How to TRAVEL SOLO and book your first solo ADVENTURE!

hello everyone welcome back to anothervideo I am glad you have rejoined me that is wonderful and in today's videowe are going to talk about how we can get you booking on your first solotravel trip I have traveled solo a couple of times now it's got to thepoint where

I pretty much I'm incapable traveling with other people now I get soannoyed when I'm like okay I would like to go ahead and then people are like ohI don't really wanna go there yeah go go somewhere else I'm like no we can'tsolo travel is one of my favorite

things to do it is terrifying at first I am NOTgonna lie traveling solo on your very first time is gonna be nerve-rackingthere was no way around it but the hardest part is actually gettingyourself to book that first holiday so we are going to talk about how we canget

you booking your first solo travel trip and get you planning well on yourway when I booked my very first solo travel trip I was on my lunch in work atmy computer I was like you know what look let's have a look on Wikipedia notWikipedia Expedia – wikipedia is

not gonna help me look on Expedia and seewhat kind of holidays there are, stuff like that I was like look just have a peruse andthen I was like no what I really want to go to Barcelona I really want to go toBarcelona text all my friends was like

hey you want to go to Barcelona everyonewas like yeah I don't know if money you know they get some time off work forGod's sake so I was like what am I gonna do go on my ownwhy not people do all the time you know where you kind of

are having a look atExpedia and then you kind of find a holiday and you click onto it you pickall your options you know just so you can see how much it is instead ofclicking off that page where you've like set up your little dream holiday thatyou want to

go on click that checkout button don't go back just click thebutton like don't think about it just click and then it's done and you'realready on your way you may as well see it through to the end now there's nopoint going back that is how I did it however

obviously not going to be thatfor everyone else plan it out as though you were actually going on it so find amap of the place that you're going to pick out your itinerary so have a lookat what things you want to see where you want to go and how

you get there planeverything out to the finest detail so you know what time you would be arrivingat the airport you know how you would get from the airport to youraccommodation you know what you would do on your first day you know you would eatyou know how much money

you would need to take you would know how to keep yourstuff safe what kind of stuff you would pack where you would you know findmedical supplies stuff like that plan everything out into the finest detailuntil you have this holiday that you haven't booked but you have a 100%

plannedone of the most scariest things that people go through when they're travelingalone is this idea of oh my god what if I get lost what if I don't know where Iam how do I get to my accommodation how do I get from the airport to myaccommodation what's the

transport stuff like how muchis the cost blah so it's that fear of the unknown and not knowing what you'regonna do and how it's gonna play out which once you get there so planning itout to the very smallest detail can help some people not everyone this is justone technique

to use but it can help to ease that anxiety of oh my god what do Ido when I get there or oh my god like how will I find plasters, just stupidlittle things like that, that are irrational really but they make all thedifference when it comes to how

anxious you feel about traveling alone so planit all out once you've got out and you think yeah you know I know what I'mdoing I can do it that's when you book your holiday so go on find your perfectflight times find your perfect date where you want to go

you've goteverything planned there so all you have to do is literally just pay for thisholiday you've already done most of the work so all you do is press book now andit's done if you are particularly anxious if you suffer with anxiety aswell that's a great way of doing

it because you kind of ease yourself by youknow reassuring yourself that you are not gonna die when you get that the nonanxious persons way doing it where you're just reallynervous about doing it is to literally not think about it all go on usesomething like Skyscanner to find the

cheapest flights to the cheapestlocations so if this is your first time traveling solo and you don't haveanywhere specific that you really want to go you just want to experience solotravel then book like a three four-day holiday somewherego on Skyscanner my favorite website I'm not sponsored by Skyscanner by

theway just FYI check out what the cheapest flight dealsare where the cheapest places are to go and then just book whatever it comes upwith whatever it comes up with just book it so once you've done that then you cango on to sites like hostel world or Expedia or

any of those kind of sitesthat find your accommodation and then you just need to find accommodation thatis in your budget and that fits with the times that you're going sometimes forsome people it can help if you plan everything out like literally every tinydetail some people it will help

for me it helps me more if I just don't thinkabout it at all just book it just get it booked so onething I will say is if you're gonna do it that way book your flights first andthen your accommodation second because once you have found your cheapest flightdeals

then you can find accommodation that has a reception time that fits yourflight so for example recently I just booked a holiday to Croatia for threedays and I booked my flights first and the cheapest flights obviously got in toCroatia stupid time I think it's like 11 o'clock I get

there or something it'sreally late at night so I had to then find accommodation that had a receptionarea that was open 24 hours that would be open when I got there so it's easierto book your flights first find your flights that are cheapest because youraccommodation is always going to

be cheaper than your flights so find yourperfect flights first and then book your accommodation if you are traveling soloI cannot highly recommend hostels enough they may seem terrifying but it'sgonna be a lot worse for you I think if you are very nervous or you're scaredyou know meet people

if you put yourself if youisolate yourself in a hotel just a hotel room on your own it's gonna feel morelonely so if you are traveling solo for the first time hostels are amazing theymay seem terrifying but they always have areas where you can go and you can bealone

if you want to be alone you can get some quiet time there's noobligation to actually join people on their travels everyone there is mostlikely traveling alone it's very rare actually that I've ever bumped intopeople that were travelling in really big groups I think only once I've everdone that

I've bumped into people that were travelling in group most of thepeople that I meet are solo travelers and they enjoy their own time as much asyou do so traveling in hostels 100% get hostel booked at they're cheap you getto meet people they always have tours and stuff on

they always have likethemed night so you can get to know people they usually have bars or closeto bars so you can get that bit of socializing if you want always havechill-out areas as well so the biggest thing to get over is literally justbooking it once it booked you

will be surprised how quickly you adapt toplanning and getting everything sorted it's all up to you and how comfortableyou get usually the first day it's always a little uncomfortable anywaybecause you're kind of figuring out your area and where you are and where thingsare what there is to do

and stuff like that so it's always a bit awkward on thefirst day but after the first day I promise you you will not even noticethat you're traveling alone and you will just enjoy every second so that is itfor this video really quick one and I hope you enjoyed

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