How to Party Like a Travel YouTuber – Live the Adventure Summit

I just flew in the plane that circumnavigated the globe.

What?! That was butter smooth Hey nice to meet you Louis I'm excited to meet you, finally Last time we spoke was on Skype like 6 months ago I'm pumped guys, this is gonna be exciting I am super excited And you were in Europe, you flew back from Europe YouTube world this is the plane the Cessna 210 that circumnavigated the globe.

in about 90 days this plane flew around the entire world Started right here in Kern Valley Airport and landed here again.

Youtuber Fun for Louis and his friend JP piloted the plane and Yeah, just made a giant adventure out of it.

this plane is so sweet.

So cool, isn't it Ya can just bring the plane over there.

Is that what you're doing? Awesome This weekend is the Live the Adventure Summit.

It's a travel youtuber sort of convention Yeah, we're just here to have fun learn something new collaborate and be awesome Yeah, we're camping here at this campground at the airport Anyway we're just so glad to be here I'm really looking forward to this weekend I didn't want it just to be about us landing Although it's kind of an excuse to have a whole weekend party though, but also this is just a great time to connect with one another I think there's something it's drawing us all here to this event which is I guess we probably all sharing in common like a spirit of adventure and wanting to do more with our lives Alright time for sleep Yep, hopefully I can get some sleep Woke up this morning, and there's fresh frost on my tent it's a bit chilly out guys If anyone is thinking about going full-time spend half as much as you think you can so this is Jax's bus.

Jax Austin, he lives in it and makes the semi daily videos.

Let's check it out come on in.

yeah Welcome to Dan the Adventure bus this is like my reclaimed wood man cave there's a toilet in the vintage trunk In the trunk?YeahHere Yeah, I call it the dump trunk.

There's power underneath, inverter, batteries, solar panels up top I'm trying to follow you right now.

Oh, yeah all 50 or 60 of us are gathered here at the edge of the taxiway to watch JP do a flyby So it looks like JP is gonna be awesome enough to take us up in Balu So we couldn't have you guys like support our Kickstarter, and we promised you a flight, and then we don't do it That's amazing.

I really appreciate it.

Of course we're gonna take you for a flight This is Joram.

JP nice to meet you Safety belt.

Yeah, as tight as it can.

it's the same thing for you.

So that's that's about it That was the scariest flight of my life, I am so happy i'm alive I just flew in the plane that circumnavigated the globe What? Louis, put a lot on the line for this he had sacrificed a lot to go on this trip And I really it was a big thing for me to make it a success So I'm about to try an Inboard for the first time I don't really belong on skateboards, so I don't know how this will actually go Yeah Ya know what, that wasn't bad.

Not bad yeahThat's pretty fun next time intermediate modeYeah there we go There you go, sirthank you so much So I'm about to check out Kristen and Siya's Airstream they're with hopscotch the globe and they live in this almost full time right now Oh wow Hi, welcome to Luna Thank you The bathrooms a little small, but you know King sized bed Everyone this is Laura she is the Guru behind the scenes.

Thank you Louie has the vision and Laura makes it happen.

How do you think the weekend went? I think it was great Everyone is lovely everyone seems to have a really good time New friendships were made the talks are incredible really really inspiring like amazing people were here so yeah I think it was greatWe had a great weekend guys I just want all of you to know that we're all here to support each other with our dreams and and to pick each other up I think that's one of the most valuable things that I've seen this weekend Is that we can all really be there for each other you know? Guys I have to say that the next videos you will see from me I will be travelling and hanging out with Louis over the next few days, so be sure you're subscribed for that I can't wait to show you what adventures we'll be up to Click the thumbs up if you like the video so you guys this has been an amazing weekend at the Live the Adventure Summit Unfortunately, it's over But more exciting things are to come.

so as Louie always says.



Peace out.

Enjoy life.

And live the adventure.


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