HUGE Vietnamese Street Food Tour in Hanoi, Vietnam! UNBELIEVABLE Street Food in VIETNAM

– check it out it's Trevor James I just got into Hanoi Vietnam they were going for a full-on street food – I am so pumped go check it out this is it annoy the northern food gem of Vietnam you can come here and eat a ton of delicious

Street food you're going to crave as soon as you leave as soon as you arrive go this a huge street food culture is present on almost all street corners and sidewalks making Hanoi a street food lover's paradise we had a huge day of eating Vietnamese Street food so

make sure to wash until the end this video is packed with a ton of delicious Street food it's going to want to make you fly here immediately just to grab a bite of these insanely delicious flavors let's keep so we just got in last night and it is

crazy busy here in Hanoi and there's Street food everywhere we bought the flights just to eat so this is going to be a fantastic day of eating go see what we can find so you know when we're going to get first thing right we're gonna get a nice

big fat bowl of sauce oh yeah oh yeah here we go cha cha cha cha Chi Leila would whip us what's up would cry why oh yeah look at that huge dumb one come on then none okay as soon as you step into the spa joint you know

it's going to be good the smell of fragrant Bob Ross just walked through the air and all the locals around are just devouring their file with the light first vermicelli noodles are pulled in two portions Bowl after bowl and top with fresh and soft beef a big basket

of fresh spring onions you use garner stuff ah and a huge cauldron of broth it's waiting to be scooped over top and served if you come to Vietnam make sure to get one of these come on oh look at this cuss or nice rice noodles yes as a

chili okay and this is a get it garlic garlic okay are you going okay thank you look one run okay we got a nice big bag full of fall lots of rice noodles pasta sliced beef got the spring onions oh yeah and then over here we have a

plane just went quick right great which is like deep-fried dough sticks so first thing I really want to do is just have a sip of that broth right out oh wow that broad that is the most powerfully nutritious energetic broth so the beef flavor is so complex it's

so simply fresh you just feel so clean and hearty eating it the broth is where it's at the broth is really the moneymaker there that is truly enjoyable come one come one on boy bye-bye come on unless that was awesome that was an amazing pool of foie now

we're gonna walk around we're gonna get some punch I've heard a lot of good stuff about that good sauce okay let's go and get some bun cha it's gonna be really good so we got a recommendation right in this little alleyway here to try some of the best

funtime Hanoi oh yeah look at this Oh you see them all the for if you fork balls there's slight pork Oh fresh place papaya and carrots and oats some pepper oh yeah and then the fish sauce she's adding the fish sauce oh and that is that is one

shot one shot oh yeah that is going to be fantastic with fresh herb oh okay go try it out this is bunch ah the famous annoyed dish of grilled pork served with vermicelli noodles and a ton of Vietnamese herbs like basil and Vietnamese mint all dipped into a

sweet and slightly spicy fish sauce it's on all over the streets of Hanoi and it's definitely one of the best street food I've ever tasted look at this wooden jaw in Hanoi this looks fantastic grilled pork oh and I think that's in like a fish sauce with sugar

some garlic Oh fresh papaya chilies oh and that's gonna be packed with flavor and then they give you some fresh rice noodles a ton of Vietnamese herbs oh yeah bean sprouts tons of herbs basil oh yeah and then garlic and chili dip everything that I can into this

bunch I thought or dipping the noodle in get a meatball Oh Oh the meatballs it is so soft there's a definite sweet spicy garlicky aroma in this sauce it's definitely all about the flavor of the sauce on the on the pork as well as the sauce that it's

in after finishing up that delicious bunch ah we made our way to try another Vietnamese specialty in Hanoi the famous bond sale a fried rice flour CREP flash pancake it's stuffed with little shrimp pork green onion and bean sprouts it's completely mesmerizing watching them being made on the

street and it's just as satisfying to eat all right so right up here next up we're going to get some fun tail rice flour pancake tattoo whoops bunch of let's try old someone's coming oh yeah this just looks fantastic so we've got the fresh spring rolls over top

of rice paper and then we've got our fun shale which is filled with pork bean sprouts shrimp and a rice flour fried rice flour batter we got a ton of fresh herbs and some garlic sauce take the banh Gio I pop this water in here put that into

the wrap take some fresh herbs looks like your faisal oh that looks fantastic and then wrap it up oh let's see it's not very elegant but I'm sure that is going to be to die for the difference in some of that Shia mmm oh oh that is incredible

the pressures from the herbs the super crispy rice flour and that is full of flavor you can really taste the pork and the shrimp oh that is that is next-level street food here yeah after finishing up that delicious bandshell dipped into that nice and sweet garlic sauce along

with the amazingly fresh spring rolls we made our way to try another Hanoi specialty egg coffee made with whisked egg yolks condensed milk and sugar something truly unique to Hanoi it's been a it's been a marvelous day in Hanoi so far next up we've got a lot of

recommendations to try specialty Hanoi egg coffee let's go try it out awesome thank you so we got the egg coffee it comes with ice I think there's condensed milk that's why all the egg is so creamy Vietnamese coffee and you can get it hot or cold but it's

so hot out today so let's just mix that up and then try it out oh yeah oh look how creamy it is well look at that so you having a good day thing it's great here in Hanoi yeah definitely oh [Music] it's quite sweet Rafi you can't you

cannot taste the eggs the egg is it's quite creamy it's like tastes like candy although it's very sweet after that egg coffee we made our way back on the street in search of more local specialties and found ourselves in a little alley serving up some famous boom kah

aka fish soup alright so we still got a little room and we're going to go into this alley here I think there's a special wooden fish noodle joint oh yeah it is so busy here in Hanoi it is awesome [Music] we're going for more oh oh it's a

lot of food here this is what it's all about going deep we're going deep for street food oh here it is here this okay vodka vodka with Muslim guy look at the fishing net oh oh yeah so she can see she's then the get those rice noodles nice

and warm there we go and then here comes this looks like a crispy some crispy dried fish fried special veg and then here comes the real magic some dill and spring onions and then the fish tomato sauce oh look that come on got one okay good I head

out so we just came deep into this back alley to find this oh look at this specific one top which is like fish noodle soup oh and I can really smell the dill in there how many does it evaluate for Street food oh let's try that out all

you can really taste the dill in there well it's like a savory light tomato fragrance with dill all that is hitting the spot oh yeah Vietnam rice noodle heaven next up for our final snack before our huge dinner feast we made our way to another alleyway market packed

with different foods to try and found one of the most unique and delicious Vietnamese Street food deserts we're going to see if we can find little alleyways with some local street food that's what it's all about here we can find in here but see for you go the

food usually gets better tell em what ran we stumbled into was one of the most refreshing desserts I've ever eaten a huge selection of Southeast Asian fruit with different jellies including corn red beans long and fruit and pandan leaves we're all spread out in two bowls across the

table like a Vietnamese Street food dessert bar they were scooped into a cup and topped with a sweetened coconut milk and watching her make it before your eyes for the first time is so exciting as you literally have no idea what it's going to taste like just look

at that it's like a cup full of sweet fruit I think that's condensed milk that she put on the top oh and ice okay and I think we got to put the ice in on top there's just so much that she put in there let's put that ice

in oh yeah this is a perfect midday snack oh that is just there's so much so many different types of jelly a bunch of different fruits this horn I think there's red bean oh yeah was ice this has got to be special try it on it it's really

nice oh the condensed milk with ice all the different jellies it's so refreshing different types of fruit jellies and corn and when you bite into those with ice and the super sweet super thick condensed milk it cools you right down in their peak I think we found a

little gem here in Hanoi yeah it's good you don't want to stop right yeah you go you go for our final meal we made our way to try an infamous least ng dish that the locals loved in Hanoi a huge selection of meats sausages fried tofu blood sausage

herbs and organs is all stacked up onto a plate and served with a famously stinky shrimp paste that you can dip everything into we've had a fantastic day of eating here in Hanoi and we are making our way for a final meal I've heard a lot about this

one stinky fermented shrimp paste dish we're going to make our way back well I think we found the jackpot here one down oh look at this boom boom oh look at all the meat slicing up here oh yeah lots of fresh Vietnamese herbs we're going to sit down

try it out this just looks insane we have a huge selection to go with the fermented shrimp paste I think this is a looks like a blood sausage in intestine we have some spring rolls deep-fried holy that looks fantastic I think over here this is tongue it looks

like the it looks like tongue and then this might be like a pork knuckle slice thinly oh and then underneath there's British fried taupe over here we got over and yeah underneath there's fried tofu and some other sauces and then I think I think what we do is

we don't dip it into this fermented shrimp paste but we've got to add a little lime and chili mix that in there this is gonna be good what a cool spot what a cool local meal just put a couple chilies in there it looks kinda unique doesn't it

take until I'm on the shrimp the shrimp paste is code and you can really smell that oh yeah there is turning a little white it's turning kind of creamy you can see that shrimp paste is turning creamy and you just dip all of this in and there's fresh

herbs this looks so fresh this looks fantastic I think I'm just going to go right in Oh get some of this go right in for the spring roll describe the tongue shrimp ace is pinky right so then that's strong that sympathy is strong you can really look like

a strong ocean saltiness a very very strong aroma but that flavor is picking up yeah yeah that is very strong I think it takes a little bit of getting used to oh uh come and pop on you something you gotta have mints after because it is a stinky

stinky dish come one come on okay okay we've had a wonderful day here in Hanoi one of the best three food places I've ever seen it's going to give a huge thank you see you for watching the free food and travel video please leave a comment down below

let us know exactly what you thought click that thumbs up button and subscribe to this channel if you haven't already we've barely scratched the surface but Hanoi for this one day has been amazing thanks so much for watching

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