KORELİ Ailem ile TAYLAND'ı Geziyoruz (AHTAPOT YUMURTASI??) ~213

they missed the bus We got another room today.

such a single bed and a double bed now Hanbe will make you beatbox like is it over? Brother is all together for breakfast now going into a restaurant it's very crowded there are too many koreans Hello you can finish We came to a famous restaurant in Bangkok.

We got it here.

We equipped the table.

We're eating together now Yes Thank you He wants to take This is the most famous food.

Crab egg Papaya Salad green curry tom yum What was that? meat dish this is also a nice meal of meat Bon appetit Bon appetit Bon appetit Bon appetit Appetite Bon Appetit Bon Appetit Bon Appetit Where's the barber? Here Brother was nice I think 70 or 60 baht oo very cheap Two dollars or something, but I'm not sure because it's Thai.

let's go cut your hair Hello How much money he wants to cut his hair? 70 baht $ 2 Now we'il get Hanbe's hair cut.

Uncle will cut off now no no I'il cut a little I want a little cut The same? Yes same model Korean thai language ?? I can't speak thai i can't speak english too she do not know English He just wants a little.

same style but very little okay okay good luck nap hambe sorry good luck By the way he said you could choose from to choose from good good Kesiyor he looks very sad No problem No problem Suheyla is not equal here Like Yeah yeah like What the hell do you think the same happened 2.

did the here look at the child May I look? Yes beautiful Oh my God why ? Thank you 70 baht meanwhile brother cut did you like it? i lost my hair it was beautiful Korean did you like it? Yeah nice very beautiful I want to look Korean Korean How are we trying outfits together? say hi Hi Brother would buy a child shirt The boy would buy a shirt.

There's H&M in the back Here's UNIQLO UNIQLO was also cheaper.

H&M was more expensive But just because the child has an economic war between Korea and Japan Not received from UNIQLO Although it was cheap, it went from H&M.

More expensive Gave me more money there was a free thing in front of this mall there were ships now this is how we go we don't know where we're going, but it's free MELAB to We're going to Khaosan Road.

really? Korean Korean Thank you 15 baht from here.

There are ships going to Khaosan road we will ride him now Khaosan Road, right? Yes I like his mustache 15 baht boots And we're gonna leave 4 kilometers or so.

go on Brother is on the way to such cockatons This is normal drink.

You break it like this 35 baht.

And they're making this ice cream.

Peanuts or something throwing into the room 30 baht is pretty good so He even had drinks like that in 20 yards.

nice pretty good By the way, the evening was a tour of Khaosan road Now they're done and they've got something to eat.

we go to rest and sleep at home.

For today There's a night octopus here, we'il get one of those.

let's see what it's like I just want to buy the barbecued octopus thaie by don't put sauce only octopus octopus eggs no no only octopus 20 baht By the way, that's the octopus egg on the right.

so that Thank you just plain octopus like this Can I save it? Hanbe? hot eat no no i don't want really? hot hot so hot hot not hot is not it hot? is it good? only octopus octopus says only Good morning chicken nuddle to everyone Minsan and Hanbe Yes How did you learn so well? YouTube really? great really? You'il be famous for my beatbox I will be like Did you do this to your brother? Does he know? Yeah, but they didn't realize how good I was.

They do not know.

But you're okay you're good Yes thank you yes you will be famous OK thanks good bye good bye good bye good bye good bye will you sit? Hanbe take care See you i will see you again where where? in korea go to korea come to korea I do not know you come to me again aa ok India India? Pakistan You go from there to Africa Iranian? yes maybe Africa Come to me.

We'il go back then Turkey when you go there, let's OK.

6 months later Six months? Okay? he will go to school but maybe 7 months ok we communicate I don't need to go to college really? You can go to college, but came to Turkey what about you? I have my vacation you can both come I think we can talk in Turkey go on go see you many thanks i will text you when you arrive at whatsapptan many thanks watch bye bye bye bye you too find your seat at the ticket 37 and 38 go sit down you find Have fun in Pattaya should they ride? no no wait bye bye See you We sent the boys ?? we have come to the end of such a Korean adventure I hope it was good.

They were so happy I was happy no boredom.

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