Jakarta, Indonesia | Travel Vlog #1 | Shot on GoPro

Are you going to get in bed, George? Take one.

Hey everybody, we finally landed in Jakarta after 25+ hot, sweaty, oily hou– After 25 hours of hot, sweaty, oily plane rides we finally made it into Jakarta and now we're being housed by the Ng's.

Beautiful house.

We'll give you guys a tour tomorrow, but shout out to Ngfamily for for holding us these few days.

But yeah tomorrow we'll get started on aon a few adventures in Jakarta! Hope you guys enjoy and show you guys what's good around here.

Stay tuned! Good morning! It is our first dayin Jakarta, a bright and sunny day.

Yeah this is the view I have to wake upto.

Oh me? Oh yeah.

Yeah that's the view right there.

We're super stoked to behere ready for our first day and up and going early.

So stay tuned! Nothing likes some early-morningcrunches to start your day.

Oh yeah! Ohhhh! It's a little sour I think.

Very juicy.

It's really good.

Currently sitting in the most comfortablevan in the world.

The seats recline! Oh my gosh like *mind blown* Have you ever seen a walking breath mint?Because now you have.

How's it going? My name's Kevin.

It's like a more mature– did you just put your sunglasses on for this? [Tiffany sings dramatic theme song] Alright, alright.

What do we think? I think I look stunning.

[George tells funny story about his first full-body massage] Oh that's clean.

Yeah you got it! Take your first bite.

I love papaya.


Alicia, you look great.

Oh my God, my name is Kevin, George.

You do this every time.

This is the daily vlog of George.

That's not me, that's George.

This is George! Day 2: Jakarta.

So excited.

Kevin: put it on me, please.

Yesterday was a jam-packed day.

Had a lot of fun.

Got a massage, ate three fullmeals, and went to a rooftop bar with great views and great drinks and great friends.

Today we've got another full day for you.

We'll keep you posted.

You're looking great today! We're in Jakarta today on January 13th, Monday.

About to eat somenoodles at this really fresh new house.

Called? Warung Bakmi Mpek Tjoen.


You know it! Bakmi is? Noodles! Fresh OJ.

Bon apetite! Alright, so.



what we have here is a special case of the tricycle.

If you don't know what thatis it's when you have two wheels in the front, one in the back.

That's me just–well technically, a tricycle is two wheels in the back, but yeah, here we are now just the third wheel.

The one that's notreally needed but it's just there, so.

Oh hey guys! How's it going?Don't every let anyone tell you you're not needed.



So yeah, so here I am by my lonely self.

George didn't even want to have an umbrella for me in the rain, sonope.

Too late now! nope it's too late don't want it don'twant it don't want it.

Are we embarrassing you Tiff? So here we are now and now you can clearly see this is the real case of a tricyclebecause you have Ms.

Tiffany in front third-wheeling us.

We came here to see the Monas (Monument) Unfortunately it's closed on Mondays andso we're gonna have to head out.

Ta da! So a bird No, no not a bird.

An animal.

It looks like a rat.

No, it looks like a raccoon.

A meerkat-raccoon.

A meerkat-raccoon poops, which is then turned into a coffee.

Poops out the seed.

Which is then ground into a coffee.

And we are on our way to ingest it now.

Alright, guys.

World's most expensive coffee.

Yo, it's Nezuko! Nezuko! What's Nezuko? An anime character.

The luwak animal, it goes and eats the coffee bean when it's still pink–the coffee fruit– and then it poops out the seed, which is the coffee bean.

And they take that coffee bean and grind it up to–so we're eating poop.

You've never eaten the butthole before?I have not.

Right now? If you wanted to.

Say no more.

Wait, really? I was like, really! The slipperiness of the balls justswirls and caresses your tongue.

Yeah it's a really nice juxtaposition to the coarse texture of the toast.

So I have to say it's a great combination No comment.

Thick chocolate over here.

4 thin chocolate slices.

4 thin cheese slices.

Munching in the car why? Because it's too freaking hot outside! Going to make some Batik! That's so crazy.

Cheers! It looks like a stone.

What is it? Mochi.

Actually? Yea.

So what is this? Is it a candle, or is it food? [Everybody screams] No! No! [Delayed scream] For our last meal, we have to put on ponchos! [Yelling] [Cheering].

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