How Much Money you need for your vacation in Thailand – Price & Budget review #livelovethailand

Planning your vacation to Thailand and havinga wonderful time while visiting the Temples the beautiful islands, the ultimate shoppingmalls, the street food, the booming nightlife and last but not least, the pampering massageshops, you need to figure out the budget, and how much money you have to spend to makethe most of your trip.

In this vlog we are going to cover up foryou some of the essential expenses that you may spend while you are spending your vacationin Thailand, like the transportation the tour prices the shopping, the nightlife massageprices and much more.

So let’s jump in to this vlog and explorethem one by one.

The 1st expense that you may pay is the transportation, and Thailand has all the means of transportation that may vary a lot by price and service.

Taxi fare ranges inside the city between 100to 300 Thai which is around 3 to 12 USD dollars.

Always ask for metered taxi to avoid extrapayments.

BTS and MRT trains are the most popular andpreferable way of transportations in Bangkok and they are much cheaper and faster thanTaxis and they range between 1 to 3 USD dollar depending on the distance you are Traveling.

Now the popular TUKTUKs, for short distancethey are good and fun way and they charge between 2 to 6 USD dollars more than thatconsider it a scam.

Boat taxi that run through the river channelsof Bangkok are so cheap, they range most of the times less than a dollar.

So as you see it’s up to you which way oftransportation to take you have suitable prices for all budgets.

Now after transportation you may be concernedabout booking tours and how much they cost.

Let’s us give you some of the prices ofthe famous tours in Bangkok and Phuket, Like The Grand place and Wat Pho in Bangkok mostvisited temples cost around 16 USD Dollars, Wat Arun the temple of down entrance costyou around 2 USD dollars.

A trip to the floating market will cost youaround 18 USD dollars with the taxi and the boat expenses inclusive.

Visiting Ocean world in Siam and exploringthe largest aquarium of the aquatic world will cost you around 35 USD dollars.

Now concerning Phuket Tours like Phi Phi Island, James Bond island a package tour will cost you around 40 USD dollars.

While a safari tour in Phuket natures maycost you around 25 USD dollars.

As a conclusion the tours in Thailand arenot considered expensive comparing to same quality tours in some surrounding countrieslike Singapore or Malaysia so book them and have fun.

Many Travel to Thailand to enjoy the shoppingexperience in the mega luxury malls, or in the gigantic street shopping districts andnight markets.

The price range may vary a lot depending onwhere are you shopping and what are you shopping for.

For example, you can shop in chatuchak weekendmarket or pratunam market and buy your stuff with a range of 1 to 3 USD dollars, or shopin a luxury Mall like Siam Paragon and start paying for famous brands starting from 50USD dollars.

You may also go and shop in famous malls like MBK or Platinum fashion mall and find manyaffordable items copies and originals which are much cheaper than street markets.

So as you see Thailand is a heaven for shopaholicpeoples and the prices are affordable and expensive depending on as we said where youare shopping in.

Night life expenses in Thailand is one ofthe essential things that you may pay for while you are enjoying the vibrant boomingnight clubs or the famous walking streets.

Now concerning the prices there is a hugerange difference depending where you are spending your night.

If you are not that much in to partying, youcan have a drink in an outdoor pub or have some good time in some famous walking streetslike Kho san road in Bangkok and the price range of the drinks can be between 3 to 6USD dollars.

But if you are a hard party lover than herethings can go extreme specially in the beer bars night clubs or in some walking streetslike Bangla road in Phuket.

You may pay for a vip bottle in a club a 100USD dollars and up or watch a show with couple of drinks and get a bill more than 50 USDdollars.

Another expensive option is the sky bars wherea drink can range from 30 to 50 USD dollars depending on the view and the popularity ofthe bar.

All in all, it depends on what kind of nightlifeyou are looking for and how much you are prepared to pay.

Food like the nightlife can vary much in priceand quality.

In Thailand you can have a meal as cheap as1 USD dollars but that would be in the street food stalls or night popular markets and insome supermarkets.

You have also the food courts in most of thepopular malls that are considered good and cheap and many varieties of local and internationalmeals the prices can range between 3 to 6 USD dollars.

Now the international and popular restaurantsare considered expensive in Thailand, and the prices can be as high as in your homelandwhere you can have a meal and pay in a range of 20 to 50 USD dollars, so if you like fancyfood and luxurious restaurant you better than prepared paying the high bills.

International fast food prices are almostsame as everywhere where a burger meal can cost you 5 to 7 USD dollars.

All in all, if you try all of the above mentionedchoices you will not spend a lot on food but if you stay on international restaurants thanyou will.

After all the shopping’s the tours and thenightlife the trip will not be complete without a massage in Thailand.

Thailand the land of smiles offers many kindof massage and most of them are cheap and affordable.

The range of massages in Thailand varies between6 to 15 USD dollars per hour and they vary by quality from shop to shop.

So pampering yourself in Thailand will notcost you a lot and never leave the land of smiles without having some massage sessions.

As a conclusion for all we mentioned abovefrom transportation to shopping food prices tours and nightlife, Thailand offers you manychoices and prices so it’s up to your budget to choose what you pay for.

I hope this vlog will be helpful for you todecide what kind of budget you need in order to fulfill all your desires in Thailand andmake memorable moments without spending a lot.

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