Hello Thailand, Goodbye Malaysia ( Travel Vlog )

Good morning guys it's half past six right now.

Sun is just rising.

Our transportation is here it's our last dayin Malaysia and we're heading to Thailand today.

We just arrived the harbour rightnow the concert opening waiting for a open to book our tickets to Thailand and then we will be on our way.

okay just book our boats it wasjustified ringing it each without few hours now we're gonna see our own checkthe park and then we will go to the boats to head to Thailand I recordedstruggles so you know we have the memories now we're going into Harbor we have togo for the immigration section check it out as we live in Malaysia and thenwe'll go to the body excuse me which way is such fun boatright and left okay yeah it's a mega Streetwe have time to occur on us now all the seats are full that's why wehave to sit on the floor and I'm gonna vote we take an egg on rut egg and rotito eat but some thing is weird with my egg you see there is free blood touch Idon't know exactly I checked inside is zero and wrote younext to it we just have an last meal in Malaysia before heading silent like oncenow we pass this immigration but we know in other countries so wherewe are was what's this area codes nowhere there's nowhere yeahso if anything helpful sauce right now like that I do it responsibly wants toin the hands of Malaysia Malaysian government doesn't want to my love thereis no outside section on the boat you know kind of like a did you take thepill yeah guys if you don't know Jilla can get seasick really quick andespecially this boat there is no outside sections there is no fresh air nothingguys July's panicking because she couldn't find how she found it did youforget to take her seasick pill and we only got 15 minutes left for the boatand she needed to take a half an hour ago and this boards are horrible totravel it because we have to stay in sight and you know how to come outsideto get a fresh air we got 1/2 an hour way to go so it's a really cold temperatures usuallyin the boat so I do tend to take out the jacket when it's freezing inside ourseats were actually down there but the cultures I get seasick you ask them thelast sit here which is really nice good lucky I'm welcome title baby for youmiss the most about silence yeah I've missed it toasties from7-eleven atop a nice Thai food yeah duty for Tabata context the job iscomes to try to get it but we said no we wanna go with Sankar somebody pull usthe officer Kirk 1/4 2/4 and then he's trying to ring it which is very the busstop here by the left the silly no I didn't know this but when you come toSutton to the port there are people they can book a bus directly to Collins ha habeep ok anybody like for us we're staying here because we don't know wherewe're going tomorrow and so now we're gonna search and decide which is thenext place we're gonna go that's why we didn't book anything we go into our room very nice andhelpful smells pretty better this truth so we'retrying to bring some fresh air hopefully those are better well I thinkreally nice is nice it's like under construction there's nobody else in thehot tub party room is really nice about our standards have to be guys speciallynice my love there is no thing it's okay okay it's okayand there's no case no reason I love the smell just change everything but I haveenough a little bit because it was tiring trip I'm gonna end the vlog herehope you enjoyed this vlog and if you want to find out more information aboutthis journey you can write down below and I will try to answer it as soon aspossible in the meantime if it's your first time which in one of our videosplease think about subscribing I'm new to YouTube and I'm trying to reach 1000people so I will really appreciate if you subscribe and support me in thisjourney I hope to see in the next video take care.

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