Go to a Hmong village,Vientiane, Laos ไปหมู่บ้านชาวม้งที่เวียงจันทน์ EP.1/2 (เสียงไทย, Sub: English)

Hello everyone, this is special trip for Nah Nah travel.

We'll go to a Hmong village, named is Suk Sala.

which is located in Vientiane, Laos.

We'll have local food and take a walk around the village, that's so fun.

Let's get started it.

We passed the immigration process at Nongkai (Thailand) around 8 P.


then we go to VIentiane right away.

Let's check out night view at Vientiane around 9 P.


how is it? I'm not sure you guys can see us / Now is 11:20 P.


This place is not quite like this when we come here before.

This is Friday night also.

/ And also rainy too.

The street is wet all, so, rain was just stopped in the early evening.

We'll take a walk around here.

Quite but not dangerous.

Some people we can see thought.

I can see a lot of traveller, Some foreigner some Korean as well.

A Korean couple are eating dinner.

Yeah, just few people today.

We're walking to Sao market.

Waiting Cindy's aunt there.

Just bought a sim card.

This vendor.

20, 000 Kip ($2.

34, 76 baht) Can't call out but can call it.

And just 1 day.

It's fine.

We'll met aunty already.

Aunt's Cindy.

We'll go to buy food and go home to cook it.

Now we are at Sao market.

Sao market at Vientiane.

Another name is morning market.

Last trip we told you we'll come here but because of rain so we miss it.

Today here we are.

Today is still rainy actually, probably heavy in the morning.

The street is all wet.

We're going to our car.

No, buying food.

Buying food before go to aunt's home.

Entering Sao market.

The fresh market.

3, 4 year ago we had Pho here.

Price was cheaper than outside but not much.

Smell like fresh markets in Thailand I think.

Cow omasum.

Washing will turn it to white.

Why putting some herbs on top? Yes, just for a good smell I think.

Just bought.





I don't know how many kilograms is it for this pork.

So much food because for big family.

Aunt is so kind.

She didn't give a chance for us to pay for food.

We'll try to buy some food or snack for aunt and children.

So heavy.

Why aunt can hold this before.

Big and fresh.

– How are you, holding big pork in the market.

– I'm start sweating.

Sweating, like lifting free weight.

I wanna know how many is it.

Can I weight it.

Not sure we can do.

I think more than 5 Kilos.

Walking to Songtheaw.

Going to aunt's home.

We never use Songtheaw in Laos before.

We'll know how to use it.

Finally, we rent a Van for going to Suk Sala village.

We're on the road around 1 hour.

After out from the city, we'll feel more closer to the village, because we are starting to see greeny.

We've just arrived the home we'll stay today.

A lot of nature around the home.

We can see ducks living with people like this, or chickens or vegetables plot Planning some vegetables Lifting from the floor.



for protecting from .





ducks or chickens Even they can fly to here but it's better that plan on the floor.

Changes our shoes to sandals because we'll stain mud.

Take a walk.

walk with us.

(Talk to children) Show me how to walk pass this (talk to children) Is this the road that bring us here? Yes, it is.

– Is this your home? (talk to people)- Yes, good afternoon.

Just bought a coffee can.

Because there are no cafe here.

Just only local shop like this one.

And if I buy coffee powder then I have to bother aunt to boil water for me, it's wast of time.

Just this one is fine.

I can't read it.

Anuban school.





We got beverage.

It's time to party.

I've heard.






Just eat a lot.

Back home with prepared food.

– Which ingredients you've used?- Salt and some sugar.

Let's try bamboo shoot.

with shrimp paste dipping sauce.

– Delicious? _ Yup.

Bamboo shoot with shrimp paste is a good combination.

– Can I taste it? – Yes.

Never had lemon juice from the big one before.

Yeah, let's have it.

Let's try it, how sour is it? Smell like bergamot I think.

– Sour?- Sure thing.

Try to smell it, it's like bergamot.

– Sure, because it's one kind of lemons.

– Sour.

Bamboo shoot soup.

Pork ribs barbeque.

Stir fried Chines kale with pork.

The face that seeing a lot of food in front of us.

Really want to have them all.

Duck larb.

Let's started Karaoke battle.

– Is it Khon Kaen song ?- Yes.

Walking around the village again.

It's about 3:30 P.


for now.

– What ?- Bamboo shoot.

The big one.

We had it last meal, right? Yes, they brought us from around the village.

Just finish.




Just finish Karaoke battle, and some food.

Looking to its face.

This is a small shrimp farm.

Ah, , it's big.

– Is it death?- Yes.

It fought to another one.

Ah, it's death already.

Have to put them together for breeding, but it didn't know another one.

Death instead of breeding because they didn't know each other.

A shrimp will live in a plastic bottle.

This is a mother one.

How we know it got breed? See at its stomach, it will bend.

– After laying eggs then will put it back here.

– Yes.

Why? A male will eat eggs.

Ahh, eating his child.

They sold out already.

What we just saw are just growing.

They sell 150, 000 Kip per 1 kilo, in Vientiane.

sell to Chinese restaurant in Vientiane.

The sizes we just saw are biggest ones for now, because they just sold out.

Waiting they grow enough for selling again.

It's 4:20 P.


I don't know when we will back to home.

Lucky me, arrived home then heavy rain.

Listen the rain drop.

But this duck don't care anything, still finding food in the water.

We'll stop this episode right now.

Next episode we'll back to center of Vientiane again And if you guys like our channel please like or share or subscribe our channel or give a comment below.

See you next episode, bye.


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