okay so I'm in Bangkok and there arethings that you always want to see when you come to Bangkok in Thailand I wantto check out five things especially over the next several videos that I'm goingto do on Bangkok I'm going to check out a market of course there are

lots ofmarkets here I really want to check one out a temple many temples but I reallywant to check out one in particular it's a real goodie it's the best food ofcourse I'm in Thailand I'm in Bangkok I want to check out the food here hotelsI'm going to check

out quite a few hotels while I'm here I'm gonna see thecost for hotels in Bangkok on what you kind of get for your money expensiveones mid-range and cheap in a few different areas and also the last thingI want to check out is nightlife I wouldn't check out the

Bangkok nightlifefamous stuff cosin road through to through to the other nightlife so acowboy naina pies I had that kind of stuff so let's do itlet's okay so I'm leaving a pattaya but don'tworry if you are at the tire enthusiasts if you're watching my channel becauseyou like my feet

are videos there are still many more Pattaya videos I have toput up some nightlife videos I'm still gonna jump those in between my othervideos that I upload and also I'll be back in no timeabsolutely don't be ridiculous how can you stay away so there are lots of thosevideos

still coming up but I wanted to go and check out Bangkok what that hasto offer and then after that I want to check out Koh Samui so lots of videoscoming up but there will be at the tire stuff still or two if you're notfamiliar with my channel we

just arrived I've been in Pattaya for a little whilewhich is the world's craziest craziest party city for many reasons I don't wantit too much go and check out the other videos okay annoyingly I don't have anyfootage so I want to tell you I got the taxi for 1,000

bucks straight into themiddle of into Bangkok and when you go to cosine Road anyway the taxi picked meup and then we stopped off because picking up a friend of mine they'recoming to Bangkok with me they're gonna show me around and I look in that's areally wish ID footages

it was so so funny I looked in a taxi and the guy hadhis phone up and he was online like talking to his girlfriend like this huhand he was talking to her and then suddenly suddenly he does this he goes I'm not kidding you it's disgusting andthat noise

probably didn't help with how disgusting it was it was Hitler likelicking his phone to his girlfriend yeah baby I'm coming over later I wish I wishI filmed it was so funny okay so the place I'm heading to in Bangkok Bangkokis a huge huge city by the way it's

a lot different to some of the smallerplaces you might go to in Thailand maybe the island Samui but care or Pattaya ishuge so the area you go to will matter I'm gonna talk about it in a bit cuzgetting around Bangkok can be a nightmare I'm heading to koh

san roadcode sun road is at the back packing district area and it's crazy it's goodcosine road itself the street is man absolute backpacking madness I'm stayingin the dank damn hope which is on cosine Road which kind of amid price is still kind of cheap maybe double the price

of my budget hotel butI mean like 20 pounds amount or something and it's a nice hotel I've gota review coming of that maybe even tomorrow hit subscribe for notificationsand check that out when it comes out it's a real real goodie I'll show youaround the hotel okay so I'm

in the capital with my friend your police inthere if you haven't seen when I learn Thai swearing that's herwhat not to do in Thailand check out that video but she doesn't really knowBangkok Eva so I'm kind of doubt I'm kind of showing her Bangkok a little bitshe's like

I don't know I don't know Bangkok anyway so we're here okay so I'mgoing to spend a little while here in a Bangkok I'm going to show you aroundas if you're a tourist then you've come to see it for the first time experienceit with me I'm going to so

like the five things atthe beginning I really want to go to a temple there are many many temples butthis one I'll show you in a few videos time this is a goodie this is the bestten but it's beautiful take a look it's really really really simple so I'mstaying

on cosine row so the nightlife is absolutely crazylook at this tree these are the two bars opposite each other but the whole streetis nuts and madness it's absolutely crazy as well as some other nightlifestuff coming up in some of the more hardcore areas ofBangkok I'll be showing you

that – food food of course I've been eating Thaifood for a little while now while I've been in Pattaya but I want to compare itto Bangkok to Pattaya and other areas I've been to a price cost what's it likeand check out some of the food in Thailand of

course I'm gonna check outthe food I'm going to be staying in several hotels while I'm here some kindof expensive ones some mid-range ones and some cheap ones I'm going to showyou the five or so hotels you can see where your money goes in Bangkok how farit goes on

what you can get and of course a market seven your marketBangkok's famous for some huge huge markets and I go and check out one thisthis is a pretty cool market is really good got some like craft stuff someamazing food anyway I wouldn't give too much away it's coming

up in videos hitnotifications and of course there's other weird stuff like eating bugs onthe street you're in Bangkok of course I'm going to be in bugs a woman behindme in a trench love I like these kind of really outdid me but I'm not going toshow I'm just gonna

show off eating bugs ohoh and also getting around this city I'm gonna show you about getting around thiscity that's a big one this city's so big and taxis can be a huge problem there'sa way to get around there's an app you need to use to get around actuallyhere's

me getting kicked out of a taxi if you're a tourist and you're inBangkok get a taxi can be a huge huge problem you can have real issues tryingto get a taxi on the meter and they will try and scam you are there some bigprices there's a way around

this you need to need to know this app coming upin a few videos time okay so the madman hotel on ko Sun Road I'm just checkingin now and heading into the room so please hit subscribe and notificationsyou want to see my little tour around Bangkok and what I've

been doing on whatyou can be doing if you come here also show you the price of everything wherethey are how much it costs so that you and you come here or if you're thinkingabout coming here you can do that too please check out my other videoseverything from booking

cheap flights cheap hotels to trying food in Thailandto the crazy crazy party City nightlife Islands beaches it's all here it's allhere as I travel so please subscribe and I will see you I see you in the nextvideo thanks

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