We have been searching for this since last year and we didn't even think we're gonna see it I forgot about it It's forget me this game.

Oh my god chickens.

Oh This is amazing.

There's thousands of penises On this episode of trying something new we are in the beach town of crabby on Thailand's southern west coast The beauty of the limestone cliffs are absolutely breathtaking against the backdrop of the turquoise waters If you are new to our channel We are a family of five that experiences the world together and documents our adventures through our YouTube channel We would love it if you subscribed and gave us a like let's inspire each other through the world Alright, I really don't know what's going on there, but I think we found our captain a lot of screaming and yelling and confusion Woman here moment here Okay Everybody's ready the boats ready.

Let's go see chicken island in two monkeys One thing we love doing is meeting up with other families at traveller world and creating amazing memories that last a lifetime This is the shepherds and we hung out with them in Thailand All right, so as we're leaving the hotel I said everything down on the bench and I said sandy Don't forget the stuff on the bench And we get to the boat.

We're loading on the boat and San Diego's I forgot all the stuff on the bench so I guess you Told me Don't forget the stuff on the bench.

I said, yeah, no problem.

It's like it here.

I let it go I see you can hear something I go.

Oh I Ran as fast as I possibly can and it was still there.

Yeah, here we go Today we're doing a 9:00 a.


To 4:00 p.

m It's gonna be amazing You get to see a bunch of different cool stuff.

We got a chicken ila and Riley Beach Jump all the ones hopefully see the monkeys, that'd be pretty cool.

I can't wait Beautiful day beautiful weather beautiful people this boat tour cost 4, 200 baht, which is about 135 us So divide that by 2 families and it is roughly $67 not bad for 5 people After cruising around chicken island, we were all hot and sweaty and ready to check out our first snow goes by Number one No, no signs seen that in no, but it's Okay, I don't know exactly where I think okoda island, which is like a sandbar some amazing beautiful island I'm very confused about where we're going today I just wanna see blue under the stellar water everywhere we got used to doing which is in the well My conscience tells me that I could have helped with Actions speak louder than words.

So we're on this amazing beautiful sandbar out in the middle of nowhere But the middle somewhere because there's a lot of people here but there's a sign over here that says No Drones.

Oh, I'm so pissed off right now, but hey, you know what? It's not worth losing the drone for since we've already lost it once and I really don't lose it again Oh It was time to leave the sandbar and get back on the boat And we had a little surprise for Nixon for our kids birthdays.

We really love to give them experiences instead of just presents We know that we're onto something here with this idea of creating experiences Instead of just presents because they've told us how special those birthdays are when they celebrated them in different places Now we're off to our next spot which is poda island It is designated as a national park and it's definitely a must-see Jimmy was on a mission to see if there were any signs that said no drone flying All right.

So we just arrived on another beautiful island.

Once you over say I don't see anything that's There is cops island cops all around this area.

So I think should probably ask one before we decide to Break the law and get a thousand baht fun and get our drone cops What are you doing writer? Oh you try to eat the anchor out Me movie ride it with a big boy So cute The last step in our tour was Riley Beach and it had a little surprise That we have been looking for for the past two years All right.

We're at frong Bay or now.

Okay, right the cave caves over there So we just pulled up and it's like the boat version of a few track It looks like a pretty pretty cool night We've been searching Thailand For a long time trying to find last year trying to find penis cave every time we go somewhere where life is happy this days of that view escape, but we are We're gotta we just stop at our last tour.

Stop the boat and he says all both the cave So let go what's in the cave and as we're walking towards it, I think Because last time they saw pictures of it, but they never Sutton I didn't even know what so now Let's find out these and penises Penises are more common than you think in Thailand dad.

What is that? Even though souvenir shops have penis keychains penis bottle openers There's a lot of penis stuff.

So what is the purpose of penis cave? It is known that the local fishermen and boat men leave offerings in this cave to ensure safe travels on the seat Look at all of these dolls Ha ha ha ha to the bones If you look past the fact that yes These are all penises in a cave but to know that each one Represents a person that came there and gave this as an offering for a safe journey.

It's pretty insane Ok, I feel like we've completed our Thailand trip early we found hemisphere It's good.

I gotta say as a man.

I love this cave.

This might even be the best man cave ever After penis cave we went around the corner and found another cave that actually cut through the limestone Cliff and brought us to the other side back in the cave What's on the other side? Nobody knows? Oh, wow, the thing goes back forever Look at daddy All right, I'm gonna hike I don't know to where which way oh my god, look at this guy's What do you want to do today kids, I don't know let's go explore some random epic cave and our bare feet No, whatever Oh Man we just swam across the great ravine.

So dope over here.

The view is amazing What do you guys think Hey sharp All right.

What do you guys think when you come over and see the big view? I? Was blown away by how fearless these kiddos are and that's one thing that I want parents to realize Is that that I didn't show any fear crust in this deep Lagoon? Even though I'm scared as hell and these kiddos are right behind me They're always watching us and learning how to react.

So be brave even when you're scared Now I got to get these five kiddos back across a little good It's probably one of the coolest little spots with Benin right here, man You can explore this for months and we found a cave and these guys said to try it out So we're gonna try out the cave That's right here it's only like it's only it's like 20 feet it's very soft and Sandy right here I want you guys to drop a comment down below if you adventure into the deep dark creepy cave What do you think right tell me something.

Where are you? Come on mommy's you need a flashlight? We're almost out of the game Alright, so what the heck was that? Wow, that was cool.

That was like we did it 1% flashlight left we did it.

We went through the like two minutes in this cave that went all around.

Oh So cool.

Such a great experience.

Alright, we Came we saw we rocked out with our family now that I've seen penis cave I feel like a Complete man.

I feel complete now.

I feel complete.

There is a God.

There's a penis God in the Thai culture.

It was a Special special surprise and I feel like our trip is complete Now that we have seen the penis many many many many penises So, I'm not really sure how we're gonna find out what photos ours, do you know Kids are smarter than us maybe Let me see if any of our stuffs in there found it How do you like the captain? Yeah, right.

He's gonna be a boat captains.

I'm there.

Thank you So we are wrapping up a day of swimming and snorkeling and touring we had a blast I'm really glad we did it What an amazing day on a boat tour Alfa provi our captain was amazing All right, we Came we saw we went on a boat I need a shower.

I need some aloe vera.

Thank you so much for coming on this adventure with us in Thailand So go ahead and show us some love and hit that subscribe button stay tuned for more videos and whatever you do try something new.

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