How much is Thailand for me? | Travel on a Budget in 2020 | Thailand Travel Vlog

Hello everyone! I'm still staying in Thailand, somewhere in a very small town with name Chiang Khong, and there is onespecial thing about this place.

Everything behind me is Thailand, but everything in front it's not.

It's Laos.

Two countries, just divided by MekongRiver.

It's been such a good months in Thailand for me and I want to share withyou guys, how much money I spent for it, where I have been and what I have seenduring my way, and most importantly Is it worth it or not? But first let's walk along this street and find something to drink.

That looks like the one! 20 baht for a drink, for a fruit shake, let's have that.


May I have mango and one of these? 20 baht? Okay! That's why I like here, it's one mango, one lime and one little orange altogether is only 20 baht! Well, let's talk about the months I had in Thailand, and guys, that was really cool! I started in Bangkok and stayed therefor 14 days, quite a long time, but that made me able to live these two weeks like a local person or at least like a long-term expat.

I visited several localmarkets, I spent a Valentine's Day at Bangkok's Art and Culture Centre whichwas really interesting.

I found a couple of language exchange meetups, joined them and learned more about Thailand and Thai language.

And of course I met a lot ofnew interesting friends! After two weeks in Bangkok, I started moving to the north I took an old and slow train to an even older and slower place – Ayutthaya.

Together with friends, I explored the temples and the ruins of that place and I was reallyimpressed by that! Stayed there overnight, and continued my way to the north.

I hitchhiked from Ayutthaya to Pitsanulok, and I was very excited to meet a friendof mine, an online friend who I never met before and it was the very first time tosee her in person! I had four very relaxing days there, watched Netflix and spent time for hobbies and also spent time with my friend when she was not busy with work.

And then I hitchhiked to Sukhothai, another small town with ruins.

Quite similar place with Ayutthaya, but myexperience there was completely different!If Ayutthaya was a quiet and tranquil place, Sukhothai was quite adventurous andspontaneous for me.

After a day in Sukhothai, I took a bus to Chiang Mai, got one of the cheapest places to stay there and found myself in a tiny paradise! River, nice backyard and so many interesting people around me!Every morning after waking up I was looking for the hostel staff and saying something like “I want to stay for one more day, one more day” One more day, and again and again.

Five days later, I took a bus to Chiang Rai, had a very nice evening at a localnight market, stayed overnight and then took another bus to the Laotian border, a small town Chiang Khong.

And I'm here now, staying in the backyard of a nice guesthouse, and going to Laos just after a couple of hours.

Found some fruits? Yeah, went to the morning market You know how much I paid for this one? 30 baht, man! 30 baht bananas, how about the strawberry? 60 baht for them.

And this was 10 baht.

Time to talk about money.

More than for anything, I spent for food.

Almost two thousand and five hundred baht.

I had a lot of street food, a lot offood at simple cafes.

Sometimes I had ready meals at supermarkets, and also cooked by myself.

And I had a lot of fruit! Then comes transportation.

I spent 1300 baht for it.

A half of that is public transportin cities and second half is transportation from one city to another.

1035 baht I spent for accommodation and it's really not a lot for 28 days oftraveling.

Thanks to my friends in Bangkok and in Phitsanulok, they hostedme without asking anything in exchange! I also spent almost 1200 baht for shopping, including 30 days 4G sim-card, some clothes, and medicine.

450 baht for bars.

365 baht for coffee, tea, and smoothies.

Overall I spent 6740 baht or just 240 baht per day.

That's even less than eight dollars a day! Of course, such way oftraveling doesn't fit everyone.

It requires some level of preparation andalso requires a lot of time.

But as for me, it totally worth it!I enjoyed every single day staying here in Thailand.

I'm going to continue traveling in this way, keeping the slow pace and also keeping the expenses low.

Next month I will try to spend even less, but still have a very enjoyable journey even on a very tight budget.

Stay with me, subscribe if you haven't done it before, and see you next video!.

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