I'm a big believer in messages from the Universe.

WhenI hear something over and over.

It either resonates with me or it excites me.

This time I ended up in Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

OK, I just gotto the gate.

Starting to get excited, woo.

By the way I'm at 7, 000 feet elevationright now.

All these guys you see around me are porters.

Porters are the peoplewho help carry all your stuff.

It's official! This is so exciting! About toclimb Mount Kilimanjaro.

No more cars, no more planes, about to get on the Shiraplateau trail and hike about two hours.

Alright, let's go, let's start hiking.

This is my house for tonight, about to get the tour.

Oh, this is the lounge.

You open the top part, you do your business, when you are done you flush it, gentle, make sure you zip.

Good Morning! Got a lil tea, woke up in my tent.

It's like 25 degrees right now.

I'm gonna attempt to wash my face.

I don't know why, because as soon as I wash it, I'm just gonna get dirty again.

but I'm trying to stay clean out here you guys.

I'm leaving Shira camp 1 and I'm headed to Moir hut.

This way is the Shira 2 route and this way is Moir Hut.

Now the Sun is up.

It's beautiful, the weather is gorgeous And we are hiking through the Shira plateau and everyone is doing good today.

My name is Game Sawa.

I am a mountain guide.

I've been at the top more than a hundred times.

There's a bunch of routes you can take.

I decided to take the Shira route, and the reason I'm taking the Shira route is threefold.

One, it's beautiful, you get to see allthe terrain, personality and views that Kilimanjaro truly offers.

Two, it's not socrowded, and Three, it's safe.

It takes eight days.

This will give you the time to acclimate properly.

Two days down, six to go.

Note to self, bring less stuff in yourbackpack when you're going up Kilimanjaro I just took my Diamox, whichhelps with the altitude adjustment.

Look at that.

Look at that, Frost.

It was negative ten degrees lastnight.

okay, Gama.

Yes? Where are we going today? Today we are going to Buffalo camp.

Yeah, from here it is gonna take us just like seven or eight hours.

This is long day compared to other days.

I have a question for you about theglaciers, now I hear that they are going away.

Is that true? Yes, you know thenickname of Mount Kilimanjaro some years back was called the white mountain, butnowadays is becoming Black Mountain.

Is melting at lot.

Porters, they are so fast.

What I've really noticedfrom this climb is that each day has it's own terrain.

I just slept ten hours.

Isn't thatnuts? Day four.

It's a beautiful day.

The sun is shining, the clouds behind me almostlook like ocean.

They're so beautiful.

I'm currently at 13.

2 Elevation.

I'mabove the clouds.

Okay, now we are on the way going to Second Cave.

Sometimes you have to pull over on the Kilimanjaro Highway to let the porters go.

That's camp 4 right behind me, bout to roll up on it.

What's the Swahili word of the day? Did you know, you could take a shower leading up to Mount Kilimanjaro? Well you can.

I just hung up my clothes, I'm in my towel, there's my flip-flops.

Hotwater in a bag with a spout.

I'm gonna take a shower.

Morning! It's day five.

I woke up at 2nd cave.

That's the camp that I'm at.

I'm at 11.

2 elevation right now and I'm headed up to14 by the end of the day Day 5 is shaping up to be a beautiful day.

The sun is shining.

It's clear outside.

Today we are heading to Mawenzi Tarn Hut.

The camp which is very amazing because we gonna have the small lake which is called Tarn Hut.

Let me show you around camp a little I'm getting dressed for the day.

Everything is dirty, I think it's impossible to keep your clothes clean Day 6.

Good morning! Good, I just sleptat 14.

16 elevation and now I'm headed up to 15.

5 We are heading tothe top of the ridge and then down and up and.



and then gradual ascent all the way to the camp.

How long is it gonna take us, you think?It's five to seven hours.

There's two words there there's Kalima which means mountain, and then Jaro means water, so mountain of water Made it to camp six! Woo That's the kitchen.

That's the guide's tentwith a guide outside.

That's my house.

The little pointy one, that's my toilet.

That's where I eat, that's the dining hall, and that's my lounge.

Welcome to the lounge.

After hiking forsix days and overnighting in five different camps, I'm now in Kibo camp, andtomorrow, the next step is summiting that girl right there.

Waking up at 3:30 in the morning, summit day.

Get ready, head out at 5:00, and then it's go time.

Day seven.

I'm sorry I look like totalshit this morning.

It's 3:30 in the morning.

That's my shower for today.

Lil bowl of hot water.

I haven't washed my hair in seven days.

Summit time.

Got all mygear on.

Feeling like a ninja.

It's like 5:00 in the morning.

It's cold as hell.

Here we go.


So pretty.

Sun came up, warming things up.

That makes me happy.

I'm smiling.


I'm slipping.

It's a little harder to breathe, like a fish out of water.

And you bet your assI'm going to summit.

We are above the clouds and above Mawenzi now.

I'm walking overlittle baby rocks you might call it scree.

Beautiful day to summit.

Woo, made it to 16.


Where you from? Spain.

How'd it go? It went very well, we made it, some of us even cried and everything.

It's really exciting.

Go for it.

I started mine around five, which I think is better.

You're not in the dark aslong.

Dark equals cold.

The air is super thin and dry.

I made it up to Gilman's point.

I cannot catch my breath.

I just keep going.

I'm almost to the summit.

I just go real slow.

All of a sudden I was worried I wouldn't summit.

I started feeling so sick because I hadn't eaten in 8 hours, but I got somefood in me and pushed on.

I made it to 18.

9 I'm crying, I'm laughing.

I'm gonna make that goddamn summit If it's the last thing I do.

Oh my God, there's the sign.

Finally you guys.

I did it.

I summited! It might be some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my whole life.

Ok, it's day 8.

I'm descending.

So happy I summited yesterday, now it's all downhill.

I forgot to ask you the word of the day today.

So we summited together? yeah.

We did it.


It tells you you have to sign out and you have to put thepoint you made it to and I made it to Uhuru which is the summit.


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