How to travel Sumatra, Indonesia travel guide

Hi i’m Budi Loonen also known as The Creative Globetrotter.

I’m traveling the world since 2014 and this time I go back to my roots: IndonesiaMy country of birth An encounter with: ancient cultures and temples, Local wildlife Different cities And local folklore In this episode I’m telling you about how to travel Sumatra.

So lets step into it! We left The Netherlands from Schiphol Airport and flew with KLM All the way to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia There we had a transfer to Kuala Manu, Medan Airport We’ve been picked up by Mr Balas.

Yessss THE mr Balas.

Because I’ve travel so many countries this is by far one of the best guides I ever had.

Medan is just like any other city in South East Asia packed with people traffic and scooters… so many scooters So many scooters, mopeds it is moped mayhem every single day Anyway because we were here for one day we had limited time to see some highlights like: We saw the Masjid Raya Al Mashun Mosque aka The Great Mosque Maimun palace aka the Sultan’s palace A lot of churches, like this catholic church And colorful Hindu temples After one day we left Medan to Bukit Lawang around a 4 hour trip by bus.

During the 4 hour trip we see a lot of Palm-oil plantations We’ve seen local workers cutting the palmoil nuts from the trees Those nuts are collected by the local people and transported to the Palm oil factory nearby.

The reason it takes 4 hours is because of the bad condition of the roads.

Sumatra highways (laugh) But after a long time its worth it especially when you see Bukit Lawang Bukit Lawang is famous of the Gunung Leuser national park where you can see the true kings of the jungle: The urang utan Of course there’s during a trekking a lot more to see Different vegetation birds and more monkey’s Longtail macaque Baboons And rubber plantations Maintained by the local people After a few days we hit the road again and traveled all the way back to Medan and then to Berastagi That area is famous of two volcano’s.

Mt Sibayak and Mt Sinabung Especially Sinabung volcano is still active The last eruption was in 2011 (2)?).

2 weeks later when I left Sumatra there was again an eruption.

So consider us lucky In the surroundings of Berastagi you have a good sight on the country side and the local farmers building crops such as rice, sugar and corn Or visit the local market coffee bean plantations More rice Or people harvesting rice A Buddhist temple And near mt.

Sibayak there are the hotpools Spending two days in Berastagi we traveled to the Lake Toba via Parapat From there we took a Ferry to Samosir Island The ride take rouphly 4 hours but you have a tremendous view high in the mountains on Lake Toba The Ferry from Parapat to Tuktuk is good change Just stretch your legs.

If you have time you can visit shores of Parapat and visiting the small shops The ferry goes every hour The ferry from Parapat to Tuktuk or from tuktuk to Parapat Thats includes go aboard and disembark It rouphly takes 60 minutes We decided to stay for 3 nights on Samosir Island during our stay we did several trips such as traveling from Tuktuk to Panguraran and back It is also possible doing a boat trip around the island it takes 1 day to travel around But it was raining season so we took rather the bus than the boat.

On Samosir Island there’s a lot see like local farm life dozens of buffalo’s Local people and kids going to school batak houses and their graves.

Talking about Batak near Tuktuk there is a traditional Batak dance The traditional and unique dance is especially from that region The dance is for telling stories be in good favor of the gods or dancing for a prosperous life and crops Also we run into a local funeral and it was in traditional Batak style also What I notice is that the people from Sumatra celibrate life when somebody passed away An interesting cultural thing while people in Europe are mourning and there is a lot of sadness People dance, eat and drink Talking about drinking I had the privilege to try the most expensive coffee I'm speaking English because of my International viewers This is the most expensive coffee in the entire world Also called 'Kopi Luwak' I hope I pronounce it well It is coffee from a (wild)cat To pee out so.



Not pee but poo out It's the bean they wash it and make coffee out of it So I gonna try this the first time in my life Smells like normal coffee Lot of taste Strong also Hmm… sounds convincing Budi On second thoughts it was a bit dissapointing because I was expecting too much of this coffee But anyway it was still good It was time to leave Samosir Island and travel all the way via Parapat Pematangsianta back to Medan On Kuala Namu Medan Airport it was time to say Mr.

Balas goodbye Ok guys we are at the airport of Kuala Namu Medan Airport We are unpacking the load here I want to tell you one thing This is Mr.

Balas He takes us to a great trip through Sumatra He show us a lot of things On Bukit Lawang Like lake Tabo And whatever Yes that's him If you want to go to Sumatra sometime Pick him I come defintely come back for him Because it was an amazing time He can show us much more things Outdoor, Jeep safari, rafting, so.



call him! Ok? Bye bye Again Mr.

Balas was by far the best guides ever So all credits to him and call or email him if you visiting Sumatra After Sumatra we traveled to Java but that is coming up next! Thank you for watching any comments or you want to contact me post below or go to my website thecreativeglobetrotter.


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