[INDONESIA TRAVEL SERIES] Jalan2Men 2014 – Batu Karas – Episode 11 (Part 2)

Subbed by MariaPardosi Nay, I'm delighted that we finally got the enlightenment.

– Yeah!- Yeah! But, I am too weary to bring you to the next coordinate.

So, I think I am going to sleep.







I think I know where I should bring you.

So far, we've scored three enlightenment words.

Bring me to.



Where? We need to see the next coordinates to determine where we should go.

And it is located in.








In Cipta Gelar Village.

Hopefully we can discover the answers to all our questions.

It turns out that the journey from Batu Karas to Cipta Gelar which people said was very close to Pelabuhan Ratu, is really far away.

Then, it's better for you to sleep in the car.

So, you will wake up when the night comes.

Let's go to the next destination.

Ghost! What is it? Why there's no one here? Go Dit, go! Jalan Jalan Men Wow, I was awoken by nature.


Ouch, I got a stomachache! This morning, I take Jebraw to a place which is perfect for him to restore his energy.

It is called Mulih Ka Desa which means going to village.

Wow, this feels like in the village.


By the way, where is Naya? Wow, what are you doing there? Crazy! Naya has already moved fast in the morning.

Naya has already sat in the top of a tower.

It turns out that Mulih Ka Desa is a restaurant and resort.






which is surrounded by rice fields, dikes, wooden gazebos, trees and wi-fi.

And, no less important is.



I feel there is something missing which is the main characteristic the village.




What smell is this? It smells like.






Okay men, with the buffalos, it is 100 percent village.

Because there are buffalos.

It turns out that there are many village-style gamessuch as this wooden bridge which I do not know what its name.

But, this game is really good to watch people you love falling into the water.

Spirit! Do you know what makes this place has a distinct Sundanese atmosphere? This angklung, men.

And what makes Mulih Ka Deso feel like a village is this ancient kitchen, men.

There is even a firewood stove, men.

I really want to visit a kitchen like this which only exists in the village.

The real village.

This is awesome.

– Are you happy?- I'm glad.

Thank you Naya.

I'm a little bit excited but my body still aches.

To make my visit to this kitchen is worth it, I and Naya will learn to cook genjer.

What is genjer? Go browsing the definition in the Internet.

But, it is a dish which ingredients consist of onion, scallion, habanero, chili pepper and tomato.

Then, the ingredients are stir fried, after that we put the genjer.

The aroma is so mouthwatering.

Wow! Perhaps, Naya is doing a casting to be my wife.

Ouch, I'm so tired.

Here is my dish, genjer.

Genjer (yellow velvetleaf) or Paku Rawan isa source of vegetable for villagers becauseit grows in rice fields and shallow waters.

It tastes like.



It tastes like.



It tastes like love.

It is because I made it with love, men.

Yes, Naya managed to cook very well, men.

Although she was still assisted by an old man from Mulih Ka Desa.

It's okay, because the most important things is Naya is one step closer to be my wife.

Naya, thank you for bringing me here.

Thanks to you for making my heart is little bitexcited although my muscle still aches.

I'm so sorry.

No problem my bro.

After this, we go to the yo-yo.

It is a place where you can relax.

Naya has proved her love to me by bringing me to Mulih Ka Desa to restore the passion of my heart which is very worn out.

I'll also prove my love to Naya by fighting to the death.

I've proved my love to Naya.

I let Jebraw win in our fight, so he'll be pleased and not cry wolf.

And after this, I'm going to take Jebraw to a place where he can loosen his muscles.

What place is it? Nay, why do you take me to a hotel? Are we going to check in? – Of course not!- Oh I see.

I want to take you to a place, but you need to take off your clothes, Braw.

– Taking my clothes off?- After that, I'm waiting for you behind that tree.


Now, we are at Tirtagangga.

Tirtagangga is a natural hot spring, men.

I took Jebraw to this place because since yesterday he kept complaining that his body aches.

And I also want to, in turn, spoil him in my own way.

There is a therapy pool here.

It is perfect for him whose body aches and tired.

If he is soaking in this pool, he'll feel so relax.

I'm so romantic, aren’t I? Let’s take a bath! Taking a bath with Naya! Look, there is a street singer.

You seem so melancholic, dude.

Compound contained in the natural hot spring is called bitter wasser.

It comprises of high-levels of magnesium sulfate.

So, if you are fat you need to come here.

It makes your body healthy and fit.

Therapeutically, natural hot spring can cure rheumatic, stroke, bone problems and neurological disorders.

It's better to soak no later than 15 minutes.

Wow! He can cure his neurological problem.


Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! The water is boiling, men.

But, we need to stop grouching here because this water is very beneficial, men.

We need to withstand the intense heat.

Withstand the heat, oh my God! One of tips before entering the natural hot spring is making sure you move slowly.








Slow motion.



Oh my God! Slow motion! Ouch! Slow motion! Men are not allowed to soak in the hot spring for more than 15 minutes because it'll affect sperm quality.

Men, Tirtagangga is one of the numerous hot springs in Garut.

In fact, the shower contains of volcanic water and aims to massage your back.

It feels tingling and naughty.

Men, I am so delighted to come here after surfing and having my body aches and crushes.

Before we come here, we went to Mulih Ka Desa where I fought with Naya on the bamboo.

In that place, I feel like living in the village although it is not the real village.

And finally, although Naya was pissed at me, she still took me here.






where my energy was restored by the natural hot spring.

Thanks to :Mulih Ka DesaHotel Tirtagangga Hello.



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Transkrip by MariaPardosi.

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