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what's going on everybody trippin over here host of The Daily Show coming to you from quarantine how y'all doing I'm going to be chatting to mr.

Masseria Adam Oh Siri the head of Instagram I mean I could be better I think everyone could be better how are you yeah is this is this what Instagram was made for were you guys planning this from the beginning is that one day we're all gonna be trapped indoors all have to look at pictures of each other well Wednesday same not not exactly I do think we were I think Instagram was made to bring people together for sure but we should I'm not thinking about this insane situation that we find ourselves in today let me let me ask you a few questions be like just in and around what's happening now this is one of the strangest times we've ever been in you know I'm reading some of the questions people have in the comments here and one of the big things Instagram has the power to do is connect people with each other but it also has the ability to connect people with information you know we see nurses on Instagram we see doctors on Instagram telling us what they need some of the first videos about coronavirus came out on Instagram you know whether it was doctors in China whether it was doctors in Italy they were showing us what was going on on the ground what is Instagram doing to try and piece all of this information together so we can separate fact from fiction and a highly related to cover 19 in the crisis around the pandemic we're trying to keep people safe and bring people together and most of keeping people safe is around getting access to good information so we actually put a banner at the top of Instagram for everyone worldwide pointed them to different local health organizations like here in the US the CDC to get good accurate information about the virus right that's the kind of thing that we never actually do we're trying to raise awareness for the stay home sticker which people are using is to encourage people to stay home because it's one of the best pieces of advice I think you can give and it's more meaningful coming from people you follow than coming from a company like ours well she's been used it more than 100 million times so far which has been exciting to see and then trying to make sure that bad information any risky information that's missing time I see you I'll get my back so you yeah I lost you for a second you were talking about misinformation also trying to make sure we remove any misinformation related to cook in nineteen that's dangerous you know you see these terrible pranks like drink bleach and it'll cure you kind of stuff so getting that stuff off the platform entirely right this is also a strange time because like on the one hand you have people who are at home people who are stressed out afraid etcetera and then it feels like this is one of those moments where social media can be the best thing or the worst thing some people are being crazy and angry online and then other people are creating memes you know like you said there's all these challenges the push-up challenge people are singing at home is Instagram working to amplify this content or are you trying to bring people together behind these common causes or is it just happening organically and you're just letting it go a lot of it's happening organically we're trying to figure out how we can help amplify it and how we can do things really quickly and normally if we have an idea that we're seeing all these amazing lives happen right now you saw John Legend and Chrissy Teigen do a wedding for their daughter Luna it's like stuffed animals over the weekend I think these things are amazing we're trying to figure out how we can amplify that normally we would try and build something inside Instagram so you can go and sort of see what's coming up but there's no time so we're using the idea Instagram account in that case which has a lot of followers hundreds and millions of followers when I push out information about what we see coming up so in general we're just trying to figure out how we can duct-tape solutions together quickly to try and amplify the good that's happening on the platform as opposed to building things that might take weeks given that how pressing the need is right now I think to help out can you you see a world where you would be doing that do you guys working on something for the future because we don't know how long we gonna be indoors are you like I think something that you know that could be released in a few months is there like a new type of Instagram if we just we just stuck inside for a few months maybe I mean we're seeing people are messaging way more their videos having way more that going I've way more you see this varies from country to country but those are pretty consistent trends but we're also just trying to figure out what can we do in a matter of weeks that just days given the challenge is gonna be they're gonna be great and I'm gonna take time even if we come out of shelter in place but lock down there like economic impacts are significant so one of the things we're looking at right now are what can we do for creators on Instagram but also small businesses like retailers and service providers like you look cool I don't know your local haircutting place or your local restaurant can we provide any relief there can we do anything for critters who make a living on Instagram can we do anything around donations so these things would take weeks and not days to do but we are spending a bunch of time there and then also trying to figure out on the mental health side because there's a physical health risk here there's a huge economic risk but this is really taxing for a lot of people in a really significant way and so is there anything we can do in that space as well given that we're not mental health experts there's another area so we'll see we'll see how the next couple of weeks involved is that it's not like a thing you can do online to just get rid of all negative information is that is is there like a filter we could tag on on Instagram where we say hey we just you know we don't want to see or hear anything negative is that is that a possibility that's not quite there but we you can block certain comment turn words in your comments which is pretty valuable for certain people but no that's not nearly as ambitious is what you're talking about we're thinking more along the lines of getting people emotional support again making sure they can have a network to lean on if they're in times of crisis what does that mean when you say that because you know one thing that I've always talked a lot about is sad stories of depression you know I've talked about how how hard it can be to cope with anxiety or depression you know how during times like this one of the hardest things is to not maintain contact with the people you normally do what is recommend to help with that because on the one hand with Instagram as you guys have always said you know you have to balance the world of making people go crazy because they're spending too much time on Instagram but now people have to spend more time on these platforms to connect with people so how are you helping people maintain their mental health a few different things I think the most important thing is this helping people connect with the loved ones so do they really care about if you're separated I mean my brother lives in LA my sister lives in Berlin I'm really close to both of them I use Instagram to stay in touch with them but beyond that we're trying to we're seeing other things happen receive mental health experts like therapists and psychologists use Instagram mercy to connect with their patients you know Liz o has done a bunch of meditations with the flute and the whole crazy thing going live on Instagram so we're seeing a lot this happen organically which is which is great so we just want to know when possible can we amplify that kind of thing right are you are you doing anything cuz I mean I feel like everyone everyone asks the head of companies what the companies are doing are you are you okay at home what are you doing are you doing any challenges you doing a push-up challenge I should do to push a challenge I haven't done that yet actually I think some will challenge me recently I got two little boys and another on the way so much for me personally it's been mostly about how do I take care of them oh how old are they for Nico's porn blazes – and then the other one is yeah it's almost April May so can it be born in the middle of all of this how do you explain to your four-year-old why you can't leave the house and live your normal life it's tough I've tried I explained that there is a here's understand the word disease so there's like a sickness that's spreading around and it happens you know well usually when people sneeze and that sort of thing and so we want to stay clear just to be safe for a while he really uh he's got energy DUP so he's gonna explode Christmas right so but I think there's a lot of credits out there particularly if you're working right now and you have little kids and you don't have any child care you're moonlighting your job you're trying to call them the meetings during the day and you try to be a parent at home school it's just just wild right time if it also if you're single and you live in a tiny little apartment in New York where things are pretty rough right now and you're incredibly isolated that's also really brutal so it's all everyone's dealing with their own challenges I've got I've got some questions from the community that are really interesting and remember guys this is Trevor Noah here hosted The Daily Show I'm into Adamo Siri here who is the head of Instagram so if you have any questions for any of us just send them through and I'll ask them I've got a few that I've got I've pulled up here from the people does Instagram connect users to local opportunities if they want to volunteer or donate is Instagram is there any part of the platform that helps you find these opportunities there are some and we're trying to build more so right now you can raise money for nonprofits to the donation sticker and stories so we have a as of last week a section dedicated to Cova 19 related health organizations mm-hmm and we're actually matching up to 10 million dollars for the United Nations fund foundation at the World Health Organization in the CDC right but what we were interested is what more can we do how can we help connect the community that uses Instagram to the small businesses that are going to be suffering you know in such an intense way or to the creators that they love on the platform or to do their local shops or restaurants and so that's one of these were actively currently exploring because it's look at the end of the day the government can help in a scale that no private company can and I think they're moving to try and do so but you know you can provisioning a bunch of capital is one thing distributing it is another and so we're hoping that we can help if we can bridge a little bit because it's gonna be really tough and all the local businesses that are all of us know and love yeah here's a big question that's coming through from a lot of people in the community and it's around false information that would be on Instagram it's really hard because on the one hand you have some people who are joking and clearly joking about ways to cure coronavirus or they're talking about you know this like creating a meme or they're messing around and then you have other people who are purposefully trying to miss inform the public about what they can do about coronavirus how is instagram figuring out first of all which of the which of the comments are detrimental and what are you doing about this so with figuring out what issues or what claims are what commented remember we're working with organizations like the World Health Organization to identify dangerous false claims and then we use people but also technology you try and go and stand out and find all of the examples of those claims but we deliver like heavily on experts I think the piece of context of it's worth flagging real quick is that generally we tend to be very worried about putting a chilling effect on speech we try to be a place where people can express themselves and tell their stories and so we've taken a lot of criticism over the years for being too lenient when it comes to the Cova 19 and misinformation that specifically creates health risks we are being actually the opposite we're being quite conservative we're taking it off Instagram entirely and so just we want to be clear that we care a lot about expression we care about speech in general but these are extenuating circumstances and under which we're going to act differently because I think the world needs it alright I got a question here for both of us and that is um from ignite string theory hey Trevor and Adam how do you think our world will look after the corona virus has passed you go first you can go first I wanna hear you go on so I think you're gonna see a number of broad shifts that have already started accelerate alright so you're seeing people move more and more shopping online and seeing people video chat and do all this type of thing more and more you can I think that you're gonna see we're like three years of these sort of shifts happen in three months right and some of it will snap back but it won't snap back all of the way but I also think it's gonna be a while like even after all of these you know each local locked out or shelter-in-place opens up I don't think people are gonna immediately go out and party I think it's gonna be people gonna be careful about large gatherings for a period of time you know one interesting question is like you know if it goes on for a really long time to people still shake hands like I don't know there's all sorts of crazy ideas you can imagine but I think that that's um like the psychological impact is gonna be significant you you you meet my great-grandmother lived to the Great Depression I'm not comparing this recession to the Great Depression that was much longer but you know she was 96 when she passed and she still like couldn't spend money so you can imagine certain effects but concerns about how the concerns about it makes her money might last a long time depending on how long this lasts I don't know yeah it I I feel like when when it whenever someone asks me what do I think the world would be like after coronavirus I think the question I first posed back to them is how long do you think coronavirus will last I think if we went back to our normal lives in a week I don't think the world would change we would all come out of it like it was like a force mini-vacation with weird moments and I think people would be more brazen than ever there would be certain hubris because everyone be like oh we survived it wasn't a thing I think if it goes for a really long time we start to see the effects economically and physically you know if you start seeing huge numbers of people dying if you start seeing a ton of people not being able to afford food I think we're gonna we're gonna reach a tipping point where society then decides what's more important staying indoors or going out and getting food working or not working etc and it's gonna be hard it's gonna be interesting to see how governments manage that period and then I think after that whatever they've done in that period determines what we live like afterwards I mean I've already seen just from from surveys and from polls that have been conducted people's perspectives on certain issues are changing for instance now people care more about medicine and what access they have to health care now people are thinking differently about their health care premiums and and and universal health care it's a completely different conversation right now even just job security you know there are countries around the world where people people have protection you know the government says if you're unemployed we'll find a way to keep you you know eating and living until you get another job a lot of countries don't have that and and so I think to what you're saying as much as business is gonna change I think politics is gonna change depending on how long this coronavirus threat goes for because if it goes for long enough people are just gonna want to make sure that we're never in the same situation ever again because you see countries like the UK where they said they'll pay you know a percentage of people's salaries for the duration of this this crisis and they understand it's got the economy's gonna take a knock but they're gonna figure it out so the question is how long does it last determines how much it'll change the world is what I think make sense and I think you're gonna see I mean I mean unemployment is spiking in a huge way in any country that's been affected so far and I think those are like advanced if people stand employed for a long period of time that also will change a lot of how people think we're seeing records I was here in the u.


already and you know we're only a couple weeks in you're not taking it seriously so it's gonna be pretty it's gonna look we're gonna remember this year I want to talk about it for a long time right I got you two interesting questions first quick one that just came up was why you in a closets I'm in my garage oh I'm lucky and privileged enough to have a garage so I can go when I'm working and hide for my children alive we're doing an Instagram that's the Instagram team giving them an update up because we're trying to take care of them too and you know Monica had the garage my wife and so and the kids just like they just ran in and I was like then they happen they got a fight cuz there's two boys and I had to like try and play my frames you don't wanna see and then the other question was really interesting if I just scroll back to it it was what are your opinions on the fact that this is actually good for the planets that you know we as society are taking a break from polluting from you know whether it be our cars our emissions from factories etc you know what what are your opinions on that idea I don't know I haven't thought about that enough to have a good opinion I will say I think climate change is one of the most if not the most important long-term challenge we face so it's an area that I care a lot about but I have not thought about how specifically this pandemic will affect our work there I think that could cut either way honestly we'll see did actually depend on how long it lasts like the economic the longer it lasts the longer there I could you know the economy's hurt maybe people care about climate less or maybe they kill more about health and they care about climate more you could see that I'm going on right let me ask you a crazy question could could Instagram create like a feature where people who are gathered together who shouldn't be together like their accounts get blocked like if they're not social distancing yeah I don't know if we can know who's supposed to be together or not be together but yeah theoretically we're not supposed to be in the same place unless you live with people or those are the people you've been incubated with right so my question is can can Instagram shut down people's accounts until they separate is that a thing you can do technically we could properly can try I don't think for a bunch of detail reasons that aren't that interesting I don't think we'd be that good at it so we've got a lot we do it to people who didn't deserve it and not do to people who did probably too often apartment building phones might just get cut off yeah give you the city and like you're on the same block okay okay there's some fun questions that are coming through from from from people online and they're saying oh yeah I guess this is a question that ganache to Instagram etc is can you help people find toilet paper is there instagram help with this if there was is posting pictures of what they're having for take-out everyday and then you can call and you can go pick it up without going into the space so we're seeing all sorts of really interesting use cases I'm up but toilet paper isn't one that I have found yet look if you got Cutex connection just comment pair one of those moments where you could you could create something amazing here you creates a feature on Instagram where we can old tag toilet paper for each other just a tab dedicated in toilet paper just we just need a toilet paper tab on Instagram so you can imagine the icon 20 with just just a little just a nice little outline just a little thing someone did make it look someone had a good comment they said we can just use waterproof if you have a good day I mean this is not a problem in your in your world you know that makes a lot of sense Adam I mean everyone is out there well in there I should say trapped indoors living their lives as a human being two questions how has this affected you the most as a human being before business and also what do you miss most about normal life as a human being I mean I'm I don't know this is I can distill down to one thing I mean the thing that I'm most trying to figure out is how do I support my family and support and do my job well given that my job has gotten much more intense as you can imagine and my family situation with my wife was like you know eight ish months pregnant I'm seven and a half is intense so that's just weighing both of those things at the same time is a lot but I don't think I know how it's affected me yeah I think I'll know once we get through it right now it's about you know adrenaline and working and being smart and spending time just I just do two things I'm here in the garage working and I'm in that and aspect of family right so I don't know yet and then what do I miss most I just miss seeing people I care about in love in person it's just you know I don't know I'm a hugger and like you can't hug right now yeah and so I miss whether it's like really close family or friends I miss that a lot what do you miss the most what do I miss the most mm-hmm I'd be lying to you if I said I missed anything I mean I don't like I don't like the tension in the world I don't like how many people are being affected by this physically and emotionally but for me personally I'll never lie to you and say that my life has changed even in the slightest I I stay home I don't like hugging people I don't like I don't like getting close to people physically like I've always been this person even when they were like showing people how to wash their hands or like wait how were people washing their hands but yeah like there was like people were like you left out your thumbs I was like how do you wash your hands without doing your thumbs I don't know I don't know all I know is you can eat pertinently I won't lie and say that my life has changed all too dramatically I stay at home the way I always did man I'm online you know I make my show from home it is amazing my video game and now I have an excuse to not go out and see people because people always stressed me out it would be like why don't you come outside it's so sunny it's such a beautiful day you're wasting the day now I'm just I'm like coronavirus baby I can't go anywhere because you've got your girl to excuse yeah it's just become it's become my life so I feel like there's a lot of introverts who who are enjoying just that aspect of coronavirus so I wish we could have this without any of the negative economic effects or anybody's health being affected in fact after Kona bars I'm gonna stay indoors and I'll tell people I'm doing it in case of coronavirus yeah forever going forward in the future yeah yeah you're just careful just really careful now it could be another one all right well Adam I know that's all the time you got man thank you so much for joining me [Music] you.

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