(screaming) (upbeat hiphop music)Hey, what's up? My name is Phil.

Milwaukee raised me, basketball pays me and got me exploring the world.

Now, I'm spreading thepower and positivity of the black traveler toEurope's great cities.

This is Phil Good Travel.

(upbeat music) Velkommen to Switzerland! High above Interla– Ow, I bit my tongue.

High above Interlaken, 10, 000 feet to be exact.

(yodels) I practiced that in my, we're gonna paraglide through the skies, maybe do some skydiving.

I am so ready for some fondue.

I might even get a (air swooshing)Swiss Army pocket knife.

I'm gonna sprinkle somepositivity all over Interlaken! ♪ The sun will come out right now ♪ Shit.

This is Phil Good Travel.

Let's roll.

So, we're at Interlaken, theadventure capital of Europe, stayin' here at Balmers.

And they hooked us up withsome activities to do.

I love you, Balmers! I'm risking my life (claps) for y'all! Day one of Thrill Daywith Phil, paragliding.

Smooth, baby.


(upbeat electronic music) (music muffles speech) Woo! Hit it, B! Oh yeah, baby.

Woo! ♪ I believe I can fly ♪ This is amazing! Are we doin' 360 turn? Oh, did I do that? Aw, hell yeah! Let's go.

(screaming) What the (beep) is happening? (screaming) I'm landing on my feet.

(laughing) I'm landing on my feet, baby! I'm tellin' you this! Woo! It was refreshing.

It felt good.

So pretty.

Let me wipe this tear out my eye.

It's from the wind.

It's from the wind.

– [Cameraman] What's next? – Some more adventures, baby! Even though he PuertoRican, he still a brother.

How you doin, my brother? – Hello.

(bell rings) – Oh, nice to meet you, man.


That's the number one rule when I travel.

I acknowledge a brother when I see him.

– Thank you.

– Three!(bell rings) African brother.

– African brother.

See you later, my African brother.

(upbeat music)I love Switzerland.

And we're gonna do whatSwitzerland people do, and that's climb to the topof one of those mountains! Schilthorn.

We're gonna climb to thetop, all the way to the top.

Don't stop! I brought my home girl, Radostina, all the way from LA.


(bell rings) George Jefferson strollin' on it! And this city is so pretty.

– [Producer] Think you could live here? – [Phil] Nope! You gotta acknowledgebeauty when you see it.

Look at that.

Beautiful flowers.

Or, as you say in Swiss-German, (upbeat funk music) That's so beautiful.

Easy peasy.

Don't look down unlessthere's money on the ground.

Lookin' to the side, and oh shit.

I'm hiking 10, 000 feet in some Chucks.

Look at my view! Would you do this? (dramatic music) Crazy.

You gotta be really careful.

Calculate your steps.


Whoa! That is nothing but death down there.

This is trust, right here.

And that's death right there.

Holy shiggidy.

(grunting) Mountain climbers on a mountain! (dramatic hiphop music)(exhaling loudly) The air is thin.

The air is thin.

Always gotta hike these mountains because ain't no fear, baby! I do this for y'all, comin' from my zip code.

We got the highest rate of incarcerated black men in the world.

It ain't where you from.

It's where you at.

Look where I'm at.

I'm on top of the Alps, baby.

(upbeat hiphop music) If I could do it, y'all could do it.

Trust me.

When you see me in mystance, make no mistake.

Of course it means black power, but it also means solidaritybetween all cultures and all people all the time.

(cheerful music) We are the beautiful village of Murren, waiting for our Swissfondue with the best view.


What it is is, basically, melted cheese.

So, you go into the bread basket.

You take a little dip, dip.

You see the fondue.

You take it, you eat it.

Mm! Fondue(man laughs) with a view! Moo! I don't think he likes that.

So, we're here in Interlaken, and I have my man Giuliano, who's a local, right? – Yes, I am.

– And he's gonna show me the city.

(upbeat funk music) (bell rings) (kids cheering) (bike bell ringing) (laughing) – My name's Dory!- Oh, Phillip.

– Nice to meet you, Phillip.

– Nice to meet you.

– What are you up to? – I'm eatin' some Swiss chocolate.

(laughing)- Nice.

– This is 100% dark chocolate.

This is the pure cocoa.

– Mm, I'm in love with the cocoa! (laughing) Wait, no, it's kinda tangy.

There's no chocolate taste.

(laughing) ♪ Not in love with the cocoa ♪ I need some water or somethin'.

Man, I was eatin' it like popcorn.

It looks like dark chocolate.

– [Dory] Yes.

– Ah.


– Mm, that smells like dark chocolate.

– I know, it's very nice.

– Can I eat it right now? – No, not yet.

– Okay.

– You'll listen to thecrack that it makes.


– Oh! – Oh ho ho! Next, after you've broken it apart, you feel the chocolate.

You see what kind of stain it leaves.

– I can't even see astain 'cause I'm black like the chocolate, baby.

Ah!(laughing) Swiss chocolate.

You never know what you gonna get, but it's gonna be good.

(laughing) So, the foundation of Swisscheese and Swiss chocolate, is seeing these Swiss cows.

(upbeat polka music)Can you touch 'em? – Yes, yes.

You can pet them.

– Ew, yeah, buddy.

(laughing) Here, let me help you, bud.

Get it right there.

Yeah, eat up, baby! That's a feast! You want a salad? I had a salad today, too.

We should be twins.

This one needs some love.

One just farted.

(flatulates) I just heard a fart.

Milk, straight from a cow.

– Oh yeah.

Sweet milk this morning.

– Milky.

If you're ever in Interlaken, and you need a tour guide, this is your man.

Thank you, brother.

– Yeah.

– We are going to the airport to get ready to skydive.

– How do you feel? (laughing) (upbeat music) – No fear, right? No fear, like them clothes.

The white boys be wearin' 'em.

Tough as denim! (flatulates) Oh, I'm nervous! – Oh, geez.

– Sorry.

(all laughing) I'm excited, baby.

– Have you done this before? – Never, ever.

It sound like it, huh? Oh, wow, somebody jumped! That's higher than my Uncle Larry.

He fallin' fast, bro! I can't watch it.

I cannot watch it, bro.

– [Camera Operator] Where did Phil go? – Phil's gone to the bathroom.

He's been in there about 10 minutes now.

– [Camera Operator] Phil, where are, come on, man.

Bathroom break's over, buddy.

– Today's a good day to have a good day.

– [Fraser] Anything elseyou wanna say before you go? – Mamma, I love you, okay? Mamma, I love you; the money is on the, uh huh.



(engine roaring) We got it.

We got this, baby.

(airplane taking off) Woo! Yeah! No turning back! No turning back! I'm about to jump.


(men chattering) – [Fraser] Yeah, baby! Woo hoo! Yeah! (air whooshing) – Yes! ♪ I'm free ♪ ♪ Free falling ♪ Go! (men yelling) (laughing)Boom, oh yeah! 13, 000 feet! (laughing)- Ah, yeah! – Bliss.

That's all I can say.


I ain't scared of nothin' no more.

Bring on the dogs.

Thank you, Interlaken.

I had a great time.

What was that rhyme I said? Doot, doot.

Twice, I jumped fromthe sky and didn't cry.

– [Cameraman] Yes, you did.

– No, I didn't.

– My hands so big, Icould clap with one hand.

(clapping)(kids cheering) Thanks for watching Phil Good Travel.

See you in the next city.

Let's roll.

– Oh no, he's dropping.


(upbeat hiphop music) He's dropping.

– What does that mean? (laughing) – Interla– Ow, I bit my tongue.

(crew laughing).

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