Krabi Thailand Travel Guide – Must Do, Must See, Must Eat

Thailands beauty is one of wonder when youcome here you won't want to leave it has stunning beaches lots of doamazing food and some of the friendliest people in the world if you're lookingfor a more family and laid-back place and Krabi is a must-see welcome to ourKrabi Travel Guide where we show you the sights things to do and what to eat when most people think of Thailand theyvisualize seeing limestone islands and the beautiful beaches on them in Krabithere are plenty of islands to see best way to see them is by boat two popularforms of transportation our speed boat tours where you go with a group ofpeople or hire your own private longtail boat two islands we visited were Phi Phi Island and Hong island Phi Phi island is the most popular of islands it's been in moviesJames Bond and The Beach to name a couple when you approach by boat it risesfrom the sea like a fortress sheer cliffs tower overhead and you're greetedwith beaches and jungles when you arrive there are many islands that are part ofthis tour some with amazing snorkelling beaches one with monkeys on the beachand another with Viking drawings in it this is Viking cave there's like pictures ofVikings inside there this is really cool there's like drawings sorry not pictureswow what a day once you arrive at the main port in Phi Phi Island there aremarkets restaurants and hotels to enjoy well we're on Phi Phi Island we're gonna gosee if we get to the other side here and see a beach we got about an hour beforea boat takes us hopefully we can get back on time right Jaden uh uh how's that pop super good it's strawberry strawberry ha ha it was one of the most beautiful places we've ever seen can you believe this look at this place unbelievable hong island is a group oftiny islands which offer breathtaking scenery soft white sand beaches coralreefs and a beautiful Lagoon This is awesome this is a lagoon in Hong island it's in the center so we had to go through limestone rocks to get to it it has one of the mostpeaceful beautiful beaches we've ever seen that's a photo shoot going on inone of the most beautiful places in the world I wonder why they would do it hereI don't get it pretty beautiful people want to be here oh I get it weenjoyed swimming snorkeling and just hanging out on the beach these islandshave spectacular rock formations we found that the best way to get to theseislands is by hiring a private longtail boat so you're not rushed and you cancontrol how long you stay at each Island what do you think of this bay its pretty awesome it's really beautiful I love it when all the boats leave yeah its just ours we have it to ourselves yeah there's like four boats here nowvisit an ethical elephant sanctuary elephant sanctuary are places forelephants that have been rescued from either the tourist trade where they getridden or work elephants these elephants typically come from not ideal conditionssome are abused overworked and exploited we learned that is actually harmful toride elephants as it is very hard on their backit cost approximately thirty five thousand US dollars to rescue theseelephants so it's very expensive do your research as we learned that someof these places will disguise themselves as sanctuaries but they still keep theelephants in poor conditions we visited the Krabi Elephant sanctuary which hadjust opened and was started by the same organization that started at a largewell known sanctuary in Chiang Mai what elephants can get here more habitat moreliberty more happy and more healthy this is our goal not to make elephant lightbetter you get to feed bathe and get up close and personal with the elephantscool is that you get picked up and dropped off so no need to hire a driverrent-a-car the sanctuary is about a 50 minute drive from Ao Nang they have freshfruit bottled water and hot showers to clean up after the experience are you kidding me we get to walk with elephants stay in the shot are we lucky we're so lucky thecost is approximately 2500 baht per adult which is about $80 u.


and 2, 000baht per child which is about $65 u.


not cheap but definitely worth thesplurge if you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience it's abouta five hour a day this is probably one of our most favorite experiences in ourentire life the toenails of their eyes only sweat like the eyelashes oh really only sweat that's it emerald pool and hot springs emerald pool is a natural wonderof stunning crystal-clear emerald water in the middle of the jungle located inThung Teao Forest National Park beautiful place so far love the beauty in Thailandit's warm bath like water with a mini waterfall spilling into it we've neverseen anything like this before this is amazing one of the most thingsbest things ever done in my life this is awesome the ground is really slipperyand there are ropes to hang on to to help you get in to access it there's abeautiful nature trail along the boardwalk that takes about 15 minutes orso to walk get there early to avoid the crowds it's approximately one hour drivefrom Ao Nang it's an easy drive from Ao Nang so we rented a car because we hadchildren but you can also get scooters or take a tour the park entry fee is 200baht for adults approximately seven US dollars at a hundred baht for kidsapproximately three three US dollars definitely worth it wow you can't beat this were in this green aqua pool in the middle of a jungle Iwish I was the only one here Krabi hot springs is just 15 minutes down the roadfrom Emerald pool in the same National Park is the natural hot springs that comesfrom volcanic thermal springs we are taking a go-kart to the hot springs thekids forced me I try to incorporate Fitness in everything we do when wetravel and this is the exact opposite of that well we still have to walk ithas tiered water pools like mini hot tubs in the middle of the jungle Oh this is nice its like a hot tub except hotter it is said that these pools have healingproperties but they were sure relaxing the fee to enter 90 baht per person sojust under three dollars us again best to get there early as there can becrowds and crowds of people and it's quite small tiger cave temple it wasdiscovered in 1975 when a monk went to meditate in a cave and he was said tohave seen Tigers you can't even see tiger paw prints in the cave this cavewas so incredible monks still practice there and you can even participate in ablessing ceremony make sure you cover your shoulders and you also have to takeoff your shoes and go in bare feet that was coolthere was monks in there and you could get blessed by the monks we didn't do that but should have got the YouTube channel blessed new experience for us just outside the caveand down the path you can climb up 1237 steeps treacherous stairs to the top ofa mountain that has a large Buddha statue at the top oh my god going up thesteep hill where are you there you are so like it's like you're like under my feet I am holysmokes it's called stairway to heaven and even has signs that read pray foryour safety as it's so dangerous the kids started to pick up the pace they'restarting to run up the stairs if you climb these stairs be careful ormonkeys as they can be aggressive we didn't have any issues but we sawsomeone get attacked for their plastic bag oh that's aggressive if it I don'tknow if I want to pass it you don't want to go up No! alright we've continued on therewas a monkey scare someone was attacked by a monkey and it scared the kids we'regood if you dare make the climb you will be rewarded with an amazing view at thetop well that is a wall of rain approaching us and we gotta go downthose stairs so hopefully we make it oh my god we made it down it's flat theground is flat and no more stairs yeah I worship the flat ground I thought we were gonna die for sure atleast one of us I thought maybe me because I got thebiggest feet ya because you're clumsy and and the steps were made for children Huay Toh Waterfall thiswaterfall is a hidden gem and worth a visit off to another waterfall it'scalled I don't know huh toe waterfall what's it called Huay Toh Huay Toh big toe waterfall we're gonna go see a big toeit's only about a half an hour drive from Au Nang in Khao Phenom Bencha National Park it's a fairly short easy hike to the waterfall which has fivecascading waterfalls with pools at the bottom you can swim in we've found itnot too busy at all making it worth it as it's not really touristy it's in anational park and the cost was a hundred baht per person which is about threedollars U.


alright that was awesome risking my life for the shot not reallylooks like it though doesn't it pretty safe up here it's abeautiful waterfall Ao Nang this is one of the main towns and it has a couple ofbeautiful beaches lots of shopping restaurants massage places coffee andnightlife when shopping make sure you haggle on price it's lots of fun and thevendors seem to expect it and enjoy it as wellwe've been haggling for a while we'll see if this works out I think we'regonna get a good deal let's just hope that the stuff works Ao Nang is a verybusy place so if you are looking for a more peaceful place then you can juststay outside of Ao Nang like we did Ao Nang is it must visit for shoppingand eating and just hanging out I didn't know that there's parts of thailand that are muslim I think that's what that is it seems like it goes on about five times a day you hear that its kinda cool actually hearing it in person accommodations there are alot of nice places to stay in Krabi we stayed in two different placesfirst we stayed inland at an Airbnb in the jungle at a place with a nice pooland parrots then moved to the pelican resort which was really nice with a hugepool breakfast included and right across from the beach there were lots of greatThai restaurants to eat at as well all of them right on the beach withinwalking distance we usually choose to stay at Airbnbs but the prices forthese beautiful resorts are fairly reasonable one thing to keep in mind isthey're not big grocery stores like back home and it's difficult to find food tocook meals rice and eggs was our go-to meal what to eat there are lots of greatThai restaurants all over our favorite dish was Pad Thai of course there arelots of small family-owned Street food places that we tried that were alsoquite good smoothie places are all over as well the best one was in Ao Nangcalled fresh your day the only issue we had with this placewas sometimes it was closed even though it said it was open coffee good coffeeis hard to come by in Thailand but there is a couple of places like Starbucks in Ao Nang which can get you by beaches the beaches here are some of the mostbeautiful in the world some you get to by boat on hong island and Phi Phi island forexample on the mainland there are beaches in Ao Nang which are quite busybut beautiful Tub Kaak Beach this is a long sandy beach that is lined with fourand five star resorts it is very quiet and a great way to get away from thecrowds water is warm and you can wade out in the calm waters which is perfectfor families and small kids another Beach is Klong Muang Beach which wasright across the street from our resort this Beach is lined with restaurants andbars this was a great place to watch the sunset and afterwards a fire guy wouldperform for you this was also a great place to hire a private long-tail boat tosee the islands nearby one honorable mention that we really wanted to go tobut ran out of time is Railay beach some things we didn't get to dobut should be high on your list are visit Krabi townit's known for two daily fresh markets including a night market to hang out andget great local food there is also Krabi River and a temple that's in thecenter of the town also take a ferry to Koh Lanta which is a beautiful islandsouth of Krabi this would be a couple of days to do as you'd want to stayovernight if you are looking for a place with stunning beauty and plenty ofadventurous activities to do then definitely put Krabi on your list aspart of your Thailand visit there are so much to do amazing food to eat and awesomeaccommodations please watch our 9 Don'ts of Thailand video before you go soyou're fully prepared for your trip and oh yeah if you haven't already don'tforget to subscribe and hit that like button for more fun videos well this isour last night in Krabi and we're checking out the sunset it's a beautifulsunset tonight but I'm really sad to leave Thailand it's so beautiful heregotta come you gotta go I know we say that every time but you gotta go checkit out.

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