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With me today is Alysha from Georgia, US who will join me later in our exciting conversation about traveling to Canada and discovering the iconic famous Niagara waterfalls.

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See you after the short intro! Let's head off to our first guest from US.

Hey Alysha, Thanks for joining the travel conversation.

It is a real pleasure to have you on board! My audience always wanted to know more about yourself.

So tell me who you are and what you like.

Hey there.

So my name is Alysha and I am from Georgia in the United States.

I am an [.




] and I love experiencing different cultures, learning about other people's traditions in the world.

But my greatest trip, I mean is really hard to choose, but I love going to Niagara Falls in Canada.

I mean it was absolutely amazing.


This sounds really interesting.

I would love to visit this great country Canada and go on adventurous journeys like the Niagara Falls.

So tell me what is so special about this? Ah, something about (you know) seeing the natural phenomena of the falls in Canada is so exciting and inspiring like it makes you to step back and really look at them the miracle of nature and how really small you are in the world.

Ah yeah, it was humbling and was beautiful.

I heard that Canadian people are really nice people.

Actually, the nicest people on earth.

Is it true? Well, the people in Canada are excessively nice and so helpful, just like you have heard.

Ah, you are always greeted with a smile and you are treated like a friend.

And they have so much pride in the Niagara Falls and the history that it holds.

I was told countless stories from the locals around the area about events and phenomenons that have happened like at the falls in the past.

So now, we are coming to our interesting part.

So what are your TOP 3 recommendations for our followers who plans to visit the Niagara Falls.


So three recommendations.

First I would say: Take a ride on the Maid of the Mist.

It's like that huge boat that takes you right up like to the falls on the water and you can feel the power of the water and the rush of the waves and the wind.

Second I would definitely watch the Niagara Falls Light Show that they do at night.

You can view it from viewings site they have or for staying at the hotel that overlooks it, just watch it from your room.

It's seriously estranging.

And then third: I would talk to the Locals like this is actually my favorite recommendation, because there is so much to discover there and asking people who actually live there like what they do enjoy doing is the best way to find cool events and restaurants that aren't overpopulated with tourists.

Thank you! It was a great pleasure to have you in our talk show and talk about the iconic waterfalls in Canada.

We will see us again in our 60 seconds interview later in the show.

See you.

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