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Hi guys, i’m Budi Loonen also known as The Creative Globetrotter I’m traveling the world since December 2014 And this time I go back to my roots: Indonesia, my country of birth.

An amazing journey what took me to ancient tempels nature parks & wildlife different cities and local folklore This is part 2 of a travel guide of my Indonesia trip In this episode I’m telling you how to travel Java So lets kick off.

We start where the last episode ended in Medan, Sumatra From Medan we flew to Soekarna Hatta Jakarta airport.

Our plan was travel from west Java all the way to east Java.

In Jakarta we visited Kota Jakarta also known as Old town of Jakarta / Batavia Kota Jakarta is nice to visit with different bars, museums and buildings from the Dutch Colonial era This is the Dutch Colonial area From 350 years ago You see the governors house Or in Dutch: Gouverneurs kantoor Ofcourse the really famous Batavia Cafe Everbody know is Batavia is the old name of Jakarta The Dutch name Good to be here anyway In the capital of my country of birth Sunda Kelapa is one of the oldest docks of the Jakarta port and Jakarta (or Batavia) is founded here where the Portuguese colonists builded their first houses You can still visit it and see the local fishermen working.

Also do not forget the presidential palace, the national monument and Menteng Pulo a military cementary.

One of the darkest pages of Indonesian and Dutch history are the colonizations period They’ve been through a lot those Indonesians.

So a brief history lesson First you got different Islands Then the Portuguese came The Dutch East India trading company kicked ass and established their first settlement they ruling for 350 years in 1942 the Japs came and ruled for 3 years The British forces won against the Japanese empire during the 2nd world war but have to forced to leave The Dutch try to keep the colony in the post war period Indonesia and the Indonesians fight for their freedom And finally they became Independent in 1949 and also known as the Republic of Indonesia Pfeuw! In between visiting the attractions we had a lot of traffic jam actually it is always traffic jam in Jakarta Cars, betjaks and scooters remember the Sumatra episode even more scooters, scooters, scooters and scooters.

After spending 3 days in Jakarta it was time to hit the road again and ride a 3 hour trip to Bandung Remember this guy: Mr Balas, the best guide ever.

Well he arranged all the other drivers on Java This is our second driver Mr Romani He's called rocky, Rocky you know, Rocky Balboa He likes that In Bandung we had a cultural afternoon of Angklung music, wayang and Javanese dance The next day we head for the surroundings One of our main highlights was Tangkuban Perahu.

The local vulcano of Bandung Ah yes I want to remind you to take some warm clothes with you up on the mountain, it can be very windy and cold There is a lot of 'windy' You can walk 30 minutes down to an other crater: Kawah Domas.

Kawa Domas are muddy hot pools to put your feet in or cook your eggs what the local people do Covering your body with mud seems to be good for your skin and body.

So a lot of tourist do that some the entire body some just the feet, and have massage afterwards.

We continue our trip down to the villages and to the tea plantations where local people doing their job by picking the leafs for the tea In this part of Indonesia they still work by hand while for example in Malaysia they use machinery It was time to leave West Java so we took a train from Bandung to Yogyakarta aka Yogya An 8 hour trip From travel experience I prefer a train rather the bus depends on the connection of course A train is more relax and you have a tremendous view Many travelers recommend the trip from West to east java.

And so do I From the high mountains to the Savanna like countryside in the east (Dutch) All the children, getting on the train right now After a good rest in Yogyakarta to see the main highlight of entire island Borobudur Today we have our third driver Are you forgetting something Budi… The name of the 3rd driver of Mr.


Apparently I had a total black out We passed by one of the active vulcano’s Mount Merapi.

The bridge we passed was in 2014 an overpass full of Lava.

After 2 hours we saw one of the incredible wonders of Mid-Java.

Borobudur is a Buddhist temple and has been build between in the year 750 and 850 It is an Unesco heritage site since 1991 Amazing part of culture here this is Borobudur I’ve been in Angkor Wat before it is a bit smaller and really interesting Similar style of building and stone structures amazing You see one of those statues here You see a bell tower and Inside there is a statue If you reach it with your hand or actually with your right hand It brings you good fortune There are a lot of statues here each for each fortune you have in your life So I gonna try it I have no idea It will happen in 20 years If i have luck or not.

I touched it, so it brings me luck! From Borobudur we traveled to Prambanan.

It is Hinduism style It's looks more like Angkor Wat What I've visit 2 years ago Really impressive Hmmm Angkor Wat again… I should make a new episode for that in the future.

After visiting Prambanan we visit a batik factory.

Batik is a typical clothing style from Java Where you use wax and paint as basics for the typical patterns The Silversmith is a nice addition of the tour If you want buy some Silver do it in Indonesia because it’s cheap, cheaper than outside Indonesia From Yogjakarta we traveled to Kediri and to visit a local market in Solo This is an interesting insight If you look at the local market All the people here, I really like it The way how people live How they cook How they sell How to bargain From Solo we ride over the mountains to Kediri Kediri in the morning is busy as always We leave this town to Malang just 3 hour trip not that far In between places we see a lot of farmers planting their nice rice crops And finally we reach Malang and not forget visit Toko Oen One of the oldest places in Malang It is famous of their ice cream also about their food Everything is still from the old days since 1931(0) From Malang we reach our final destination my place of birth Surabaya.

we are in Surabaya right now, this is my place of birth and we have our 4th driver mr Didi Surabaya has a lot to offer Museums National monuments And a lot of Dutch colonial and Art Deco houses Talking about the Dutch In Indonesian language you have a lot of Dutch words Some straightly loaned or a bit changed Even we Dutch have Indonesian words in our language like Like Loempia Nasi Nasi Goring En Sate (Satay) After a busy day in Surabaya it was time go to the local barbershop.

Not only a nice haircut you get also a free massage.

I'm done for today Really nice cut here But watch my dad Also in the barber shop So I hope it will be a really nice haircut too On the last day we made trip to Madura Island Via Suramadu bridge Due circumstance we have new driver And that is Suparto! mr.

Suparto Our driver number 5 Mr Suparto is a nice driver but also a slow one Drive 30 kph while you can ride 80 on the Suramadu bridge step on please.



Thank you Bukit Kapur Jaddih was our destination on Madura Island a local minery.

You are allowed to come here Well in the western world is out of the question to come here We are at an construction site Unbelievable After Madura Island we went to Juana Airport and we flew to Surabaya back to Jakarta to travel back to the Netherlands This was a remarkable and a trip never to forget to discover about my roots and my country Thank you for watching and keep an eye on this blog for future travel guides If you any comments or you want to contact me post below or go to my website thecreativeglobetrotter.


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