[INDONESIA TRAVEL SERIES] Jalan2Men 2014 – Gunung Padang – Episode 5 (Part 2)

Subtitled & Translated by Andy Fu But before we follow thedirection to go to Cianjur, I'd like to feed myself firstbecause I'm now very hungry men.

Now we are at, Taman Bunga Nusantara(Flower Garden) This is the best placefor us to have our lunch.

It's because we are able to, have a picnic men.

Turns out, in the middle of journeybetween Puncak and Cipanas, you could findTaman Bunga Nusantara.

This garden was officialized forthe first time by Mrs.

Tien Soeharto on 10 September 1995.

You can witness ten different gardens that were exclusively built on a land that is twenty-three hectares big.

Wow! That is so large! Therefore, this garden isa very perfect place to go for a picnic with your friends.

Did you hear that sound? Naya, there'sa women's voice.

The voice seems like came from a very beautiful women.

I need to, I need to find that voice! Let's find that voice! Voice! Voice! Voice! What garden is this? Oh my gosh, this voice inmy head must be very serious.

Because there's this obstaclethat is given to me.

I won't give up!Look for the right path! That voice, where? Dead end.

Oh no, it's another dead end! I won't give up! That voice!Hi kids! Hi! Are you the voice in my head? We're fooled.

Jalan – Jalan Men.

Jalan – Jalan Men.

I'm at Bali right now.

It's time for me to relaxand take some rest.

I'm coming!I'm coming sexy sound! Oh my gosh, this flower gardenis very variable men.

There is Bali, Japan and Europe.

Wow! There's Barong!Wow! There's a Dinosaur bro! There's a tower! Wow!We're going to the tower.

I think the sound is coming from, I think it's coming from that side.

Let's go find out! Wah! I'm in Japan.

But, the voice in my headis not a Japanese.

I think it's more to Javanese.

Bye Japan! So sweet.

That voice.

I'm coming for you! This voice is coming from there.

That sound is the voiceof Nyai Roro Kidul.

She's really pretty men.

Excatly like her sound.

She said that I need to go to a mountain that shines.

But where? It appears that the pointof the coordinate is not exactly locatedat the city of Cianjur men instead, it appears to be locatedat Situs Megalitikum.

It's around one to two hour(s)southeast of Cianjur men.

Jalan – Jalan Men! Wah! What is this?What is going on here? Wah, I am now at Situ Gunung Padang.

Why am I here? I'm not sure either.

Let's find out! Again, this is my biggest mortal enemy in travelling, Stairs! Jalan – Jalan Men! Jalan – Jalan Men! Okay.

Breathe in, to the stomach, breathe out through your mouth.

So your lungs won't be exhausted.

By controlling your breath correctly, you'll be able to climbany types of stairs.

Crazy men, this hill is very challenging men.

It's more than 70 degrees.

I'm not sure that anyone elseother than us could climb to the top.


This place is closing soon.

We'll continue again tomorrow.

Wow! There's a fairy! A pink one.

It's Pinker Bell! Who is she? Hi fairy! Hi Braw!Wow! That's Vesta! What is she doing here? Braw, what are you doing here? I'm not sure.

I was told to go to a place, where the mountain shines.

But there areno lights here at this mountain.

The shining mountain? Do you know where that shining mountain is? That mountain is located at.



Wow! That one right therelooks very amazing! I want to check it out! Finally, after climbingall those stairs, we arrived at the highest point, where the level of theconsciousness is the highest, we have now reached Gunung Padang.

Braw, now I realized that actually, our mission and our purpose hereare now very close because we have nowbeen introduced to the history and the past of the archipelago.

Wow! Where we will obtain some – inspirations.

– And enlightenment.

Enlightenment of light! Well actually I'm a bit confused now on how awesome this place is.

Because I couldn't evenfind the shiny lights.

There are no lamps here, instead, there are so many rocks, that are spreaded out, forming a unique shape.

And I still don't understand, what this is all about.

Brother Zep, I'm confused.

What do you mean by mountain and light, and how do they related? Like Gunung Padang.

Why should it be 'Padang'? Here is not Padang.

This is more like a West Java.

'Padang' means 'bright' in Sundanese.

And 'wide'.

Wow! Gunung Padang, is a prehistoric sites.

It's a heritage from the culture ofMegalitikum at West Java.

And these rocks are actually the pieces of buildings that collapsedthousands of years ago.

They say that it is older thanthe Pyramid at Egypt men! Wow! But, the best fact aboutthese rocks here is, some of them can actually makea sound just like a Gamelan me.

This music is from the past.

Well, could it be that, Gamelan was inspired by this? Since both of them are madefrom steel and we hit them to play them.

That could be.

Well this is what I thought.

There are four Sundanese music notes.


I mean there are six of them, Da, Mi, Na, Ti, La, Da.

Six right?For this, there are only four of them.

So maybe in the past, it began from fourand then it evolved to six, and, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do, evolved into seven of them.

Wow! The rocks at Gunung Padang, contain metals that can producethe Sundanese music notes men.

I just find out.

Nay, according to the GPS, we have arrived atthe correct coordinate.

Maybe a little bit more in front there.

Maybe here.

Maybe just a little bit moreat the front there.

Ah! This is it!This is the one.

This is the one! This is the highest point of Gunung Padang.

Okay universe! Universe! I'm readyfor your enlightenment! It can't work, it doesn't feel like in the zone yet.

We were told to find a spotwhere we could actually concentrate really well.

Maybe you'll have to meditate.


Nay maybe this.



Hah? Naya! Naya? 'Bawa'(Bring) This is it! It's a signfrom the universe.

This is the enlightenment! 'Bawa'That's it! That's the sign for us!Bring? Bring? 'Bawa' Bring? Bring? 'Bawa' Bring? Bring? 'Bawa' Bring what? Bring what, universe? Bring guitar?Bring clothes? Bring the brain? Bring a heart? I already, I already bring them all.

What to bring bro? What do you mean Nay?'Bawa', 'Bawa', what to bring? How am I suppose to know?I wasn't awaked.

Maybe that's just the beginning from series of words.

That is a part of a sentence.

So it'll need some other words.

And when we obtained new coordinates, we'll find the new words.

Wow! But today is very fun though.

At first, we arrived here, with full of curiosities andfinally we went here heading to the mysterious coordinate, and made us wonder.

And finally we arrived thereand were given a clue that makes us even wondermore about 'Bawa'.

It really makes us wonder about the word 'Bawa'.

Where would the word 'Bawa' bring us? Maybe because of that curiosity, we could stand in this place.

Curiosity, that's the thingthat all humans need.

Because from that curiosity of your's, it'll bring us to the placesthat are unexpected.

And ancestors.


And nature.

And those ten-thousand years old rocks.

And you! Why do you have to do that? Yeay! Subtitled & Translated by Andy Fu Hi people! Thank you for following us and, If you want to subscribe, you can subscribe at, you must be smart enoughto know where to subscribe.

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