How to get around in Bangkok Thailand: Bangkok Transport trains & taxis to Sofitel So for sunset

we are going out have only a very littletime in Bangkok so I'm gonna try and maximize it and this afternoon eveningis already quite late my plan is to find a place to see a good sunset over thecity now I've picked the Sofitel So Sofitel so hotel which apparently haslooks over look at view over the park and the thing from its sky bar so I'vehad a dress mmm a little more than I would normally because these posh hotelsthey don't just let anybody in and go and see the view so I'm gonna probablybuy an expensive drink but hopefully get you a great view so let's go anddiscover some of Bangkok next one okay thank you okay evening looking to go to the Sofitel sorry I know you don't know you go theSofitel so hotel ????I can do the BTS yeah yes a littlethat will be okay yeah think of any other taxi now this one okay okay thankyou much and then take them yeah thank you I was gonna get a taxi rideall the way to the hotel but the traffic is so bad the driver said well how aboutI take you to the BTS which is a much shorter journey and then you take itfrom there and you won't get stuck in the traffic so that is what we're gonnado got a ticketfind my way now the BTS goes to quite a few stations but of course the one Iwant to go to isn't on the BTS line so I have to take the BTS until it crossestake the metro line the station I want that one wish me luck okayme gusta machine you find where you want to go I want to go there number 48then press 48 on there put the money in and get your ticketand then you're through here made it too Sumwit off one line ontothe mts from the BTS token and I've got to try and get in this trade just for acouple of stations to lumpini of some I think two stations down so if there's a big closeup focus thereor 20 people but out I can get in that they shouldn't make it up againit's nice and cool in here please mind the gap between three food a bright idea was this to take thestairs okay have to get back on the trainbecause I was one station wrong whoops back on the train same trained in Africadownstairs all the platforms this time thank goodness or do I hang on platformhi so I wasn't concentrating I just gotdown one station – Wow some of the play okaymy train yeah it's looking busy I think mr.

trainer for Hunter removal will beremoved for me here Oh I have plenty people coming off shouldleave plenty people who knew me to get on there we go and now try and go fromthe right station eventually go up at the race station nowI think I'm walking in the right directionso a very tall building over there we're hoping get some nice views over the cityand sunset and a quiet drink first mate first away okay across the big Junction for the stationhow to get into this place still technically walking on the road but Ithink I'm in the right place now this building has got on a corner left on theright which way is your Ekans away in because whichever I'm gonna go probably gonna go the wrong way okay I'm gonna kiss this way this should be in hereit is indeed the Sofitel good news what's the right place you can tell bythe expensive cars and they open the door for me a bigger thank you very muchoh okay now that is find twenty nights I'm sure how we get to the very top like29th Florence said so yeah I hope I get up to the start the top top always 29thleft and left again thank you okay left and left again okay Wow it's a nicehotel even dressed up on amazing they let me in yeah left againokay take a lift up to 9th so lift up to okay so we're trying to get to 29thfloor and looks funkeeeyy okay good eveningexcuse it possible to go upstairs okay it is nice view and nobody you uphere because it's closed off just a gentle ask and why yes I saidup you go made it 29 floors up top of the soffit to the hotel I have I feelneat bar at my disposal the entire upper deck off the barnmoment completely empty I can pick my seat and have a look at this lovely viewit's not exactly clear today but look at that good view of the citythat's the Lumpini Park up now if I'm saying that correctly and that's astation I got off on eventually now we're fine nice spot set up and takesome photographs and then if you can see me or hear meit's a bit dark up here understandings of light and the beads it's quite loudbut one of the things that you must do in Bangkok at some point is find a nicehigh vantage point – dive bar like the live band tonight go and watch thesunset and the city lighting up at night I've come to the where so Sofitel hotelwhich you've got this beautiful view and a nice bar downstairs and upstairs guideby the upstairs sky bar doesn't open till 7:00 but they let me in so I meanup here taking a photograph before it opens very nice I'm now gonna godownstairs and have a drink.

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