaps one of the difficulties is to travel to this place it seems to have not been marketed around the fort this fort is located at a distance of 2 km from senji city if you pay Rs 50 for an auto nearby busstand, you can come to the front of the fort I reached the fort at 7.

45 am I knew that , at 8 o, clock would get an entry ticket but the staffs in the ticket counter arrived , it was around 8.

30 entrance fee is Rs.

15 for Indians and Rs.

200 for foreigners Gingee fort visitors should take some special care of certain things i did not expect the time to get in to the fort so adventurous 1–children, the elderly, and the sick are in no way responsible for the advent of this fort you can walk n see the buildings around below the fort 2–a lot of water has to be storied at least one person is expected to have two bottles of 1 liter water should be brought from the town as it is difficult to get water from the neighborhood 3–it is advisable to take early in the morning to climb the fort to get back to the top of the fort, it takes at least 3 hours all of our energy will be absorbed by the sun 4–do not climb continuesly by climbing a little bit of rest on the climb will never lose your energy 5–the authorities will not let us to climb the fort even after 3 pm 6–when you go down you need very much attention in some places you may fall if you do not pay attention I can not think about rainy season 7–take care when carrying food to the top there are full monkeys we can see the special board about beware of monkeys had the downside of the fort I had not any disturbance from monkeys cause the lack of meals in my hand the Senji Fort complex is on three hillocks, Krishnagiri to the north, Rajagiri to the west, and Chandrayandurg to the southeast each having a separate and self-contained citadel I want to say that I call to love this fort “Senji kottai” over this video that, s because the sentiments of the tamilians lies behind this fort the Senji fort has been conquered by many many have ruled but in the minds of the Tamilians there is a picture that is still a brave hero Desingu raja the real life story of RajaTej Singh , who is known as Desingu Rajan, and his general as well as close friend Mehboob khan , has been insired by many poems, dramas and cinema Desingu Raja was born to Raja Swaroop singh, s son at the age of 22 , Desingu Raja who oppossed to the Nawab of Arcot , refused to pay the dues of his father in1722 Raja army consisted with only 350 horses and 500 troopers, while the Nawab's army had 8500 horse men and 10, 000 sepoys included the horse of his favorite” Neelaveni” his beloved friend mehboob khan and his dear horse Neelaveni were sacrificed against the battle with Arcot Nawab we now see the views from the Ranganatha temple at the top of the Senji fort climbing n climbing the steps did not end think of get down n back for a while to stop stairs climbed again I decided already to copy the scenes from above below we see the Venkataraman temple do not miss this miraculous sight from the top if you ever come to visit this Senji fort when I reached the top , Ithought about dropping down there was some excitement and a thin fear also totally the most adventurous and fun journey.

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