Hong Kong to Bangkok, Thailand travel vlog

Well, it is time to say fare thee well toHong Kong (香港).

We are currently riding the city flyer tothe airport.


It is a really cheap way to get there.

It is really cheap way.

Only 33 Hong Kong dollars.

Less than five dollars.

About four something.

Maybe four bucks.

So a really cheap way and yeah we're justwaiting to go to the airport.

So we made it to the airport here in HongKong (香港).

We have three hours to kill before we caneven check in.

And six hours before the flight takes offto Bangkok (กรุงเทพมหานคร).

I don't think we told you guys where we weregoing but we're going to Bangkok (กรุงเทพมหานคร).

And anyways we thought we would eat.

Xiaolongbao (小籠饅頭 – 小笼馒头).

We found a place that does Xiao Long Bao (小籠饅頭- 小笼馒头).

So exciting.

We just finished having dim sum (點心 – 点心)maybe two hours ago would you say? For breakfast and now it is already lunch.

We're pigs.

We already have an appetite.

What can I say.

But this restaurant looks so good.

It is called Crystal Jade and they've gotsome tasty food.

Yeah, and we've got quite a bit of Hong Kongdollars left so we're just like let's go somewhere nice.

Let's chill somewhere nice.

The first dish is here.

We are having Sichuan noodles.

A noodle soup actually.

I thought these were just going to be noodlesbut it is more soupy.

And it has peanuts sauce.

I can smell the peanuts.

I can smell the peanut and sesame from overhere.

The aroma is so good.

We're fogging up the camera.

Yeah, so I'll pour that.

Or serve that up rather.

This might be messy.

Oh my gosh.

How do you do this? How do you serve noodles with a ladle? Watch a foreigner struggle.


Alright, so we've finally got some in yourbowl.


Ready to try it? They are so slippery.

So slippery.


Good? Am I going to like them? It is quite spicy.

A little more spicy than I'm used to.

It kind of burns your throat.

But the peanut is so good.

That is the best part.

So we can't let this gravy slash broth goto waste.

We're drinking it.

Yeah, as good as the noodles are I just foundout that the sauce is even better.

I know it is so good.

It is really thick.

It is not your typical broth.

And it is quite spicy.

It burns on the way down but man it is good.

Burning with peanuts.

We don't mess around.

We just ordered two baskets of Xiaolongbao(小籠饅頭 – 小笼馒头).

So this is the star of the restaurant.

And we became basically Xiao Long Bao (小籠饅頭- 小笼馒头) addicts while we were in Taipei (臺北市), Taiwan.


Yeah, thrilled to get a chance to have itfor our last three hours here in Hong Kong (香港).

So we each get our own basket, right? Our own.

That is the plan.


Alright, ooh.

Oh wow you can see the soupy-ness.

Oh man.

Look at that.

Alright, so we know the drill.

You dip it in the soy and vinegar mix putit on the spoon.

Break it open the skin.

I think this is going to be messy.

There it goes.

Woah, so much broth.

It is like overflowing.

Grab some ginger.

Don't forget the ginger.

This is so hot I can't do it all in one bite.

I'm going to scald myself.

Drink the soup first.

Drink the soup first.

And then I'm going to bite into it.

This is a two biter.

Oh, spilling the soup everywhere.


Good? It goes nice with ginger.

And? First in line.

A very rare occasion.

This is my airport dance.

We're finally boarding.

It has been a really long day at the airport.

You're probably wondering why we spent sixhours here.

It is because we had to check out of the hotelat eleven thirty and we didn't want to leave the stuff and spend time in the city becauseit was starting to get a little overwhelming.

There is a lot of people in Hong Kong (香港).

Anyways, we figured airport.

Free wifi so yeah we've been here.

Yeah, and it is going to be our first timeflying with SriLankan Airlines.

Yes, which is exciting.

Always like to try flying new airlines.

I'm hoping for spicy curries on the menu.

Fingers crossed.

That would be awesome.

Let's go get in line.

My shoes.

My special shoes.



We have landed.

We made it.

Made it to Bangkok (กรุงเทพมหานคร).

Actually that was an awesome flight.

It was.

It was really smooth, good food.

And it went by so quickly like at one pointduring my movie they were like please prepare for landing.

And I was like oh my gosh it is emergency? When you actually have a smooth flight youkind of forget you're up in the air.

It went by so quickly.

Immersed in the experience.

I didn't realize we were there already soyeah.

So nice to be here.

Let's just grab our stuff and get on our way.

Go fetch.

Go fetch for wifey.

Doing all of the manual labor.

Thank you.

Well, we finally made it to the hotel.

Yes, that took two transfers, three trainsto get here.

A lot of hauling our bags up and down stairs.

Oh yeah.

Oh man.

We're sweaty.

We're feeling the humidity here in Bangkok(กรุงเทพมหานคร) and we're exhausted.

Yeah, so we're just going to call it a night.


Ending the vlog right here.

Ta ta!.

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