Hobie Adventure Island trimaran – Ep #9

Day 42 Yesterday was a pretty big day because I decided to leave my canoe behind So I portaged it for the last time.

I'd realized that I've paddled for Seven plus hours a day for over a hundred days in the past year because of this Trip I did down the Mississippi River from source-to-sea.

That was 85 days.

Plus this trip forty days so it's you know, well over a hundred days and I was thinking, you know, I could use a change and then Came to shore and was offered this boat, and I couldn't refuse it So now I got into a Hobie trimaran Which was amazingly lent to me by a doctor there in Blind River he saw me paddling through some rough waters and came over said hello and offered me a place to camp and then Offered me his boat.

Amazing, just so amazing.

It's and it's a really amazing boat, but it's not really a great Paddler or a great sailor.

It's sort of in-between So I sort of need the good conditions for it to be really comfortable And even in the like okay conditions I have to wear a dry suit because the boat pretty much slices through the water all the time Of course I get completely soaking wet, but it's it's pretty sweet a bit cold bit cold Just a little bit but I've stopped shaking I'm gonna cruise into this sweet little bay and have a nice little Lunch and possibly set up camp for the night and this nice little beach here.

Oh look at this Yeah, oh Yeah, I just camped out on this little island.

I got the boat over there in the background.

It's looking beautiful ready to sail I'm gonna get sailing here in a moment, but before I do that I feel like I Need to do a warm-up It's not just a sailboat it's a pedal boat too It's pretty Pretty cool if you actually see what is below of these pedals is basically like a a Gear system sort of chain system like on a bicycle but it goes into two flippers that face directly down and As you pedal They go back and forth to the side And that's mostly what's propelling me right now, although the sail is up And it's giving me a little bit of a boost Really not going that fast probably around somewhere between two and three knots But I'm staying warm, so that's good Cool so tell me tell me what you guys are doing.

So we're on the last stretch.

We left the Edmonton Alberta on May 2 And we canoed all the way to here.

Drove around Lake Superior just a little bit We're heading to Montreal in our canoe we're paddling back home, back to Montreal.

We moved to Edmonton.

A month to go.

A month to go, hopefully not more.

So, how long have you been paddling for four months four months now, yeah.

From Edmonton? In that boat Awesome and how's it been so far? Pretty good.

We've had a little bit of everything: big waves, small waves.

Good river, upstream, portage Trip of a lifetime! Well, I wish you safe and happy travels great to meet you I can actually pedal along at a speed of about 3 miles per hour.

It feels pretty good.

I don't want to want to do this all day though.

It would probably get pretty Sore somewhere maybe in my knees.

I mean it's uh, it's pretty ergonomic though.

It feels pretty comfortable Day 43 I started off the morning in that salon Didn't really have much of a conversation with anybody there even though I camped out in their public marina Peddled for quite a bit and then finally got some stronger winds As exciting I was moving quite fast had to do some interesting tacking up some narrow channels, I never knew loons gathered in such large numbers There's about 30 loons here So I've entered into my second country of Routes of Change the United States of America There it is right over there I'm pedaling my little trimaran here on the border crossed over it a couple times waiting for the sirens to go off and then To come and arrest me for being a hooligan in a yellow boat.

I'm right now, I'm on the St.

Marys River Which goes up to Sault Ste.


for some reason I didn't think there was gonna be any current on this river what there is and so I'm moving very very slow There's no wind to push me up the river.

All I can do is pedal one knee is sore and My feet are numb I could pull over and camp Though my options don't seem that great right now bunch of Bog and mossy stuff and also I have the attraction of a place to stay in.

Sault Ste.


I've been doing this For 10 hours now Just got another two hours and I'll be in Sault Ste Marie Good fun Shortly after I made that last video about there being no wind, the wind finally picked up and I have been beating up the river Sault Ste Marie.

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