[INDONESIA TRAVEL SERIES] Jalan2Men 2014 – Tanakita – Episode 6 (Part 2)

Subtitled & Translated by Andy Fu Let's get ready for River Tubing! Now we are going to puton our safety gears so that we won't die in themiddle of the river.

Before tubing, you have to wearyour safety gears first men.

So you will be protectedfrom bone fractures and heartbreak.

So 'Henshin' right?(Henshin = Transform) Do I look like Ranger Pink, Tom Raider, Lara Croft yet? Love.

And don't forget to listen to theguide's instructions men.

The point is, you justneed to keep your balance, by not holding rockswith your hands men.

Just let it go men.

Let it go.

And don't forget to pray first.

We are going to River Tubing.

Men, the journey to the tubingriver is very awesome men.

Let's go! Like the one in Jogja, the one where we ride a tube, across the water current.

But this time it's different men.

They say that we will face the current of the water that is super powerful.

And yeah, so it wouldbe so adventurous.

Like Indiana Jones.

Does Indiana Jones haveactually done rafting before? Wow water!It's time to wash my face.

Really fresh bro, water from nature.

We've arrived men.

Here we are.

Once we arrived, we wereintroduced to our guides.

They would be the one who willprevent us from hitting the rocks and die in this river.

Epic men! Epic men! The water is really freezing men.

But since it is so much fun, youwon't even care about it again men.

You'll just have to screamas loud as you can.

At first, we were like, walking down, walked down the stream.

And then we were likearrived at the river, where the current was kind of strong.

Then we hopped on to the tube then we just go with the flow.

The water current gets strongerand suddenly gets calm.

And the like, “trempongpempong pempong” colliding with rocks, like a pin ball, right left right left.

Flipped over! Someone was flipped over.

Someone was flipped over.

I flipped over, over and over.

I was not, I'm cool.

She did, but shewas actually turned over.

I was turned over by someone else, butnot by myself.

I was kind of balanced.

Tubing is really fun.

it's like, it unites us back.

And I'm no longer mad with Naya, because like, the river was so awesome.

And, like, we took care one another.

keeping each other safe, flowing together on the river of life.

At that moment, philosophies that came intomy mind was like There were so many of them.

That's like really cool.

So much fun, the people who have protected us were also like, as if they are river fighters, because like, they are super professional and, There was Mr.


Yeah, there was Mr.

Kobra, and allother guides who have protected us.

If not because of themmaybe now we're like, Dead.

Fall down and like, there's asharp rock and like, after that, good byeJalan – Jalan Men.

And at that point I realizethat we have to accept go with the flow and smile.

And just give in.

Smile and give in.

And then, there was like a pit-stopwhere we were offered to drink some tea.

The tea was very hot, and very pleasant, while we were freezing cold.

The water is so cold.

My goodness.

may cause hypothermia.

Jalan – Jalan Men! Yo! We are now warming ourself near the fireplace.

That's right.

Right after rafting, the rain falls heavily.

Oops rafting.

After tubing, and then the rain falls heavily.

But that's okay men.

Because we always have toenjoy the moment in every possibilities.

Have fun in every chance that we have.

That's right.

And have fun with what we have now.

And with the people around you.

Those people are all of them.

Having fun!Yeay! One of the tips toapproach your crush is to learn herancestor's language men.

That is why, I am learningSundanese language, to have fun and to approach Naya.

Jalan – Jalan Men.

JALAN – JALAN MEN! Crazy men, today is very fun, it's like we have done so many adventurous things.

Such as tubing, tracking.

Then we were being pampered for the rest of the time.

Maybe we were too pampered, But that's okay.

It's okay to pamper ourself sometimes.

Then like, to conclude a day that has been, so amazing, to end thispampered adventure, we end it withanother pamperedness, which is by camp fire.

I was overslept beforeand when I woke up Suddenly there is mist everywhere.

And the world seems like so surreal, woken up by an angel.

Then suddenly there's a musicthat sings along with the angel So I was like, Am I still dreaming? Then the dinner has beenprepared for us.

The foods are getting tastieras the night continues.

Let's eat! Something that makes that singer looksamazing is that he is super multitask.

The first time we met, he was preparing fried bananasfor us at cave tubing.

Oops cave tubing, river tubing.

He made the fried bananas when all ofus were very tired after river tubing.

Then when we're having our dinner, suddenly he can sing and play in a band.

So this people are very, Multi-talented.

Very Sundanese.

Very artistic, able to cook.

Maybe it's called multi-talented.

Yes multi-talented, oh right! Why did I say multitasking? And then at midnight, we saw something that we havenever seen before in our life.

Well that's me.

I've never seen that before.

A mushroom that can glow.


Wow! This mushroom is able toglow at night as it has a nature of 'Bioluminescence'.

Wow! I'm so smart.

But the best thing is actually, from all this day, is not about the adventure, not about the foods, not about the pamperedness, but it's about the togetherness.

And the family time.


Where we become together.


Under one tent.

Jalan – Jalan Men! Men, I need to go back to this place again because this is the placewhere I feel very comfortable.

After like, we were very comfortableafter being pampered all day.

In this manja camp(manja = pampered) I've obtained an awesomephilosophy about this life.

It's like maybe whenwe were still young, we were like a sea.

Where we cansee so many things.

School of fish, corals, the infinite types of fish.

Then when we started to grow up, we can see the lands.

We begin to know the world, then we begin to wonderwhat does it like over there? Finally we headed to an estuary then like we're going in to the riverand started to know the world.

Then finally we arrived at onepoint where we have to choose choose between two paths, like which river to go.

Ahh, maybe I'll take biology, and then I'll turn right, and follow that path.

Then later on, suddenly the currentof the river gets stronger, and stronger, just like in youth timeswhere it was very intense, very passionate, full of spirit, thensuddenly we face new problems and like, we fall into a waterfall andfinally reached at the lake.

And that is our comfort zone.

But this is not the timefor me to be a lake.

I must climb that waterfall again, and go through all that currents heading to youth times again and, look for another lakes, and maybe even go back to the sea again where I could be free, and grow bigger.

Therefore, it's time to getout from our comfort zone.

and go to the next coordinate and I heard that the nextdestination is very uncomfortable in a mystical way.

Uncomfortable in a mystical way.


So yeah.

Goodbye comfort zone.

Jalan – Jalan Men.

Subtitled & Translated by Andy Fu Hi people.

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Don't be dirty.

Hmm, tasty.


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