Italy to Canada Travel Vlog: Going Home for the Holidays

Hey guys, good morning good morning.

We are in Pompei and we have got an epic travelvlog for you because not only are we traveling to Naples and then to Rome but we're goingback to Canada.


Via Lisbon.

Uh huh.

So we're going to show you the entire journeyand we're starting off on a regional train.

What is that train called again? I can never say.

Okay, so we're at station Circumvesuviana.


And we don't know when it is coming becausetoday is day two of that holiday.


The feast of the immaculate conception andeverything is shutdown.


So hopefully we'll get on a train soon.

It is going to be a tight connection withour other train yeah which goes from Naples to Rome.

We're going to be staying overnight.


And then the following morning we pick upwith the flights.


So anyways we're going to be starting offon a train ending with a German Shepherd dog Togo.


We can't wait to see Togo.

My family dog.

We're going to be hanging out in Audrey'sfamily house for a while in Brampton.


Brampton, Canada which is just like on theoutskirts of Toronto.

Jeez, you're just putting my neighborhoodout there.



It is a big city I'm sure.


Anyways, yeah we've got a busy travel dayso yeah let's get it started.


What is going on? What is going on.

So we made it to the train station.

We arrived at we arrived at Napoli Garibaldiwhich is also connected to Napoli Centrale.

It is basically the same station.

We found a restaurant ordered ourselves somelunch.

Sam is having gnocchi quattro formaggi.

Four cheeses.

And I am having cotoletta con patata.

Which is what? Some kind of cutlet and potatoes.


And we're so hungry.

We're so hungry.

One thing I forgot to mention was that theprice of the regional train was 2.

80 Euros.

Two eighty.


Yeah, and so it took about 45 minutes.

No closer to 50 minutes.

It took a long time to come.

Yeah, we waited just that same amount of timefor it to arrive because of the holiday and then it took the same amount of time we waitedfor us to get there by train.

So yes we are here.

We don't have quite as much time to sparebut we have enough time for lunch.

Enough time always time for food.

Always time for food.


Alright time to try four cheese gnocchi.

Quattro Formaggi.


And this is actually a starter portion becauseit is meant to be the first dish.


It is pretty good for train station food.

Yeah? Oh yeah you can taste that cheese.

But you are right.

The portion is not big.

I have a feeling we'll probably grab a sandwichbefore we get on the train.

And pastries.

This is for you.


Buon appetito.


And this is mine.

I got the cutaleta with potatoes.

This looks great.


Oh ho ho.

I wonder what kind of cutlet this is? Yeah, good question.

Do think chicken? Pork? I don't really know.

It is really fresh out of the oven.

Can you guess what it is? Oh hot.

I don't know.

You don't know? It has rosemary.

You're suffering.

That is what we know.

The is what we know.

You're suffering.

Get some of that water.

Get some of that Pellegrino in you.



Just waiting to board now.

What did you get? More food.


More food.

Three Euros worth of pastries and then lunchat the restaurant was 14 Euros thirty so not bad.

Not just any pastries let's take a look.

Show us what is inside.

Okay I got the sfogliatella which is the localspecialty shaped like a shell.

And also a croissant filled with nutella.

Oh yeah.

That will tide us over until we get to Rome.

That is all mine.

You said you didn't want pastries.

Oh you're going to be sharing don't worry.

I'm invoking the Audrey Dessert Act.

Alrighty Sam welcome to Roma.

It is a big terminal here guys.

I'm tired.

Um, we're about 20 minutes late and we'rejust going to go find our hotel.

And then chill the rest of the night so we'lltake you to the hotel and probably say goodbye and pick it up again tomorrow.

Alright guys so we've made it to Rome.

We sure have.

And Sam is just immediately passing out inthe bed.

I'm chilling guys.

Kind of hit the wall.



Yeah, it has been a long day oh my gosh.

I don't know why but like traveling by traincan be really tiring even though you're just sitting there.

I think we've had about like thirteen or fourteenreally busy travel days in a row.


I think I just hit the wall today.

I'm like really tired.


Really tired.

But we arrived at the hotel and we got a freeupgrade.

We're in like the penthouse suite.

Um and I mean it is a pretty budget hotelbecause we only paid 40 Euros a night and that is really cheap for Rome.

Uh but we thought we'd give you a tour.

So bedroom right there.

Um nightstand, some lights.

We've got a little desk area.

The standout feature is the balcony.

We got a balcony.

Yes, so let's go it is starting to get darkout.

Sunset already happened but this is it.

So yeah that is like the quickest room tourever.

A bathroom is a bathroom.

You don't need to see that one.

Um yep.

So the plan now is food.


Okay, we'll take you along for dinner.

I lied before.

I said we're going to call it a day but we'regoing to go for dinner.

Okay, so we'll take you out for dinner.

Thanks for following guys.

Oh my gosh.

You look like a beached whale right now.

Show us that pose again.

I feel like one.

Like a seal or something.

I feel like one.


I'm running on empty.

Alright let's go get some food.

Food has arrived.

What did you get? I got spaghetti a la carbonara.

Ah, of course you did.

Our food ended up at someone else's tableby accident.


But it finally found its way to us.

That is right.



Oh my goodness.

This looks good.

Apologies for the orangish light guys.

Am I orange? We're a little bit orange.

The food looks a little orange.


Just the lighting in here.

It is night.

I'm eating my hair.


That is a bit gross.

Well, is it good? Mmmhmm.

Hits the spot? It is tasty.

It is tasty.

How about yours? I'll try it.

Alright, so I've ordered the Diabolo pizzawhich is like a margherita except it has picante salami added to it.

So and no basil.

No basil and no olive oil drizzled all overit.

So really.

Yeah, this is not Naples quality.


That is for sure.

I can tell that already.

Alright let's try it.


So much for taking a break from pizza.

That didn't happen.


Well, it is my last chance so enjoy it.

It is decent but man when you've been havingpizza in Naples you've been sure spoiled so nowhere near that quality but uh it will certainlypass for tonight.

Alright let's enjoy.

Let's enjoy.

Good morning guys.

It is a new day.

Good morning.

We've said goodbye to the trains and now weare going to be flying.

It is a day of flying.

Yeah, actually we were planning on takingthe train to the airport.


But when we got to the station and we noticedall of these airport buses parked right here.


And it is less than half of the price.

And it only takes 45 minutes as opposed towhat like 20 or 30 by train.


So we're like yeah.

The bus tickets are 6 Euros and the traintickets are 5.


Oh five ninety.

Save those 10 cents.

And on top of that it is only fifteen minuteslonger on the bus so we have the time so we will save the money.

Lights cameras action.

We haven't done an update in a while.

It is food time at the airport.

I feel like we only film when we're eating.

Yeah a little bit bad with the b-roll on thisvideo.

Anyways we arrived at the airport.

What was it? Fiumicino? Something with an F.


Fiumicino right? Yeah.

So yeah it is the main International one.


It was a forty five minute ride.


Little traffic on a Sunday.

We've already checked in.


And now we're having some lunch.

So we saved 12 Euros on transportation.

The bus was a good option by the way.


Especially on a Sunday when it wasn't thatbusy.

Uh, we got there quickly.

Like forty minutes.

Forty five minutes at most.


We saved 12 Euros.

How much was yours? This? Yes.

Do you remember.

It was five something.

This my pizza.

My very last pizza in Italy.

Oh, so sad was just under 8 so basically bytaking the bus we got ourselves a free lunch.

So pretty cool.

How is it? Good.

I got myself the bufalino.

Yeah, so it is sandwich with the famed Buffalo.

I wonder if it is like buffalo cheese or Imean buffalo is like an Italian word for cow for all we know.

But anyways yeah it is buffalo, prosciuttoin a panini.

Is it good? Mmhmmm.


And so our first flight today is going tobe with TAP Portugal.

We are going from Lisbon.

From wrong.

We're not in Lisbon yet.

We're going from Rome to Lisbon so yeah that'llbe the short one.

And hopefully we make our connection for theInternational flight back to Toronto.

Fingers crossed.

Our domestic flight has been delayed by 20minutes.

Which is not good news.

Because we already have a tight connection.

But we'll see.

We shall see.

And I was lured into this gelato shop by likea flowing chocolate fountain fountain.

Right in front of us.

We're like.


And they have amazing looking gelato.

So I got you three flavors.

Strawberry, mango and caramel.

Try it.

Because I have a dripping cone.

So okay.

This needs to be expedited.




Here is my cone.

And I will be eating that very quickly.

You probably just saw it drip.

It is dripping right now.

So we're going to end this taste test justknow that it is very good and that I've got gelato on my fingers.

Okay guys we owe you the biggest update.

Oh my gosh.

We didn't film the second leg of the journey.

The flight from Lisbon to Toronto becausefirst of all we barely got on the plane.

I'd say a minute.

One of the last people.

We were the last people.

But we made it.

We made it.

Yeah our first flight was late.

We had the craziest tightest connection tobegin with.


And then we I don't know how we made it butI barely even remember what happened but we somehow got on.

Because there was no line at Immigration.


That is the only reason we made it on.

And the last flight we were just so exhaustedand we were and it was so turbulent.

Oh yeah.

It was like 3 hours of turbulence.

Back to back super it was horrible.

Back to back super turbulent flights.

Like that was white knuckle grip.

Like basically the seatbelt signs were onboth of those flights.

The whole time.

Almost the whole time.


So it wasn't fun but we are here.

Back home.

Back in the Motherland.

Waiting for the luggage.

Back in Canada.

We'll see if our luggage made it.


That is the question.

There is a good chance it didn't.

Fingers crossed.

But we're getting so close to ending thisvlog because we promised you we would show you the dog Togo.

Togo the dog.

My dog.

And that is the end.

The end is near guys.


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