What's up guys in this video we aretalking about Laos.

You're gonna learn why and when you should visit thisbeautiful country.

Hey guys It's Patryk and today we aretalking about Laos! If you are looking for a country to visit in Southeast Asiayou should definitely consider Laos! It's not going to be the easiest country tovisit if you've never been to Asia before but if you have you shoulddefinitely consider this place.

First let's talk when you should visit Laos.

You have two main seasons in Laos: dry season from November till April and wetseason since May till October.

And of course the first thought is I don't want togo there in the wet season right? I want to go in the dry season.



These were ourthoughts exactly! And we had to read many many different travel blogs and most ofthem had the same opinion: don't go during the wet season becauseit's raining every single day.

So this is actually a good thought but consider this:during the dry season you are not going to see any of this.



no, there are no ricefields! All of them were like completely dry.



like dry dry dry.



So that's the onething that you should consider.

On the other hand during the wet season it'sraining.

It's going to rain probably every day.

It's not like in my countrythat when it rains it's raining all day like with these small drops.

Noprobably most of the time you have like the heavy rain for one – two hoursand then it will be alright.

So second thing you need to think aboutis what you want to see in Laos.

What we did – we went from Thailand to LuangPrabang, from there we went to Vang Vieng from Vang Vieng we went to Vientiane andfrom the Vientiane we went to the south to 4000 Islands.

Since there is quite a lotI would like to tell you about Laos I've decided to split it into two parts.

Sotoday we are talking about Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng and in the next episode we willtell you something about Vientiane and 4000 islands.

Luang Prabang is mostlyknown for.



the waterfall! The first thing you gonna see when you arrive to Kuang SIWaterfall is the bear rescue center you can see few bears just havingfun, playing.



and this is actually a very nice start of day The waterfall itselfis located about 45 minutes ride from Luang Prabang and you can get thatby meny different means of transport: you can rent a bike or a scooter foryourself, you can go by shared or private tuk tuk and you can go by shared minivan.

This is actually what we did.

Once you arrive to the waterfall you have to paythe entrance fee which is 20, 000 kip a person.

Just make sure to pay theentrance fee by yourself because what happens quite often, and this is actuallywhat happened to us as well, is that the bus drivers take the money from you andthey don't buy the ticket, just keep the money for themselves.

So make sure to buythe ticket by yourself.

All right let's take a look on the mainwaterfall right now.

The waterfall is open every day since8:30 a.


and this is actually the best time to visit it because you will avoidthe crowds! Most of the minivans start their way from Luang Prabang at 9:00 sothey will reach the waterfall around 10 and at 10 the places is alreadycrowded with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people and believe me – youwant to avoid this! For the waterfall you're gonna need to like two, three butI would suggest even four hours because there is a lot to do!You can watch the waterfall, you can take a swim there, you can go around and seeit from the top and what you can see right now on the screen – you can go tothe secret pool.

In Luang Prabang we also went to the night market.

The nightmarket starts in the late afternoon.

You'll find here many local vendorsselling their own products.

You'll find some clothes and equipment, somesouvenirs and many many more! So if you are into that kind ofstuff, this is definitely a place for you! What is the most important is that theprices are very affordable.

You'll find here also many stands with food andfruit shakes so you can make your evening complete.

Right next to the night market there's avery nice spot to enjoy the sunset.

Just follow the steps for about five maybesix minutes and you will find yourself on a mountain and you will see the wholeLuang Prabang in front of you.

What do we know about Vang Vieng? It's themost party place in Laos! You have many pubs there, you have many clubs.

Youhave many Europeans, Australians, people from the United States, many manyforeigners partying, having fun.



One of the biggest attractions there is tubing!Basically you go into the river on a tube and you are going from one bar toanother.

Sounds like fun right? If you don't want to do the tubing there aremany other things you can do! You can go hiking, you can rent a bike and go around, you can do something rock climbing and you can take a ride in a hot-air balloon!I heard it's one of the cheapest places to do it in the World! For a ride you willpay about 80 US dollars and I think this is a very good price! When you are in Vang Vieng make sure to go to our favourite spot! Just few kilometers away from thecity there is a very nice viewpoint! You'll have to pay the entrance fee which isten thousand kip the person.

And you will have to climb for approximatelyhalf an hour.

Make sure to bring some water with youbecause they rode itself it's not that easy.

This is way more demanding that wethought from down there, but I think we are almost there.

Take a look! Right in the top there is a very niceplace to relax so you can stay there as much time as you want!We heard stories about one guy who came from the sunset and stayed until thesunrise.

So we reached the top of the hill.

I don't remember the last time I was sweating so much! But as you can see.


it was worth it! Directly from the view point you can go to the Blue Lagoon where you can swim, swing andzip line into the water.

Keep in mind this place is very touristic and to behonest we didn't like it that much.

All right guys so let's summarize what wejust saw.

If you are into old buildings, sightseeing and discovering localculture you should definitely make your way to Luang Prabang! If on the otherhand you are more into outdoor activities, having fun and partying – youshould make your way to Vang Vieng! Okay so that's it for today! If you enjoyed makesure to come back to this channel because in the next video we are talkingabout Vientiane and 4000 Islands!.

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