Gov. Gretchen Whitmer – What Michigan Needs to Fight Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show

govenor Whitner thank you so much for taking time out of your day to join us on the daily social distancing show how are you holding up you know we're hanging in we've got a lot of challenges and there are a lot of people that are getting sick from coping 19 and we don't have enough masks and enough PPE for our first responders but they're doing it and I'm working my tail off to support them your state now has lost I checked the third-highest cases of corona virus in the United States doctor foul Qi himself said that he's worried about Detroit and Michigan as a whole do you have any explanation for why you're seeing such a rapid growth in the cases of your state is it is it because of being a transportation hub is it because of an explosion and in in testing what do you think is going on right now I think there are a lot of things that contribute to it Detroit is an international destination and it is with our big Airport that's we get a lot of people traveling in and out we've got you know serious poverty issues as well 40% of our residents live below the Ellis standards and we know that poverty is a pre-existing condition right you don't have access to health care if you've got higher rates of diabetes or coronary disease these are all things that exacerbate an illness but covet 19 is you know without a cure without a vaccine highly contagious and and deadly and we're finding that it's just growing exponentially despite all of the aggressive actions we've taken on the front end and that's why we need as much help as we can get through more PPE and support for our or medical professionals let's talk a little bit about getting as much help as you can get right now across America it seems like there's a there's a huge divide and there's a disconnect in understanding whether or not the federal government should be stepping up or whether or not states should be going at it alone we know that your state has been asking for supplies it sounds like your state is not getting the supplies that it needs but then there are states like Florida where they've gotten 100% of what they've asked for and they are nowhere near close to being in the situation that your state is in does it feel like there are politics at play with regards to what relationship a state has with the president's all I can say is this you know the fact of the matter is it's on all of to remember that the enemy is the virus it's not one another it's not the federal government versus the states I my experience is similar to that of a lot of other governors and Republican and Democratic frankly that we're not getting as much as we hope to from the federal government and so we've got to supplement that by contracting with anyone we can find masks from or test kits from and we're ended up bidding against one another and it's really a destructive way about going and you know to fix this problem a national strategy with national buying power that actually ensured everyone had equitable access to what we need when we need it would be would be the wisest thing to do but we're in this situation and like governors across this country I'm going to do everything I can so whether it is working with businesses inside Michigan like the big three who are stepping up to start producing components and ventilators we're gonna see you know the arsenal of innovation is going to be right here within our borders but we've got a lot of work to do the unfortunate thing is our need is right now we have a need for not just PPE but for volunteers we're looking for people to come into Michigan and help us meet our need and you know any of your viewers who are interested in that can go to Michigan gov slash fight Cove in nineteen and and join the fight with us because it's gotta be all hands on deck and we are a hotspot right now it's it's hard to talk with you or speak with you and not ask you about the comments the president made about you I think you have a shirt that might be exactly that that woman from Michigan an extremely dismissive statement and one that sparked a conversation across the country you know where Trump flat-out said if you are not nice to him he will not help you I believe that vice president Mike Pence still called you is it difficult for you during this period to be dealing with politics whilst at the same time trying to deal with a crisis I don't think any of us has energy to deal with politics right now all of our energy all of our focus has to be on meeting the needs of our people people are dying every day we are announcing you know the additional people that have tested positive for covin 19 the number of lives that are lost those are stories those are people who leave loved ones and family those are people who relied on a healthcare system to meet their needs and frontline providers who put their own health at risk to take care of others I don't have any time to think about fighting anything under 19 and that's precisely why I say let's not fight one another we are not the enemy this virus is right now we know we are chasing a few things we're hoping to get a vaccine we're hoping to find treatments for the virus we're hoping to get ventilators and PPE for people who are treating the corona virus but beyond that all most people can do is stay at home and stay away from other people as a governor of a large state where many people work in blue-collar jobs and they work from paycheck to paycheck do you worry about a tipping point where people no longer see the positive effects of waiting at home and say no we're gonna go back out into the streets are you worried about that at all of course I am you know each of these orders that we issue as governors we have only on us when I close bars I know that that means they're gonna be people who get laid I know it means that there'll be businesses that will struggle to ever reopen again I know that 1.

5 million kids in my state are not in school and they need an education and half of them get their meals at school because of free and reduced lunch this every decision we make weighs heavily and has ramifications and I do worry that people will get impatient or start to get feeling you know cabin fever being at home so much and yet we know with a novel virus for which there's no cure and there's no vaccine and it spreads incredibly you know aggressively and it's deadly that the best thing we can do is not to see one another it's really hard for people to get their minds around this virus can't transfer from one person to the next if we're not together and so staying at home is doing your part and it is a sacrifice and we recognize that but that's why it's so important that we make it easier for people to stay home there were about paying their bills so we're about putting put me and put on the table so making sure that we are able to have that kind of support that people need is is really important for the health of the individual for the health of communities for the health of our economy in the long run and that's why everyone's got to do their part well I'm hoping everyone takes your word hopefully the federal government will be getting you what you need and good luck to you and your constituents hopefully we'll be speaking to you on the other side thank you thanks so much thank you so much for your time governor thank you have a good one [Music] [Music] you.

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