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hey you guys welcome back to my channelgood morning from Bangkok my hostel skincare routine this is the secondplace that I've stayed in the first place was an air B&B just so Ican kind of like okay reconnect with my intentions and be in my own spaceinitially and I didn't

just like jump headfirst into a hostel which honestlyis the same as being in college and having dorms i filmed me doing my skincare routine in my airbnb so I'm going to take you guys there but I just wanted to open this up you know this wayand say hello

from Thailand good morning you guys from Bangkok I amin as you can hear I am in Thailand and I talked about this briefly in my mostrecent video this is my second full day in Bangkok in Thailand and I am gettingup and getting ready because I have to check

out of this Airbnb which I'll showyou guys in a second it's really cute it's so precious but I am about to Ijust brush my teeth and my tongue scraper flossed and I'm about to wash myface so I thought it could be helpful I guess to show you guys

what I'm doingfor my skin on the road so I'm using products fromthe same company that I just was talking to you guys about when I made that Imoved to LA vidi you know the brand is rael beauty by the time you guys see thisthey will have launched their

more extensive skincare line before they justhad the serum the concentrate and I think like some face mess but now theyhave products you guys so they send me over a few that I chose that I thoughtwould be helpful while I'm traveling because I am in Southeast Asia there isair

pollution there is a lot going on the virus you know that broke out inChina a lot of people are wearing face masks so am I like when I go out of thehouse when I'm on planes so my skin is just affected especially because I'm onplanes and all that

recycled air is being circulated so this is their oil -foam gentle cleanser smells like lemongrass mmm-hmmbut as you can see it's very silky very okay so that is oil to foam which theconsistency does feel like an oil but not like an oil that so back home andwhen I'm

traveling I typically oil cleanse I use olive oil so what I likeabout this cleanser is it has olive oil in it but it's water-based so I don'thave to use a rag or anything to wipe the oil off my face after I'm travelingso I don't always have something like

that on hand and in Asia they do nothave paper towels anywhere and their toilet paper is like blotting paperit also has China berry extract which has antioxidants which we talked a lotabout because they help to neutralize free radicals and protect your skin fromUV ray damage all things that

I'm exposed to being on the road andtraveling out here in Asia so far Thailand I really do enjoy it I am solotraveling for two months in Southeast Asia initially I was feeling superambitious and I'm like you know what I want to hit 35 countries and really juststart you

know knocking the countries down and experiencing everything and thecloser the time got the more I didn't feel like really planning in extensiveitinerary even though I have one so just in case I have you know the things thatI want to do in different areas different countries but something in

mewas just saying this is a spiritual you know like journey that you're embarkingon yeah skin feels very smooth very supplebouncing and I'm going to let it air-dry you guys already know about the advancedantioxidant serum three pumps of rosehip seed oil immediately sure now I'm gonna go in with

my moisturizerwhich is this nourishing gel cream and this is very rich in hydrating Wow Ilove the texture and the consistency of this cream it feels luxurious it hasfullerene in it and h3o hyaluronic acid both of those are also in theantioxidant serum so the fullerene is a lot stronger

than vitamin C it helpsprotect against sunlight air pollution and stress and then the hyaluronic acidhelps to penetrate deep into your skin and then there's also sunflower seed oilwhich has vitamin rich nutrients and they're easily absorbed by the skin solightweight you know like Wow if y'all haven't seen my

CMOS eyebrowregrowth video definitely check it out look at them just flourishing yes I loveto see it as you see I'm moist I'm hydrated itlooks like I am already doing from being outside and walking around like nothat's just skin care so with this skin care system I am using

shea butter toseal everything in but I do that like right before I leave the house I justtake a little bit of shea butter I also have carrot seed oil and these thingshelp protect against the Sun but let's show you the apartmentI promised y'all a tour and the air

B&B so this is the alleyway and it's like infront seating area with plants yes air purification cafes or to Baja okay so front door AC very basic luggageTV mini-fridge a little pot for tea stand cute little succulents I thinkthey're fake a little seating area which looks like you

can pull it out fan it'sso cute okay shelving the bed and I'm likepretty packed up because I'm heading to my next day which is a hostel yeah thisis my blanket I bring like a blanket with me everywhere I go for the flightwhich I didn't need it this time

because it's hot it's hell and I had a sweatsuit on but yes this comes in handy because I don't sleep on whatever Linensyou know where I go I make sure to look at reviews and make sure that you knowthey're nice and clean but still you never know and

I justit's like peace of mind so yeah oh and everyone that follows me on Instagramand asks boo my nail asked what book this is this is the book meditations forliving in balance daily solutions for people who do too much so it has dailymeditations you just open it up

to the day read it so as part of my lifemorning routine and ritual here's me sweaty hot okay it is hot it is at least92 right now that's what my my inner thermometer is saying okay sosee everything behind me bed super-cute it came with a towel two rolls

of toiletpaper that's all that's left if you guys are not familiar withThailand and I'm not sure if this is also other like Asian countries orSoutheast Asian countries but a shower where you sit it's interesting but Imean it's very practical and super efficient everything that's not myloofah we don't

use loofah okay we useexfoliating rags and real towels everything dreams to that corner eventhe sink drains down to that corner so yeah any cute I make you make you makeyou the heat like I'm gonna see my hair there's OB tell me when okay that's myhair baby it's a

very very very very cute perfect for meoh there's storage under the bed and even realized that the beds pretty firmso I was able to do like some yoga poses oh there's also like a water heaterswitch to turn on and off hope you guys enjoyed seeing my little B&B

it's supercute I'm really in Thailand I'm really in Asia by myself not by myself I got myguys I got my angels but like if you're not your source of inspiration all rightI'm gonna get out here my god taxi

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