[INDONESIA TRAVEL SERIES] Jalan2Men 2014 – Garut – Episode 9 (Part 2)

Finally, I'm going to the Garut town centre.

But, where should we go? Usually, when we are lost in our trip, we have to ask an expert, Vesta the master of travelling.

So, we have a day to travel around the town.

What should we do in Garut, town of diamond? In the town, you usually just sit back and relax, Jebraw.

So, you can explore the food, 'Mulih Ka Desa' There is a hot water bath, you want to relax, right? Feels like going to a spa.

Besides that, when people come here, they usually look for gifts or souvenirs.

For example, this snack.

-Whooaaa -Dodol.

This is very popular.



Is this our destination?-Yup -What's this, Nay? – Can't you read it? It's so big.


1 Garut souvenir and gift shop.

Read it, man! Cita Rasa is no.

1 Garut souvenir and gift shop.

It's located at 62 Cileduk St.

wow!! There's also another Cileduk in Jakarta.

At this shop, I found various typical Garutian souvenirs.

But, one thing that is clear: It is a snack kingdom! Wewewaooooo !!! I'm always extremely confused when I have too many options.

It's super super super super duper so many so much so many so much.



So confuse, confuse, confuse, confuse, confuse.


This one, that one, this one, that one.



But, in this situation, I always remember what Vesta said.

That is, Garut is equal to 'dodol'.

So, this is the centre of Garut souvenirs from wajik (=like sticky rice cake) to dodol.

Durian dodol, original dodol, milk dodol, strawberry dodol, akong dodol, original zebra dodol zebra dodol, tamarind dodol, etc.

Why do you look depressed? I'm so confused because there are too many options.

I wish we could try them.

-You can.


Didn't you know that?-We can?? This tastes like chocolate and.




and dodol.

But why do we call a dumb person dodol? Isn't dodol tasty? So you we should be happy when someone said we are dodol.

You dodol! What? Thank you.

We call a liar dodol.

In Sundanese, dodol means to tell a lie.

Ooohh, dodol means to lie.

Apparently, in Sundanese, dodol means to lie, man! I swear I'm not dodol-ing!! Besides dodol, there are other interesting and beneficial snacks.

They are chocolates with benefits.


chocolates, bro!! Woooww!! These are chocolates with benefits: anti-sadness chocolate, coup d'etat of soul chocolate, heart controversy chocolate it's something chocolate, mind harmonising chocolate conspiracy for prosperity chocolate anti-poverty chocolate! Wow!! Finally we are shopping! On our trips, we have never shopped anything.

This is the first time we shop.

Absolutely, but we're not finished yet.

-We'll continue our journey-Okay! -and explore food again-Okay! and relax again.

Okay! Dodol-dodol man!!! Who made dodol for the first time on earth? Ummm.



?? -Because you can find dodols only in Indonesia.


-From Garut, right? -And they came from Garut.

Originated in Garut.

So, who invented dodol in Garut? 'Picnic' was the first one, right? 'Picnic' was invented by Haji Iton.

Haji Itan? Iton? Whuuuoo I guess he got some divine revelation.

Then he could make dodols because he prayed dilligently.

May be after inventing the new snack, he told everyone, “Hi mate, see, I just made a chewy snack”.

“Naahh you're lying.


you liar!” Dodol dodol dodol! And finally he named it dodol.

So makes sense.

From dodol centre, where are we going? where? I'm confused.

Vesta, where should we go? -Besides that, you can also buy handycrafts made of leather.

– Whao! -Sheepskin- Whaoo! -for jackets, bags.



-Crispy skin? crispy sheepskin? Probably it's for snack.

Is there crispy sheepskin? I don't know.

Perhaps it's chicken skin.

But, talking about skin, if you want to know Naya better, you'd have to skin her.

Skinning Naya.



That's what I'm gonna do! Wuih, apparently in Garut, there's a street full of shops that sell leather goods.

If you hear people talking about original Garut leather goods, this is the centre, bro! There are many leather industries, man! Everything is made of leather.

Why did you bring me here? Because you're such a 'skin' boy.

'skin'? This is the centre of handycrafts.

Leather goods are everywhere along this street.

-It's called Sukaregang st.

-Sukaregang st.

Yeah, and from that end to the other end, in the lanes, you can find leather goods, from wallets, bags, keyrings, flip flops, shoes, glasses, hats.

So many of them.



I'm speechless.

Looks good! -Thank you!-Let's go! Why do they love leather? Because Garut is well-known for the sheep, man! Because there are a lot of sheep, they are skinned?? Yeeeeeeeee!!! The jackets and shoes are made of sheepskin.

Baaaaa I thought Garut is just a small town with nothing interesting, but it turns out that there are a lot, man! The people are very friendly.

Wow! Now, I understand why Naya is so amazing.

Because there are so many things in Garut that are amazing.

Super amazing.


Wowwww! After seeing a street full of leather goods, I'm quite happy being in Garut.

Actually, a day is not enough.

You should spend a couple of days if you want to see everything in Garut.

But now we are hungry, mate!! And there is a restaurant with a concept of village.

That is, rumah kampoeng (=village house).

Waaaww! We're ariving at Roemah kampoeng (=village house).

Mun bias miara letah Mokaha selamet diri That's it.

It means ngala saga sisi huma we have to give up on human nature.

Disamberan ku walimis tiis raga tiis sukma lo geulis beautiful Ku Allah dipikawelas @#$%*( so that we'll be safe.

So if we are beautiful and give up on our human nature, we'll safe ourselves.

So makes sense! We are at a restaurant on the water again.

It looks like Garutians and Sundanese love to build everything, including restaurants, on a pond, man!! Waaaw that's what characterises Garut.

I'm so proud of one of the characteristics of Indonesia.

My sense of identity is getting stronger.

What's special here is nasi bambu (=bamboo rice).

It's a set that consists of kangkung, rice, salted fish, chicken , tofu and this gourami fish is the best and this is sambal dadak (=Sundanese chili paste).

It's not cooked, so it's fresh.

One more thing that I realised while I'm in Garut is Indonesia has various ways of living.

In Medan (in Sumatra), we learn to be vocal and straightforward.

We say what we want to say In the East Java, we learn to tolerate.

In Borneo, we learn to conserve the environment.


and In Java, we learn to be good at politics.

And in Garut, on the land of Sunda, we learn to socialise and be friendly.

Thus, actually, Indonesia has great great great diversities that we can learn.

And also, if we explore more, we'll learn good ways to socialise and live in Indonesia.

Waaooowww! I'm so glad being in this country.

And by the way, I'm so dizzy because I've been revolving around.


A lot of dodols, sheepskin and water, that's Garut, that's Sunda, that's the friendly Naya.

I'm so happy being on the land of Sunda where I learn to socialise and be friendly.

When I say 'punten', they say 'mangga'.

Water dodol sheepskin, that's Garut, that's Naya, that's Sunda.

That is as friendly as Naya, my love is like Naya, my love is like Naya, the real TG-True Garutian True Garutian True Garutian.

You're friendly, Sundanese; I love friendliness.

I say 'punten', I got 'mangga', o how happy I am.

Oh my god my stomach.


I need to go to the toilet.

To the toilet to the toilet to the toilet Let't me take a dunk, bro! -Hello!-People, we come in peace.

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