How to Travel Thailand ?Tips and Thinghs to remember for travel to Pattaya with family.

Welcome to my new video Today I'm going to talk about Thailand as my Cambodian video is being uploadede Due to the frequent inquiry about Pattaya/Thailand I wanted To make a video with a detailed explanation So I wanted to share my idea about Thailand package As we (keralians) are lucky as we have a low Air Asian flight ticket compared to Bombay and Delhi Pattaya is usually preferred location as you may also smile as I smiled when I said Pattaya.

As it's due to how we see Pattaya, as something around sex tourism As it's there not say it isn't But just an example back home we are free to use alcohols It's similar for them to have this.

As it's not always forced onto you or they wont disturb you with it As you are free to travel with family As me and my company we travel to Thailand 4 days per week As when you prefer Thailand package You can plan package based on As you can prefer Pattaya for Bachelors and for families you can prefer Pattaya and Bangkok It's not that normal people won't enjoy Pattaya It's just that us Indian or say us Indians It 's a place for us Keralians to travel to Thailand within a budget of 19, 000-20, 000 But I don't usually prefer such packages because those facilities won't be prominent enough for you What you need to understand is that There are tons of tourists on that country As they travel with low budget And they also prefer low budget hotels, it may lead to many issues So I try my best to avoid such issues so we only Suggest places with comfort and free access As cheap places may not serve you better with the experience We have packages from 3-4-5 days Based on your budget, if you pick a package of 25k you will be able to enjoy Thailand With Guide, vehicle, Stay and food And based on where you want to go, we will take you there and the other option is 30-35K with Bangkok and Pattaya With flight ticket, Hotel, Accommodation with 3 nights Pattaya and 1 night bangkok Which is a 5 day package with free breakfast and 2 lunch This is our 30-35 package All visa are on arrival at the Airport So you will be given all the documents prepared by us For that you will need 2, 000 Thai Baht You can get visa approved from Kerala but for that You'll need the documents and procedures done for that.

You'll need 2, 800 Rs but you will need around 45, 000 in your account But it shouldn't be a last minute deposit.

You are free to travel based on how you want And if you are with family We can prepare itenary for kids as well As we value everyone within a family that travels Including shopping sightseeing and safety My aim is customer satisfaction We usually say money backup for genuine reasons As most of you may not get me due to the tons of incoming calls For that I have listed my office contact numbers Along with my landline number where my office is available from 10 in the morning to 6.

You'll get whatsapp on all numbers And next common question is, if it's possible to travel to Thailand with family I have done the same and it's without a doubt a safe place As I give you my guarantee on that.

As you will be much safer in your own land (Country) You can go against me for what I said as it's the truth and it's the experience.

As when we say it's safe You know how weird and unsafe it feels to travel at night As they stare and gaze at your loved onces like rpedators But in Thailand no one will poke into your private space or personal bubble Not even with comments or looks As based on my experience and knowledge no such issues has happened in Thailand.

Please don't consider that country based on just Sex Tourism as it's far more than that.

There are tons of things to learn As you travel to Thailand You'll see how their traffic is as they don'tuse horn for unwanted reasons.

Alcohol is free to consume on the street I am not promoting alcoholism but we have beverages We'll see tons of people on the street after being drunk Travel to thailand you'll see how many people are there uncontrolled, You won't find any You'll see people that enjoy and be on their senses but it's still far less than how it is back home (Kerala) This country provides tons of safe and secure adventurous facilities Within a budget rate As they have sky diving, you can hugh tiger, you can sit on crocodile You can play with an elephant You can feed a fish There are tons of things to do within just 200 Thai Baht Around your budget With 200 baht you'll get tons of new experiences and memories to remember.

As they have floating market They have tons of cheap and tasty sea food You can have tons of food items within your budget with unlimited varieties Around 4 lakh people travel to Thailand just for it's street food As their street food starts around evening As you won't be able ot try them all out even if you struggle for a month And shopping within a fixed budget you can enjoy it to it's complete facility And their primary shopping is leather.

Along with showcase items and many more Shoes, foot wears, belts and many more.

And they are famous for their cosmetic treatments It's a place where they provide dental, facial and plastic surgeries There are tons of things to explain when it's about Thailand As it's like claiming a degree while visiting a new country They have new and better things to experience each time upon each visit It's my frequent location as I travel with my tourists and clients Don't worry about their climat as it's similar to ours As it's not too hot or too warm it's managable As you are free to travel at any seasion Specially Nov-March that's their season time with a slightly hike in expense But we usually provide reasonable rate.

I will do more detailed episode about Thailand I hope you liked this video And when we say Thailand, don't frown as I hope you find this as an answer to you.

As this is based on my experience and how I see things Please do support if you liked this video Make sure to subscribe and keep supporting as I will be back wiht More interesting cotnent I hope you will watch my cambodian videos and with more New content I will see you again Thank you for watching and your support until next time Bye.

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