[INDONESIA TRAVEL SERIES] Jalan2Men 2014 – Tanjung Puting – Episode 1

Subbed by MariaPardosi In 2013, I, Jebraw, and Naya have travelled around Indonesia.






seeking for the treasures of the archipelago.

Now in early 2014, I realized something men.

As a true traveler and super hero.

I need to find a treasure that blends with nature.

I must go to a super natural place.

Where is it? Kalimantan! “maybe she/he is my ex or maybe I can make him/her my ex” Jalan-Jalan Men Men, I've never been to Kalimantan before.

I do not what to expect there.

Naya said this one and a half hour flight would bring us to Tanjung Puting National Park.






a nipple-shaped bay.

We will land at Pangkalan Bun city, a port city on Arut river banks.

Jalan Jalan Men Now we are heading to Port of Kumai, around 20 minutes away from the airport.

Welcome to Tanjung Puting.

We are at the port now, men.

This is a river men.

This is the biggest river I've ever seen.

In the river you can see that Kalimatan is an industrial island.

There are many container ships starting from the small ones to big and even the bigger ones.

From luxury ships to the simple ones.

To reach Tanjung Puting we will go through a river branch by using a boat named Klotok.

It is called Sekonyer River.

Upon your arrival you will be greeted by a row of coconut-like trees but I do not the exact name of them.

The color of the river looks delicious, like chocolate milk which calls you to drink it.

(You can rent klotok at IDR1.

7 million for 2D1N, max 6/7 persons) But, the coolest thing is that the river is very discipline.

You can see traffic signs there.

Wow, traffic signs.

The atmosphere here is very relaxing.

And the coolest thing is the environment is very friendlyyou can even say hello to strangers.

Hello brothers.

Hi! Hey sir! Hello! I want to know why everybody is so friendly.

Our tourism continue to surge every year.

But ecotourism is not only assessed by the quantity but the quality.

(Since 2012, Tanjung Puting has welcomed up to 128, 000 tourists from around the world) Ecotourism aims to educate tourists about conservation or others.

And second, tourism is very environmentally friendly.

Third, tourism brings economic impacts to local people.

Amazing, local people have considered about tourism system here.

Jalan Jalan Men What is the relation between tourism and conservation actually? So, I want to see many.




What are you doing Nay? What medicine did you take? This is kina pills, a drug to prevent malaria.

I do not need kina pills.

(One week before going to Tanjung Puting, tourists need to take kina pills or anti-malaria drug) I will not be sick.

Nay, give me the pills.

Back to action.

So, along Sekonyer River, there is huge protected forest, men.

There are camps in it, in which we can see human-like animals.

It's time to see the forest men or men forest.

Men of forest.

Tan, tan orangutan tan tan tan tan tan tan Now, we are going to see orang utan to be fed.

In here, we learn how to live with orang utan.

Welcome to Pondok Tanggui camp.

From here, we will walk for around 900 meters to the feeding site Tips while walking in the forest.

You got to respect the nature.






and keep your voice down.

Don't speak too loud like me.

Jalan Jalan Men Another tip before entering the forest is you need to fill a guest book.

Oh my God, the visitors came from many countries bro.

Starting from Germany, Switzerland, California, Barcelona to Mars.

Wow! I feel so happy men.

It is like a kind of forest you can only see in the Jurassic Park.

The soil is like trampoline.

How can it happen? You can also find carnivorous plants which eat insects.

And the insects here are super huge.

It's the largest ants I've ever seen in my life.

This is a super long spider.

This forest is exactly not for insectophobia people.

Now, we finally arrived at a place to eat orangutans.

I mean a place where orangutans eat.

But, none of the orangutans come.

So, we need to wait patiently.

If you are bored, you can talk to people around you, menbecause they are very friendly or asked the rangers to make natural bracelets for you It is awesome men.

This bracelet is made of three branches found in the forest.

(It takes hours to make this wood-based bracelet) It comes directly from nature.

A very natural bracelet.

In addition, you can also learn how to call orangutans, men.

Wow! How can we call orangutans? Do we need to yell wuuuuuu? The tone is very good, like do.







It's like orangutan's sound.

Trying to imitate orangutan's voice.

It's like calling them to come here So, they aim to call orangutans to come here.

Right? Wow, they are coming! Oh my God Look, how elegant our brothers in the trees are.

It's very amazing men.

All of them come from the trees.

They are gathering on the stage men.

They also have manners, not just eat as they please.

They have rules.

So, orangutan’s social structures are similar with humans.

In one group, there must me a leader or the king.

I do not exactly who the leader is, but I think he is.

He is the leader.

All the of them are not allowed to eat before the leader does.

Did you know? It turns out that orangutans should ideally eat 20 percent of its weight.

So if it weighs 100 kilograms, it at least needs to eat 20 kilograms of food a day.

In here, they are left in the wild.

They can eat anything.

But, in here, they are given food just in case they do not get proper nutrition.

During fruit season they will not come here.






although you provide food there, they will not come.






because they have met their needs.

Since today is not a fruit season, many of them come here to eat.

It looks so greedy.

It puts all of food in its mouth.

Orang utan is like a model.

They know what poses people like to capture.

You can see there, they are striking a pose while eating.

They are natural models.

Because they know how to.



(If you are traveling around the water, don't forget to put your gadget in a waterproof case) One of the most amazing things in the forest is when you are relaxing you can be startled by the extraordinary animals.

Men, now we are meeting bekantans.

They are endemic animals.

Am I right? Yes, I am so brilliant.


Endemic animals that only can be found in Kalimantan.

Wow, it's jumping! Endemic means animals which can be found only in one location on the planet, such as Kalimantan.






and Bekantan also can be found in another place namely Dufan (amusement park in Jakarta) After having a dinner with Mr.







I wondered what we can find in the forest.

Yomi said we must be careful.

Because we might meet forest dwellers.

The rangers.

I bet you all thought about mystical things.

Of course not.

Jalan Jalan Men is an educative program.

And now I know why protected forest was created for orangutans along this river.






because the rangers told me that it is their last stronghold amid the expansion of palm oil industry.

They no longer have habitats in the palm oil plantation because the forests are cut, dry and can be easily burnt.

Orangutans are also disturbed by many people.

I really respect the rangers here, men.

Despite their tough struggle they keep working with spirit.

Wow! It's what makes me love being in here.

Although the income is so small, I get amazing knowledge.

It is part of our experiences.

Before concluding tonight's trip, there is anothersurprise that you can only find on the riverbanks.

There are fireflies men.

I have never met fireflies in my entire life.

Oh my God! Christmas in forest.

Christmas in Kalimantan men.

And the most amazing thing is you can catch the fireflies, men.

– It feels like being grabbed by the fireflies.

– Like in Peter Pan.

Yes, Peter Pan! It is the Tinker Bell.

I want to create a firefly breeding center.

With it, we still can have light during power outage.

We can have light from the fireflies.

It is cool, isn't it? Fireflies, men.

We need mosquito nets during the night here to protect us from malaria.

You might be infected by malaria like me.

Our first night is awesome, and now it's time to sleep.

Good night.

Men, this forest is really like a surprise box.

Even the river's color suddenly changed from chocolate to reddish black.

Look, it is the previous color, and this is the new color.

But, do not worry the water is not dirty.

In fact, it is very cleanbecause it is full of oxygen from the tree roots submerged in the river.

Actually, the chocolate water indicates contamined river.







because gold mines in the river upstream throw the mud here.

So, if you are curious about what pure river looks like.






you can see this river.

It is crystal clear, making you difficult to tell the real world and the reflection of water.

Now, we are heading to.



what's the camp name? Leakey Camp.

It is a rehabilitation and research center for orangutans, the forest men.

The forest men are being researched there.

There is also a super special person.

Who is he/she? I do not know.

I seriously do not know.

And she/ is not always there.

So, if we meet her/him, it is a destiny.

It is really a destiny.

She is here.

Men, meet Professor Birute Galdikas.

So, Leakey camp was named after Professor Galdikas' guru.

In 1970s Professor Galdikas came to Kalimantan.

At that time she was only twenty-something year old.

When she got there, she immediately was sympathetic to the orangutans .






whose habitats are endangered due to industrial expansion such as mining or palm oil plantation men This is the research center.

Wow, amazing! She used to look like Anne Hathaway men.

So, for hot girls out there, it is better to help orangutans than being models.

Professor Galdikas created this information center to make us realize that we and other animals need each other.

Jalan Jalan Men Jalan Jalan Men Respect the orangutans.

Men, here she is.

She is very kind like an angel.

It is the real honor to meet someone great like her.

She is awesome men.

Look, there are awesome orangutans.

Wow! Crazy! You can see Professor Galdikas effortlessly blending with the nature around her.

She is like Doctor Dolittle who can speak with the animals.

This is a place where all God's creatures meet.

It's peaceful.

Where all orangutans gather to eat and being watched by urban people.

It proves that if we, humans, do not make things complicated, there will be no complicated things.

Now, all visitors surround Professor Birute.

She explained them that palm oil industry really damages orangutans' habitats and makes the nature unbalance.

Now, it's my turn to talk with Professor Birute.

I want to know why she is very sympathetic to the orangutans.

But, I am so nervous to talk to her.

I was speechless and did not know what to say.

In my opinion, she really loves orangutans.

Because when I asked her what made her.



I mean, Naya asked what made her wanted to help orangutans.

It is so cool.

I think it's very simple.

It's just because she saw orangutans and looked into their eyes.

And she knew that inside orangutans' eyes there were souls.









and lives.



She then decided to help orangutans and defend their rights as the men forest.

Moved by Professor Birute's story, Naya wanted to know how to help the orangutan facility.

Do not walk too fast! Okay, okay.

No, I mean them.

Do not walk too fast! We need to walk slowly while talking.


And finally our trip in Tanjung Puting has come to an end.

We actually got a treasure in the form of real ways to help orangutans.

Nay, our current trip is very productive, isn't it? True! Now, it's time for us to reproduce.

We want to climb to the top of this tower.

I think this trip is very amazing.

It turns out that besides me, a true traveler and super hero, there is another person who can effortlessly blend with the nature.

She is Professor Birute.

It feels like I do not deserve talking to her.

Hi! Hi, bye Hi and bye What did I say before? In animals' eyes there are souls, lives.

Animals are living beings just like us.

It is why she loves orangutans.

The different between us and orangutans are we are urban people; rural people and they are orangutans.

The bottom point is they are all humans.

We are humans.

I am trying to connect the philosophy.

“Tanjung Puting treasures”Professor Birute and Mr.


Jalan Jalan Men Jalan Jalan Men Subbed by MariaPardosi.

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