How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet for Adventure Travel

dual-sport helmet street helmet orroll-on deodorant helmet what is the perfect adventure-style helmet so thedual sport helmet is really popular now but to understand whether this is theideal helmet for you we really have to explore where this helmet came from solet's start by looking at the dirt world this is a dirt bike helmet and it ismade strictly for riding in the dirt the dirt helmet has a very large visor on itmat visor sits very tight to the helmet across the top and it's very very longand generally has a little bit of a lip at the very end the purpose of thatvisor is so that when I have dust all over my goggles and I ride into the SunI can tilt down just slightly and shade the goggles so I can see clearly so thelarge visor also protects me from rocks and dirt being kicked up by the rider infront of me so dirt helmets also have a very large opening for eye protectionthe only eye protection on a dirt helmet are goggles and they are ideal for sandand dust and things that blow all around your eyes but they require a lot ofspace dirt helmets are ideal off-road not so great on the street this visorthat works so well offroad it captures the air and it pulls your head back whenyou're going down at speed these unregulated vents that work so well atlow speeds can blow a lot of air through your helmet and cause a lot of noise aswell and the only eye protection option you have is to wear full goggles all thetime street helmets are ideal for higher speed riding so 30 miles an hour50 60 miles an hour they have open ventilation now that regulates so youcan shut it down and open it up they have aerodynamic design which makes themquieter and reduces neck fatigue street helmets have quick disconnect visorsit's very easy to change the color or to pull it off for cleaning many havefeatures with sun visors that drop down inside streethelmets are perfect for the road but not so ideal for off-road this chin barthat's now shorter and tighter means when you're at low speeds off-road andyou're panting you're breathing in your helmet and trapping a lot of heat itdoesn't have a visor on it so the dust particles that collect on the shieldall of those dust particles reflect the light and you can't pull down and shadethem so you'll end up losing your visibility goggles work really well insand and dirt because all the edges all the sides there's no way for dirt ordust to get into your eyes the goggles they don't work on street helmets modular helmets have all the features ofa street helmet and they do this modular helmets lets you expose your face it'smuch more comfortable for people to interact with youmeans you can talk to a border agent when you come up to the border withoutremoving your helmet in stopped traffic you can open them up and get maximumventilation and they're very popular amongst riders of wear glasses so streethelmets are great well if most of your adventure riding it's on the street butthey also work well if you ride solo on gravel roads where you're not dealingwith a lot of dust being kicked up by other riders finally the dual sporthelmet like the dirt helmet the dual sport helmet has a visor built-in sowhen you come in to the Sun and you have all that dust on your shield you cantilt down and shade your shield and be able to see but different it has theselarge louvers this allows more air flow to go through so you don't catch thatvisor and it doesn't try to rip the helmet off your head it also has alarger chin bar on it so when you're going at lower speeds and negotiatingthose trails or more difficult terrain and you start huffing and puffing yourhelmet there's more air flow back in behind the chin bar like the streethelmet the dual sport helmet now has a built in visor this helmet mine has aquick disconnect on the shield so I can remove that and I can use goggles when Ineed maximum protection for my eyes.

it also now has regulated air flow forcooling and it also has an aerodynamic design on the helmet so that reducesneck fatigue dual sport helmets do tend to be louder than dedicated streethelmets due to the extra visor and the airflow going over the helmet andalthough they do a very good job of regulating air flow you still can catchwind on this and it can kind of wear for some fatigue I wish I had a modular dualsport helmet for international travel color is another important considerationwith choosing a helmet black is the most popular color of all helmets but a whitehelmet is five to six degrees cooler inside the helmet and a study in NewZealand showed 24 percent fewer collisions with white-helmeted riders over black-helmeted riders helmets are a complex topic and I've only scratchedthe surface here we talk about safety ratings EPS liner versus isolationrotation protection we can talk about visor types fit finish how clean theyare inside the strap system you have on them the thing is there's a lot toconsider so for me to make sure I always have the perfect helmet I have one forlooking cool one for dual sporting one for the road one for the dirt and oneone for international travel.

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