INSIDE NORTH KOREA (Surreal experience)

I was not paid by any company or government to make this video I do not condone support or promote the regime of North Korea in any manner whatsoever.

Please do your own research I am NOT a journalist North Korea North Korea North Korea the North Koreans North Korea the propaganda Kim jong-un Millions to starve his regime prison camps Human Rights and Kim jong-un threatened to destroy the United States fire and fury Ballistic missile rocket man for ballistic missile the worst mistake of my life Otto warmbier Dennis Rodman North Korea threatens the entire world.

It was a moment for the history books I am NOT a journalist I'm just some kid with a consumer camera who was lucky enough to gain access into the most isolated And controlled country in the world.

This video series is a product of that So after three days two floats a 12 hour layover in Moscow Russia a three hours sleep on a concrete floor I finally arrived in Beijing so Here I am in Beijing got here yesterday at like 3:00 in the morning or something crazy still pretty jet-lagged as you can see I'm going to North Korea pretty nervous had a briefing last night with the tour company I'm going with I'm doing a budget tour.

So I'm not quite sure What that means in North Korea standards? But I guess we're gonna find out over this video series lots of lots of rules to take in I'm not sure how I'm gonna do this video series I'll do a bit of kind of normal vlogging, but then I'll probably do it quite a bit of Voiceovers as well because I'm not quite sure what I'm going to feel comfortable being allowed to say but then any more talking I've got to go get a taxi and then we've got to go to the airport and fly to North Korea on what is called the world's only one star airline so I'm not quite sure that means either but I'm sure gonna find out so I'm nervous Arrived at Beijing Airport checked and got boarding pass and everything fine and like half an hour or so boarding and then heading away to Pyongjang the capital of North Korea then there's a kicking in a bit.

But anyway it's Let's do this Thank you Arriving in North Korea Alright guys, so this is the part where we arrived in North Korea and we met our tour guides We had two Korean tour guides the whole trip and one guy from England who was working with the tour company all foreigners have to be accompanied with a tour guide at all times So you're basically in sight of these tour guides unless you are in your hotel room under no circumstances Are you allowed to walk alone basically anywhere apart from the hotel So it's extremely strict but the tour guides were very friendly the flight was Interesting, I would definitely rate it higher than one-star the burger they served Let's just say it wasn't the most appetizing thing I've ever seen but apart from that, you know, good service anyway So from here we drove in and the first thing I noticed about driving on the roads was just how rough there were this kind of came as a bit of a problem for filming really bumpy when it came to filming it was quite strict on what we Were and what we weren't allowed to film also, we weren't allowed to film any military that's vehicles, soldiers faces anything like that We weren't allowed to film construction sites If we were to take photos of any pictures of the leaders, then they had to be fully in frame You weren't allowed to take a part of a statue you had to take the full statute Otherwise, it was seen as an insult to the leaders You have to show extreme respect to the leaders when you're in North Korea if you can't show respect to the leaders when you are There then you will be in some serious trouble.

We drove past the hundred and five-story 330 meter tall ryong hotel.

I think I'm pronouncing that correctly so basically the whole of the inside is a construction zone and the whole of the outside is complete and you'll see this later in the video lit up at night and it's pretty incredible From here.

We arrived at the train station to pick up some other people that were on the tour who were arriving by train Bad guys so and besides Pyongyang arrived in the train station To pick up some other people that are on the toilet I like fully immersed in the public right now and tracing The train station the trains just arrived I'm getting the train back to China but Got the train here from China like a 26 hour ride, really First impressions play Feels like we're people's not really looking at Interesting still quite tired and thanks from critical strength fill you in at this if I can Thank off to this regard to the main square then getting 10s On our way to the Kim il-sung square we passed the yanggakdo Hotel, which is the infamous hotel where otto warmbier was caught on video taking down a Political poster and sentenced to 15 years hard labor the last time otto warmbier family saw him more than a year ago He was healthy But distraught pleading for leniency in a North Korean Court Kim Jong Un's regime sentenced warmbier to 15 years of hard labor for allegedly taking down a Propaganda banner in Pyongyang just returned from North Korea with severe brain damage has now died Okay, so we've come right into the city center this is basically like the middle of North Korea as central as a gift This is Kim il-sung square in the background.

Probably seen this on photos I'll go and get some nice shots of in a second, but then we've got It's a big river going through here.

Not sure how good the audio is because I didn't bring my microphone And then we got a big tower in the background there then hopefully tomorrow We're gonna go up that tower.

So I'll show you a few shots of around this area and then Then we're gonna go and get food.

Maybe I don't know Yeah, interesting.

Nothing like a inspected So all these white dots All over the ground here.

This is where people stand for the parades.

So you've probably seen the famous North Korean phrase and How everyone's perfectly lined up These lines go all the way around here even across the road and then we have these parades like maximum two times a year from what I've been told sometimes they don't even have them so a Lot of work goes into a short time from the square.

We started to walk towards a bookshop.

We came across these Supermarkets that were just fully stocked, but nobody was in them.

I'm not quite sure what was going on here Maybe they'd gone home for the day, but I'm not quite sure These traffic wardens are fascinating if they see a government car They will salute it and you can tell if it's government car by their number plates or their number plates different colors Depending if the car belongs to a company the military or a government official It's very rare for people to own their own cars in North Korea When we arrived in the bookstore we were greeted with more copies of the Pyongyang Times Which is an English newspaper Talking about North Korean news with the newspapers or any kind of magazine or pictures with any of the leaders on them You are not allowed to hold the newspaper through the leaders picture So you have to be extremely careful when handling these papers because it's highly illegal to deface or crease You're not actually allowed to throw them away You just have to leave them on a table somewhere and then let people who are qualified to destroy the papers destroy them We were also able to buy anti-us propaganda posters From the bookstore we took a drive through Pyongyang at night You can see the unfinished hotel here again fully lit up on the outside Incredible light show.

This is a huge building.

It's just unbelievable strange with the lighting considering There's not much electricity to go around and then we arrived to a restaurant for dinner The dinner was absolutely delicious basically got something for anyone if you like meat if you're a vegetarian if you're a vegan Basically anything that you want you can get it here whatever preferences you have They'll organize everything for you and the food was so delicious kimchi Potatoes different kinds of meat if you're into that noodles rice from dinner then we drove to a hotel Alright guys, so made it to the hotel after that delicious dinner They're absolutely exhausted right now filming in the toilet because the lighting in the bedroom isn't really sufficient I think there's a bit of a power issue but apart from their first impressions Really good.

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings Going exploring around the city deck heaps of different things But I'm so ready to get some good sleep so I can actually take in everything I'm seeing properly and I hope the audio is picking up ok on this because I'm not using a microphone just these little Mops here.

So this hotel is huge.

It's 30 floors I'll show you the view from this hotel before I finish the video, sir So this is the bedroom I'm sharing with the French guy he's just downstairs, but I Have a look out here So you can see the leaders Lift up there That's the main road and then there's just skyscrapers everywhere make sure you stay tuned for the next video Thank you so much for watching in case I don't see good afternoon.

Good evening and good night You.

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