How to Create Backlinks Without Paying For Them

hello my name is Chris Palmer now inthis video I want to give you the step by step how you can find and buildbacklinks .

gov and .

edu and backlinks but not only that if you stick with meuntil the end of the video I'll also give you a step-by-step tutorial on howyou can create two .

edu backlinks today so let's not waste any time pleasehead over to chrispalmermarketing.

com/gov-edu-backlinks/ Ihave shared my footprint list now a footprint is using search operators.

search operators are just another way to search google each of these footprintsare going to lead to another blog another forum another site that's an eduor gov but let me show you how to use these footprints to find gov and edusites manually so you'll head over here to google and you're going to put in thesearch operator well this is going to show us login pages for dot edu sitesbut there's a lot better footprints on the page alright so let's just moveright down the list so what this is is SMF, fireboard, PHPBB these are bloggingplatforms these are platforms that host many forums and this is how you're goingto find links that you can create profiles on or they'll have a forum orthey'll have a chat but in any case you will be able to create do follow and alot of times high-quality .

edu and .

gov backlinks so I'll just show youone more just so you have the gist of it if you have not used search operatorsbefore so we're just gonna go to this one here on the list we're gonna copythat head right over to google paste it in and as you can see it's yieldingnothing but .

edu pages that we could potentially set up a profile on or atleast leave a link so let me show you the two backlinks that you can createtoday then I found by you to lie this process but I cheated a little bitby using a tool and these are called custom footprints you would put them inhere and it will literally search all of the sites for you and bring you back alist so as far as this particular task this tool is excellent for that alongwith many other things now I'm not affiliated I just feel thisis an excellent tool now let me show you the step by step walkthrough on how youcan create two edu backlinks right now so let's go over to my other browserhere and before you get started just like a lot of my walkthroughs on how tocreate backlinks you will need a temp male or a temp mail a disposable email injust in case maybe you want to create multiples of these types of links or youjust want to keep your link building away from your main email is head onover here alright so I'm I'm gonna go ahead and give you a moment to copy downthis URL this is going to be the first walkthrough on how to create a etubacklink so you will want to head to this site here go ahead and take amoment to jot that down now let me go ahead and give you the walkthrough onhow to create this link so first and foremost you will want to agree to theterms when you go to this page you will be greeted with a list of terms and thenyou just need to create your profile so your ID is going to be your name I'mgoing to put a se now you can go ahead and add in any of these that you wantbut make sure that you put in your website address this is going to be thevery first link that you create but you can also go in and start participatingin their community so this is going to be the initial profile dot edu backlinksthat we are going to create but I'll also show you within the community howyou can start leaving backlinks as well so you get a double whammy on thisparticular website so you will want to go ahead and put in your website here put it to a web 2.

0 property or a buffersite if you would like so we will go ahead and submit this alright so afteryou have submitted your information you will want to check your temporary mailor your email address they will send you your username and password informationso after you receive that you will want to go to login so your ID is the namethat you came up with so mine was SEO star and then we're going to log in alright once logged in you will be ableto go up to your profile I'll go ahead and show you that that's where yourinitial link is alright so after you are done and you received your email youwill want to head over here to the community tab and then this is where youcan start accruing some more backlinks so there's a couple things there'sevents announcements a free board a Q&A this is going to be up to you so we'regonna go just for this instance we will go to the free board alright so oncewe're inside of there we just want to do a quick brief look at what they'retalking about so it doesn't get removed immediately so we can see here all inone package training tool they recommended it.

so we just wantto thank him for recommending the packages and then we will leave our linkalright so let's go ahead in I'll walk you through the very next link so take amoment to jot this down it is a link to a edu you a forward slash login forwardslash signup dot PHP so head on over to that locale once you are on that page itwill be in Russian so you might want to translate itnow the very next step is we will need a login name so we're just going to createa name for this alright so go ahead and add the email in two times next you willneed to add your name leave the country and the city the same just because itmakes things a lot easier and then for the phone number use the same numberthey have here but change it around because I'm not sure how those numberswork in this country alright once you've submitted the information you will wantto head over to your temporary mail or your email address they will send you averification code alright so after you have gone through the process ofvalidating this particular account by email after that let me go ahead andshow you what you need to do in order to get a contextual do follow backlink froma edu website on this particular platform so what you'll do is you're gonna headright up here to your account as you can see here there's an account here and youwill go to about the user you'll have your in detail reset page to defaultthere's all of these things here but if you take a look right here there's blogentries message boards discussion forum and curriculum but what we're interestedin is going to be the blog entry so along with blog entry there's alsomessage boards and discussion forums now you can receive do follow links but Ifeel a contextual from a heading link will be the most powerful so that's whatI'm gonna go ahead and show you how to build right now so once you haveeverything set up here you're inside we're gonna go to blog entries alrightso I went ahead and I filled out all of the details putting in my normalstructure h1 tags paragraphs h2s I built in a citation here but in orderto get the contextual backlink and I'm going to put it inside of a header justto make it a little bit stronger so we're going to highlight it click on thelink button you're going to put the address that's your backlink whereveryou would like to link out to and then we will save changes I'll go ahead andshow you that it's to follow alright so here is the contextual dewfall o dot edubacklinks that we just created that contains our target phrase and acitation right so as you can see no follows our purple du follows our greenwe have a do follow link going directly to our site with contextual backlink wehave our citation here's our services but now you can go through and createblog posts and forum posts but I really like this particular method on thiswebsite so I hope that the footprints along with these two dot edu websitescan help you with your SEO and link building campaigns but if you have anyquestions at all regarding link building, digital marketing, Facebook Ad, s SEO, backlinks , building backlinks , creating backlinks.

I mean really anything at alldigital marketing or SEO related please leave in the comments below and I lookforward to seeing you in the next SEO how to create powerful backlinks videohave a wonderful day.

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