HOW TO TRAVEL THAILAND ⎮ I've left! See me leave teh UK behind

oh my god I am so so late I'm flyingfrom London to Bangkok okay bye life and fly from London to Bangkok and I am sogonna miss my flight, drama! I'm flying from London to Bangkok and I'm gonna show you how I travel cheap.

First vlog running late, bad start! okay so I'm traveling to Thailand I'mgoing to Pattaya the world's biggest and craziest party city about two hours fromBangkok but this this is my story this is my adventure I've quit my jobI've actually quit my job well quick please which take a second to realizehow scary that is I quit my job up and leftdid that sit with you for a second that's scary but it was the righteousthing we all dream of quitting our job and going and traveling around the worldI'm doing it and I don't have a lot of money to do it so this channel isshowing you how to travel on a budget how I travel you I come on my way toThailand from London via Beijing on a really cheap flight actually this costme 310 pounds at about 150 US dollars return to Bangkok that's crazy cheap 300pounds return London Bangkok Bangkok London that's crazy cheap I've been onSpanish holidays flying for two hours for as much as there that's so cheapreally cheap tip number one first first video in there we golink below cheap flights cheap cheap cheap like a budgie cheap cheesesomething that resonates with me all the time is that like this this life this isgetting quite this game quite philosophical now life this is not apractice run this is not one chance that I've got another one after I can do itbetter this is it so I don't want to spend I wasn't put on this earth to justpay bills I wasn't putting this up to just do ajob I didn't love so I'm I'm doing it I'm not leavingdoing the dream this is it on a traveling and I'm making videos on itdaily travel videos daily travel videos so what's this space I'm either gonnasucceed and this will be great and you'll learn a lot and I learn a lot orI'll have to sell a kidney to fund my life either way they're boundto make great videos so keep watching so follow this if you want to travel andtravel on a budget this is it let's get ourselves from London its BeijingBeijing to Bangkok it's begun crazy crazy adventure okay so I made it I mean I'm in BangkokAirport I'm here I'm just waiting for my bag let's do that thing we shelf thatyour bags never gonna show up and you're just stuck in the same clothes for likefive weeks or something so the flight was okay I was pretty good they couldhave been some more foot room sure leg room even massive no leg room but for300 pounds like 350 US dollars for a return flight across the world London toBangkok details on the site and below you can't really complain right that'sthat's crazy cheap unless they lose my bag thenBenny won't you work that at all I had to pay extra baggage to those 31 poundsair China for me to be four kilograms over which doesn't seem too bad I justpacked it like some times already in repacked I couldn't do it to myselfagain okay so now I'm also it's also I'm gonna overstay my visa you've got 30days I forgot I'm staying here for like 36 days or something but on the onlyexit on the like the visa slip you sign when you come in I just I just didn't doit I said I'm here for 23 days and they bet out one of the terms like I don'tneed to prove it but I'm gonna need to sort that out that'll be in anotherupcoming video for sure getting a visa extension which anything's too hardthough I see so now I'm gonna sign this off I'm goingto Pattaya I'm going from it here Bangkok to desire by taxi you needaffection do not split scam this is how we doscam and a taxi I've done it before first time I arrived you've got to saythree magic words when you get in the taxiyou're sure to see the next video to find out exactly what those are Sluggerlager my bit of a video here is plug in my site go check it out and then looksubscribe don't miss it's going to be daily videosof how I travel around thailand little well but Kyle and Chris car with how Ido that super cheap because I've got I've got my money I think see the nexttime.

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