KOH LANTA GUIDE: Is it worth visiting Koh Lanta, Thailand???

Hello guys, welcome to Koh Lantatravel guide video in this video I will tell you everything that you need to know about Koh Lanta islands so without further ado let's jump into the video with a Thailandintro welcome to Love Live Discover Thailand series I have traveled all overThailand for 12 months and in this Thailand travel guide series we willfeed monkeys swimming with sharks and of course we will get to know the elephantsenjoy the beaches hike mountains we will also join the biggest water fight in theworld if you want to see all these and more make sure subscribe now and ringthe bell to discover all about Thailand's for free Koh Lanta is abeautiful tropical island same as Phuket and Phi Phi but there is a main difference Phuket and Phi Phi is really really overcrowded it's unbelievable when you're there and it'sproper developed and it's much more expensive compared to Koh Lanta aswell thereare tourists that come in here especially in the high season butmajority of the time it's much more quiet compared to Phuket or Phi Phi and it'snot as developed so which also makes it much more cheaper so if you want to cometo Thailand for a relaxing holiday for a beach holiday I would definitely adviseyou to check out Koh Lanta if you are interested to party or something likethis then obviously Phi Phi or Phuket will be much better option for you Koh Lanta Thailandlocates around 70 kilometers south of Krabi and it's pretty easy to reachhere the main destination that you can reach here from is Krabi or Phuket andyou can come by land or ferry also keep in mind if you're coming from Malaysiayou can stop in trang and come here by land or from Phi Phi can get a ferry oreven from Langkawi Island from Malaysia you can get a ferry to arrive hereregarding to how to get to Koh Lanta I prepared specific video so I will attachit for you here and you can check that out if you need more information besttime to visit Koh Lanta is from December till March this period is also known as thehigh season and it's the time where the most tourists will be in koh lantadon't worry when I say most tourists it's still not going to be as busy butit's definitely the period where all the restaurants will be open all theattractions will be available and from April to October it's the low seasonwhere the rain season I start coming in that's why the island is muchmore quiet also November is a interesting period if you want to haveIslands really quiet for yourself and don't want to be in the rain season aswell November can be a good month because you just come out of the rainseason but it's not really high season yet so the island is quiet so you canhave the beach to yourself just keep in mind the sea will not be as clear as thehigh season it's because the island just come out of the rain season the water isnot going to be as clear and it's gonna be in the high season but if you want tohave a private honeymoon you can risk and come in November just after the rainyseason if you lucky there will be no rain in the days that you come and youcan enjoy the private beaches by keep in mindNovember still the time that there might be some rain coming to the Koh Lantaobviously when you come into Koh Lanta you will need an accommodation unless youplan to stay in the beach which will be a good option by if you want to arrangean accommodation keep in mind the majority of the nice locations to stayin koh lanta is on the west coast there is south is more rocky area and on thewest coast my favorite area which I have personally stayed as well was Long Beachhere the vibe is really nice it's like hippy vibe the people arefriendly you know we've been driving around all day by still thing I like ourair the most because it's mostly like bungalows and more laid-back morelike yeah graffitis bungalows and it's not like developed area whereas when wewere driving it was like this house it to meyeah it's pretty nice and also if you have family you might also want to stayaround Klong Dao beach which is closer to Pier and it will definitely findeverything that you're looking for in this areas there are restaurants barstransportations available so you will definitely be happy to stay in thisareas when it comes to going around in the island if you have a driving licenseI will definitely advise you to rent a scooter don't panic because it's not aschaotic as Phuket or Bangkok but keep in mind the roads here are not as developedso there are lots of holes if you're not really confident of driving scooter Idon't know why you to rent obviously if you're confident with your skills andyou have a driving license definitely otherwise rented scooter itwill be much more cheaper much more convenient and the island is not thatbig so you can drive everywhere and explore it yourself my V don't have adriving licence or if you're not planning to rent a scooter keep in mindthat our tuk tuks that you can just pay and they will take you anywhere you wantalways it will be much more expensive compared to anything as good to yourselfone thing that I really like about Koh Lanta that it's touristy place it's aThai island but the locals here didn't change it so what I mean is Thailand'sknown as land of smiles and that is actually true I traveled all aroundThailand when you go to the rural areas that is not really touristic the localsare really friendly there smiley they're always willing to help you but as itcome to do touristic locations such as Phuket Phi Phi the locals behavior change alittle bit I'm not saying that bad people obviously they kind of get sickof all this tourists and the behavior of the tourists so they distance themselvesa little bit and they're less forgiving and all this kind of stuff but when youcome to koh lanta it's not like this locals are still friendly they're reallyhelpful and it's much more nice feeling also when it comes to English theEnglish level in the Koh Lanta is decent anywhere in Thailand when you go you'renot gonna find amazing English level as you go to touristic locations it'sbetter and you go to the rural areas it's less and less people speakingEnglish in koh lanta it's enough when you want to communicate with someone youwill have enough English they will have enough English to be able to communicateback with you obviously when applying to Koh Lanta you will want to find out whatare the attractions that you can check out first of all I have to tell you thatthe 4 Island tour is amazing it's not specifically in the Koh Lanta island but thisis a tour that you get and with it different islands surrounding Koh Lanta and my favorite was emerald cave if you come in to Koh Lanta you shoulddefinitely check it out it's like Island and you have to swim beneath themountain like 90 meters or sort through the cave and then you reach to a beachin the heart of the mountain it's absolutely amazing to check out otherthan there it can do kayaking in mangrove forest we can check out longbeach and all these things but keep in mind when you are here there is elephantrides available but don't do that because it's just harmsthe animal if you wanted to spend time with elephants I would much more adviseto go to Chiang Mai where there's elephant sanctuaries they rescue theelephants and you don't really ride them you walk next to them you wash themyou take them to mud baths and this kind of stuff are much more entertaining andmuch more safe for the animals just to add this note to you also I made a videolisting my top five things to the in Koh Lanta I will attach the video here foryou so you're gonna check that out I'm sure you'll find it informative otherthan all these attractions obviously we have to talk about nightlife as I saidit's not as good as Phuket or Phi Phi but there is still some nightlife availablethere are bars, hippy bars beach bars also after the sunset there is fire shows inLong Beach where you can chill in the restaurant or the bar and I enjoyed thisshow but if you're gonna have a more drinking party you can check out freedomor mushroom bar now let's get into the prices of the island always the firstprices that you will consider is your accommodation which will be the mostexpensive one throughout my travels in Thailand when I'm booking I use Agoda.

com it's not sponsored it's just personally what I like to use because itgives me good options I will take you to the laptop and I will go for it herewe're gonna look at the best rule option and the cheapest options so you can havea price range but if you come in here as a backpacker keep in mind you can find aplace around six seven euros per night for two people or if you looking for anavarage location you're looking around ten fifteen euros and if you're lookingfor high standard obviously the more luxury go the more expensive it gets soas I said let's jump into agoda commerce Fink I will go here and I willright Koh Lanta let's choose a date that is high season so let's say from 15 to16 January it's only one night so we can see the daily prices three people let'ssearch for it as I said Agoda is not sponsoring me I genuinely use thiswebsite all the time to book my accommodations and I will also put thelink below but if you click that link these are affiliate links so if you linkyou will not pay anything extra but I will earnmoney which will help me to travel and share this type of informative videoswith you guys now here generally what I do is I go to lowest price first here Ican see what's available the cheapest one is unseen bungalows six euros andthe list goes on according to review and the place you can decide what which oneyou prefer if you're looking for a cheap accommodation there is and if you're nota backpacker and you come in here to have a good time and you don't want togo to the cheapest place then obviously we'll go to top review sections theprices here are is the much more expensive the Thai smile bungalows 51and the prices are where is dependent what luxury level that you want also youcan keep in mind that you can here choose secret deals where the accordingto review and the place you can decide what which one you prefer so if you comeinto Koh Lanta and you didn't book your accommodation yet check out Agodacompare the prices if your favorite website and then you can decide and ifyou plan to use Agoda please use the link below so you can support me in myjourney as well so other than the accommodation the second cost that youwill be interested probably will be the food food prices are not bad on averageI can say it's like per Mille you looking around eight THB which isokay it's not the cheapest option obviously if you go to really quiteplaces not touristy places in Thailand the price goes way below but keep inmind that this is a touristic island and then when you compare it to Phi Phi orPhuket eighty THB for a meal it's quite this an average price so it's notexpensive in my opinion and lastly is the attractions obviously any islandthat you're going to go there are tours available all these differentattractions available and the price depends on the how turistic is how whattime of the season it is when we were in Koh Lanta we took you to four island tourand the price for 4 islands tour is like 700 800 THB if you choose in long tailand if you choosing speedboat it's a bit more expensive when we were there whichis longtail and after negotiating with the travel agent we are agreed on 600THB per person so keep in mind any two gonna get in Thailand always negotiateto go cheaper because travel agents willing to go a little bit down fromtheir earnings so keep that in mind other than that there are tools likemangrove forest which is pointless because if you have a scooter you cansimply drive there and you can pay like 300 baht which we did and we would rentthe cards for all day on a 300 baht per person if you will go with the tourprobably cost you a thousand or something so this kind of details isdepend on you but roughly all the tours probably will be priced in the range of500 to 1500 unless you go to the really luxury tours so as a general I reallylike to vibe in Koh Lanta as I mentioned the people here are really friendly it'snot only the locals the tourists coming here are really friendly as well theycome here to chill relax and what I really like about koh lanta is that it'sbeautiful island there are really nice beaches really nice swipe and it's notas crowded as Phi Phi and Phuket and that also makes it the cheaper option as well soas a general I really enjoy Koh Lanta and I would definitely give this 5 out of 5rating and if you come in around this RM I would definitely advise you to checkout Koh Lanta if you were looking for relaxed atmosphere and nice beaches and a nicetropical island you should definitely come and check out Koh Lanta if you haveany more questions please write in the comment below and I will respond to youas soon as possible and also as you're watching this video I assume you areinterested if Thailand so put my Thailand video here so make sure youcheck it out there are really interesting and entertaining videoswaiting for you to watch I hope to see you next video bye bye.

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